Done Fishing

this is the link…. POF PROFILE

if the site get’s nuked, here’s what i posted.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the women that sent me direct messages- all 4 of you. lol. I’m very flattered that you contacted me, but now I must confess: I never really wanted to meet anyone on POF, I do well enough IRL. I started the profile to prove a point to the readers of my website. Sorry for the ruse.

All the information I listed is 100% accurate. EXCEPT for one thing- I’m not looking for a relationship.

That really is me in the pics. The descriptions are accurate: height, weight, occupation, earnings- all true. But I am also an admitted MGTOW’er (google it). My website teaches men to talk to and attract women; essentially it’s a “game” blog, though I also answer emails from women who want a male perspective on relationships- I actually have a pretty large female audience. Well, there are HUNDREDS of blogs like mine. Some sites are a tad harsh and others (like mine) are rather tame. Some are married and teach: “marriage game”. Some are run by “red pill women”. And one (a friend of mine) has published one of the best relationship books I’ve ever read. But we all have one common purpose: to help men understand, attract and interact with women more successfully. And this community (nor my site) is difficult to find. Again half the sites are PUA (pick up artist) based and the other half deal with MRA (Men’s Rights Advocacy) matters. I sit happily in the center.

I fully expect this profile to get nuked, so I gave my readers a link to it so they could see that I REALLY did start a profile. And as my blog is open (meaning….I don’t blog anonamoosly) my readers KNOW that this profile is really mine. I will even be copying this to add to my site as proof I “outted” my profile. I also told my readers the number of views , messages, and quick messages I sent. So….WHY did I go through all this?

Because I get countless emails from men about online dating and my answer is always the same- “don’t waste your time.” Granted, I think OD is a great vehicle for women, but awful for men. Most women today have a sense of entitlement the size of a truck, well in OD said sense is magnified a 1000 fold. Men have a better shot at winning the world series of poker than being successful online. YES, I know men occasionally have success at OD, but not often enough to make it viable to men. And as more and and more men “take the red pill” they understand women better and screen for a potential partner MUCH MUCH more surgically. Some of the sites my be construed/vilified by women as misogynistic. Yet, they are no more misogynistic than the rampant misandry in the main stream media/real-life: men are portrayed as hapless schlubs on sitcoms and commercials, the ever growing trend of violence against men in movies, and let’s not forget the marginalization of boys/men in public schools/colleges.

Again, I apologize for the ruse and I truly wish the ladies here seeking a romantic connection find all the happiness they seek. It’s rough out there, I know. But I assure you: more and more men are “learning game” and avoiding marriage and relationships altogether.

Funny thing is- I actually got a response from a woman I “quick messaged”. I couldn’t lie to her and told her what I was doing. She seemed cool about it.

Stay Up.

[ED: i’m already getting hate mail on my account. lol.]

20 Comments on “Done Fishing”

  1. Vicomte says:

    I briefly toyed with the idea of starting an account so I could pretend to be some stalker-woman that fell in love with you, but ultimately decided it was too much work.

    Just know I thought about it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i wouldn’t have responded.


      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 10:46 PM, dannyfrom504

      • Vicomte says:

        Don’t be afraid of love, Daniel.

        I already told my parents and they CAN’T WAIT to finally meet you!


        Shirley Ammann


        Amanda Luvue
        Ama Ann
        Aerie Chess
        Natya Stakur
        Aneda Klittress
        (I have tons of these. My personal favorite is Aerie Chess.)

      • Allie says:

        Vicomte keep them coming. Bahahahhaha!

  2. nshsgirl says:

    Haha Danny, you are a hoot! Btw, I know a guy who would benefit tremendously from your words of wisdom. He’s so blue pill, it’s almost black Lol. Can you forward me your email?

  3. RJ says:

    From my limited time on POF, it seems that it is an acronym for Plenty of Fatties. Or Plenty of Failures.

  4. Phero says:

    I’m surprised you got 4 msgs!

  5. aneroidocean says:

    Wait, so what was in your about me section before you nuked it?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Just a description of what I’d be looking for in a relationship.

      Late to the party dude.

      • aneroidocean says:

        Rose was actually one I met from that same site. I doubt she’d ever go on it again, though. She’d already deleted her profile but I’d already got in contact with her off the site, thankfully. I don’t think a lot of the types of girls I’d be interested in dating (much less relationships) are on the site. Sites vary largely in quality, though, just like different social venues. Unfortunately, not many quality women NEED to use a dating site, so the pickings will be slim (and I don’t mean the women’s size!).

        Funny that you got such negative reactions after you “nuked” your profile.

        I’m a decent looking guy and not as short as you (and had good pictures) and I’d almost never get messages from girls I’d even consider dating. It was largely a waste of time, I have to agree. Sites that are paid and are oriented towards relationships or are more niche will have better results.

        Hard to fish with even the perfect bait when you just are dropping it in the middle of the ocean randomly.

  6. Grand_Designs says:

    I know Manosphere has beat this subject to death ad nauseam, but have to say the only thing OD accomplishes is inflates chick’s ego’s with the barrage of daily emails from AFCs. It’s such a task to gen-up and customize (online game) an email and do it over and over. Quality women are (Rollo had a recent post, but it still needs more fleshing out) harder and harder to find in the current SMP, certainly they’re not necessarily online as obvious that 1) still riding the carousel which at some point degrades mate desirability and ability to bond 9See depreciating asset), 2) long checklists (believe in unicorns/Disney, ”How’s that working out for you?”). ect, ect.

    What’s a red pill guy to do other than to spin plates, or think about going overseas’. Even this Romanian I met this past weekend at a local-downtown restaurant (met an American and moved over) was very astute this past Sunday while I chatted her up about the current state of the American SMP. “Don’t marry and American women, they’re selfish, wear flip flops, do not act feminine and run around on their husbands and cheat on their boyfriends.”

  7. Norm says:

    POF should be called Plenty of Coarse Fish. The guy runs the site out of Vancouver where most women there think their farts smell like daisies.

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