Setting Up a Kitchen for a Single Man

i’m so used to posting recipes that i realized i never did a post on how to equip your kitchen. now, most people don’t need all the crap i have. but i cook often and have everything i need. i realize most guys don’t need what i do. so here is a list of crucial equipment for your kitchen.

1. a quality chef knife, carving knife and paring knife. i don’t have a sharpening utensil, but it’s a good idea to cop one.

2. a heavy bottomed frying pan (preferably cast iron), sauce pot, and med sized pot. i prefer ALL.METAL as you can transfer pot to oven without melting anything. i also like pot’s that have a pressure release valve. but thats just me.

3. quality dutch oven. i have 2. one is fucking huge (given to me by Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw). most guys really only need one. most come seasoned but if you’d like season it yourself

4. wooden cooking spoon (at least 2), and quality plastic spatula.

5. colender. plastic or metal, doesn’t matter to me. this is mostly for straining pasta and rice. but’s it’s also good for removing unwanted solids from a broth or sauce.

i really can’t think of much else, but more can be added according to your needs. so please, don’t drop $100 on an 8 piece pot/pan set. most guys only need 3-4 basic pieces.

also see CIJ post about equipping your kitchen- equiping your kitchen

also, i’m not much for sweets and what not; BUT, my baby Sis is a certified pastry chef. if you’re looking for simple desert recipes and entrées check out her site

35 Comments on “Setting Up a Kitchen for a Single Man”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Dude, cutting board.

    I’d recommend flat wooden/plastic utensils over spoons. They can do everything a spoon can do better and more.

    Good quality oven mitts are not to be overlooked.

    If I was getting together a spartan kit:

    Two large plastic cutting boards
    One large chef’s knife
    One large saute pan
    One medium pot (nothing good comes out of a big pot)
    Two sturdy flat wooden spatulas
    Cheap colander
    Oven mitts
    Shallow roasting pan/sheet
    Measuring cups/spoons(You don’t really need a liquid one, seriously)
    One large mixing bowl

    And aluminum foil. You can build whatever else you’re missing out of the foil. Even a hat.

  2. I’d add a small knife, to the chef’s knife. Can be a cheap thing, spend big on the chef’s knife and get some cheap small knife to be the all purpose one, where you either can’t work with the big blade of the chef’s knife, or dont want to ‘ruin’ the blade of the expensive one. I have a set of three, cheap small knives from IKEA, that I use for all kinds of things. In fact, I have a shitload of knives. *welcomes burglar warmly*

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  4. Ton says:

    I’m still getting by with the 7 piece cast iron/ Dutch oven set I bought 22 years ago. Does double duty when I am camping/ grilling too.

    GF’ s have made positive comments regarding the cast iron as well

  5. nshsgirl says:

    You’re not into sweets? You’re from New Orleans, right? I was just in your fair city over the holidays, and those beignets are just to die for. And the white chocolate bread pudding is amazing as well. Good thing I don’t live there or I’d be 300 lbs. Lol

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No. I’m not into sweets. Fresh fruits are fine, but not baked crap.

      Enjoy my fair city Angel. We’re there to make you tourists smile. Pleasure is out business. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Brian says:

    I’ve been far happier with my clad cast iron pot than I ever was with a standard dutch oven. Being a shorter and wider one, it’s actually replaced my cast iron skillet for most things as well.

  7. Hey Danny, whats new man? I read your pof post I had a question for you, you said you were a MGTOW, but that you also talk about attracting women. Sometimes these two are viewed as separate/antithetical elements.
    How do you view it?

  8. Athor Pel says:

    I’m still accumulating kitchen tools. I look at it in the same way as other kinds of tools. A man can never have too many tools and the right tool for the job often makes a job possible at all.

    But there are some things that I will admit you can almost overdo. For example, I have seven different methods for making coffee.

  9. mindstar says:

    I’d also include a decent spice rack of some type. Most women are surprised that a man can cook in the first place. But when they see a spice rack their brain make the connection “Not only can he cook but he is a GOOD cook.” And you go from there

  10. TempestTcup says:

    My Crock-pot is indispensable for when I want to turn it on in the morning & have dinner ready when I get home from work.

    It’s nice in the summer because you can cook low & slow without heating the place up. I also do a lot of bone broth in it.

  11. RojoC says:

    In Mexico, they have this tool that works pretty much like a garlic press except it is shaped and designed to squeeze limes/lemons. This is an essential tool. We call it the “squeezer” in Spanish.

  12. gregariouswolf says:

    A knife, a bowl, a spoon, and a microwave are all a man needs.

  13. Dr. Illusion says:

    You said metal or plastic colander. I say metal only. You can use a metal colander in your pot to steam vegetables. Steamed vegetables are the ultimate side dish, aside from baked potatoes. Just saying.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I wrap the veggies in 3-4 wet paper towels and microwave them for 2 minutes. Bye mostly use my colander for straining rice and pasta. But agree with your use as well.

  14. lll says:

    Tongs are an indispensable tool in my kitchen. They’re not just for grilling.

    Also, how to wash an all-metal pan (except a cast iron*) after searing meat: immediately, while still hot, squeeze some dish soap in there and run some water in. Nothing deglazes a pan like dish soap.

    *Put soap in a good cook’s cast iron pan and you won’t make it out of that kitchen alive. Clean those by heating them until the baked-on grease turns liquid, then dump kosher salt in and scrub with a paper towel. Then heat/water deglaze. Then re-oil. Works like a charm.

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