The Fight

had a reader ask me what i would have done if i had to be “assertive” with a 6’2″ LB type guy. basically the same thing, but i would have been more subtle. the funny thing is, guys that fight can usually tell when they’re dealing with another guy that’ll fight. i don’t care how big, how intimidating, how muscular, NOTHING….i mean NOTHING will get me to back down. of course, it’s not that i WANT to fight. i’ve only met a few guys that simply “got off” from fighting. but even for them, it’s the public disgracing of the opponent that they TRULY like. i work with a few alpha guys. i can honestly say if i fought any of them, i’d probably lose.

doesn’t matter.

i’m 5’4″ and weigh a measly 135 lbs. EVERYONE i’ve ever been in a fight with has been bigger than me. i’ve posted about RL fights i’ve had or ALMOST had in the recent past here. i don’t think i’ve been in a physical altercation in 8-9 months (that redneck clown that shoulder checked me in the parking lot at target), and i couldn’t be happier.

there’s a reason i tell guys to take up krav maga. it instills a sense of self confideance that you just can’t fake. one of my co-worker has been taking it for about a year. and he’s itching to finally get to “try it out”. i know for a fact that man has been in very few fights in his life. how do i know?

he’s looking to fight. even with what little krav i know. i DO NOT look forward to using it. i have to physically restrain myself to NOT fight. i KNOW what will happen, so i REEEEEEEEEALLY don’t want to take it there. however, i do think it’s a vital part of masculinity. but sadly, most men simply cannot fight. even more disturbing is that MORE woman are fighting than before. you are more likely to see female swing now than you would men. and i’ve seen women go after guys since “what’s he gonna do?” it’s a lose lose. if you win, you get charged with assault for fighting with a woman who attacked you. if you lose, you like like a pussy.

since i’m now back on days until i retire, i plan on getting back into krav (there’s a dojo close to the canton), and krav is a GREAT workout. i’ll try and start doing krav related posts and will do my best to answer any question whoever is interested might have. and i HIGHLY recommend women take krav, it’s a great self defense skill because you DON’T have to be big to be effective.

however, if and when the huns are at the gates. i feel sorry for you ladies.

and while it doesn’t state it in the video, the narrator says that boys need to find their limits, they never fought again. once a man KNOWS you’ll swing, they will think twice about engaging you. but a man must test his boundaries.

stay up

22 Comments on “The Fight”

  1. High Hard One says:

    Krav is only available in bigger cities. Closest trainer is 2 hours away. What’s the next best alternative? I have Brazilian Ju Jitsu, strip mall tae quan do, Gi Mixed martial arts, and submission grappling to choose from.

    PS. I must live in a different world than you. I haven’t had to swing at a dude since high school. I weigh 150. So it aint because I scare them off either. If I had to guess why I don’t have to fight, I’d say it’s because I display confidence. I look dudes in the eyes. I don’t radiate aggression. But I don’t radiate fear either.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      down in the south, there are no calling cops. if dude’s have a disagreement they take it outside. since moving to florida i’ve had 2 fights. both were NOT started by me.

      i had a guy kicked out of the local for drunkenly instigating me. and i had one beta dad tooling on me and once i had had enough he made a comment and said, “there is a website for that, it’s called ‘’. i mentioned my website earlier and then every other word out of his mouth was, “yeah i hear there’s a website for that.

      barkeep cut him off.

      • High Hard One says:

        What about my first question Danny? Krav is only available in bigger cities. Closest trainer is 2 hours away. What’s the next best alternative? I have Brazilian Ju Jitsu, strip mall tae quan do, Gi Mixed martial arts, and submission grappling to choose from.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          i really don’t have experience in those disciplines. most dojo’s offer a free trial basis, so use that to your advantage and see what works best for you. my opinion though-

          grappling is only beneficial if you plan on MMA. most real fights are over pretty quickly. i’d probably say boxing or muay thai is your best bet.

          MMA fighters are fighting for a purse. a RL fight is defending yourself. get in, end it quickly and move on. krav is illegal in MMA since it’s basically fighting dirty. hence it’s effectiveness.

      • MMA says:

        If I may, (and from my name).

        In your case, I would train in what you call GI Mixed Martial Arts. Focus on strikes, kicks, and foot work. You’ll likely get technique instruction in boxing/kickboxking, karate, TKD, and Muay Thai type techniques.

        But I agree, Krav would be my first choice.

      • K-stan says:

        The only “training” Ive gotten is from the military. Granted the techniques are pretty stupid in a RL fight considering the focus is on combat situations (wearing kit) some of it has been quite useful. Im not afraid to get hit, I know how to protect myself, know how to get someone to the ground and how to submit them. Im about the same same size as danny (little taller and few more pounds) but I can hold my own. The thing about fighting today is you don’t know if that person takes any type of training (MMA, boxing, what have you) so thats why I avoid it when I can…rather not get my ass kicked for nothing lol

  2. Vicomte says:

    I looked into KM a while back, myself, but as mentioned, there’s nowhere to learn it around here.

    I also hear there’s a lot of watered down KM being taught, as well.

  3. Rodger Da Dodger says:

    I’ve never been able to work out how to deal with a girl when she gets to the stage of wanting to be violent, yes it’s lose, lose (I’ve never personally gotten to that stage), though one recent example I had a woman go up to my face and scream “I’m gonna feel your tits” after I castigated her earlier for calling her husband a bitch repeatedly in public. I responded by pushing her back with my face and body (like she was a man) and replied “na, I’m gonna feel your fucking tits” (not like she was a man lol) and she backed down immediately I know I might have been better to ignore it, but I was drunk, felt bad for the guy and couldn’t help it, snap decision, She has not escalated (she’s probably intimidated by me) but this has only been brief encounters (I live in a small town). Though I know if she got violent, and I retaliated, lost job or worse. Even then, I won’t hit, but even merely subduing can mean bad bad things.

    I find it concerning that women have this much power over us.

    How would you deal with a violent woman Danny or this situation? Yeah, again, I know I coulda just let it be, but she has a history of calling her man a bitch in public and yeah I know it makes shit awkward to the guy but I did it and would probably do it again lol

    Cheers mate.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Walk away. You take her power away by not acknowledging it….ignoring it.

      • Rodger Da Dodger says:

        Walk away if she calls her Husband a bitch? Damn she fucked me off so much. I would never let a woman treat me like that at any time in my life, but I was certainly a guy who fell hook, line and sinker for the current zeitgeist that men are flawed and women are perfect. Of course, since then, as exemplified by my above post, I don’t feel that way anymore, but the more I know, the less I give a shit, if that makes sense?

  4. Vicomte says:

    My God…I just remembered circumcision.

  5. RojoC says:

    I agree that KM is harder to find in smaller places. This is why I jumped at the chance (and pay a hell of a lot of money to be able to go). Too bad this will be over soon. But it has been worth it so far.

  6. I dont even understand the reason to go up against a man to actually fight. Why? What would be the point? It’s solely to demonstrate the fact that she feels sure she wont get struck back. And that kind of women should know, you dont have the right to be violent -just- because you are a woman. It doesnt make you a magical creature, protected by an invisible shield just because you have boobs. If you go into a fight to solely to demonstrate, you’re trash and ought to be put in your place. I’m not applauding striking a woman just to prove -that- point either, but a snarling threat to do so, would totally be called for.

    • Rodger Da Dodger says:

      Simply, her ego is the size of a hot air balloon, she expects she is dealing with only a sliver of masculinity that can be quashed with her little finger in the vast majority of men. As such, she only derives but mere short term gratification of her power over those inept (yet brainwashed) dudes, but she longs for the other. Only when she finds herself with that other, her hot air balloon cannot deflate enough without falling from the sky and as a ignorant novice, knows not how to reciprocate. Damn, why must we puff them up to where they are still utilizable? IDK, maybe they are not?

      BTW, not putting you in this (hot air balloon’s) basket insideawomansmind.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      They do it because they won’t face any consequences. The man will be humiliated no matter what.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. Ton says:

    I don’t think which style of who flung dung you know counts for much. What counts is having a skill set, the athletic ability, and willpower. Ring time matters more. Once you’ve been in the ring a few times you will know how to act rationally in high stress situations and fear won’t be driving you.

    The asshole pushing things most likely doesn’t know any formal skillz.

    With regards to women, I let them know I hit back. The last two times involved no alcohol. For some reason the gals thought it was perfectly acceptable to hit men. One girl thought it was ok to punch me when she got excited because I am muscular and she couldn’t hurt me. The notation its disrespectful was foreign to her. A quick leg trip with controlled decent changed her attitude

    • High Hard One says:

      I respect your ability Ton, but I think it matters what training you get. a lot of the who flung dung “strip mall martial arts” schools mainly teach forms and style with no emphasis on real world dirty fighting. The flung dung schools give dudes a false sense of security.

      • Ton says:

        Fair observation, Which is why I made the statement about getting into the ring. I’m a MMA man myself. Recommend it highly. Mostly because of the ring time you can accumulate. Various forms like to say they are this and that, but the ring proves all, in my opinion. Big difference between facing another fighter who wants to stomp you and having a training partner who lets you do xyz because it’s a drill

        Dirty fighting is a mind set. You don’t have to go to class to figure out its easier to punch a guy in the nuts when he is drinking the beer you just bought him

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