How Punk and Skateboarding killed an Omega Child

i was a fucking nerd all my life. D and D, star wars, GI Joe, enclopedia brown, school book fairs, Greek mythology, sic-fi, ‘gifted talented’ program, ect. then i hit 7th grade and discovered skateboarding. took to it like a fish to water. i’d skate for hours. i’d work on trick until i landed them 3 times in a row.

i didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought of me outside the tribe. i lived for after school sessions. but something was going on that my young ass didn’t notice: girls were noticing me. nice girls. not slutty party tramps, but girl next door types. lost my virginity at 14, and suddenly skating wasn’t the core of my universe.

pussy was.

i say pussy because i really had little interest in having a gf. i just wanted to put it in. and i did.

in less then a year and nerdy omega became an quasi alpha. but i did pretty well for a kid my age. i can only imagine girls now are MUCH, MUCH easier.

but what i loved about skating was the risk, the adrenaline. the first time i dropped into a large quarter pipe- i ate it on 2 feet of vert. ALL the guys knew i would. everyone bails their first drop in. it was a right of passage in the skating community. BUT, i had won a TON of respect. that shit isn’t as easy as it looks and is scary as fuck. but one thing i always notice were the girls ALWAYS showed up when the tribe sessioned. which meant we pushed ourselves and tried tricks we might not ordinarily do. the funny thing is: the girls didn’t really gush over a guys mastery of a 360 christ air, stale fish, indy blunt, backside smith along the whole coping to fakie. no. but when a guy ate it, we knew EXACLTY what girl/s were eyeing him. it looked a LOT worse than it felt. i didn’t understand it then, but i know the scoop now. again- we weren’t pulling skanks. we got the typical girl next door type. i’m pretty sure it’s MUCH easier these days for young guys with game.

skaters aren’t jocks (matter of fact we HATE jocks), we weren’t necessarily the cool guys in school. but we WERE the outcasts. and nobody fucked with us. my boy ponce took on 3 football players and suddenly found 6 other guys from the tribe jumped in (yours truly was part of the melee. lol). so no one bothered any us. we KNEW we had to be seen a complete psychos willing to swing at any second to keep the bullying jock at bay. and it worked. you fucked with one of us, you got ambushed guerrila warfare style. and would NEVER knew who pounded on you. brutal, but effective. so i realize now we had the “bad-boy that daddy would NEVER approve of” thing going on. so we got girls.

then there was the music. the aggro as all fuck assault made you attack the ramp or concrete. it gave you courage. it made you say, “fuck it!!!!! i’m doing this.” here’s a few of my fave’s.

skated my 1st contest to this song. won 2nd place over all-style. kick flip nose grind for 12 feet in neil blender pose. lol.

the blogger as a high school freshman

the blogger as a high school freshman

yours truly. frontside invert. monsoon ramp. 10 foot transition 2 feet vert. same ramp i ate it on. kenner, la 1989

yours truly. frontside invert. monsoon ramp. 10 foot transition 2 feet vert. same ramp i ate it on. kenner, la 1989

55 Comments on “How Punk and Skateboarding killed an Omega Child”

  1. MattC says:

    Love this.

    I switched from a public school to a kind of private school when I turned 16 which was full of jocks and stuck up girls. Naturally, being a poor kid with a massive social circle that skated, made a video with my mates and dressed street compared to all the others made girls interested in me. I was a break from their normal.

    I got mad hate from the jocks when the hottest girl in school, after breaking up with super jock, chose me as her next love interest and not one of the kids with a rich daddy, a nice shiny suit to wear at school and a blonde quiff.

    The chick was dynamite, she was a model and even featured on Madonna’s music video for 4 minutes (youtube it and you’ll see her kissing some dude at the beginning). I blew it though, I was too naive but ah well.

  2. MissMarie says:

    OMG, I was 5 when you started breaking, er……hearts!

  3. Vicomte says:

    I was a fetus for most of 1989.

    If it gives you any warm fuzzies, old man:

    There is a small skate park in my town. At any given point during the day, during the warmer months, you will see a good dozen ratty-looking kids leaving pieces of their faces on the pavement.

    You will also find, if you look closely enough, a small contingent of young girls sitting just outside the radius of blood spatter.

    Danger close, on a blanket.

    Just watching.

  4. Vicomte says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Fine, tomorrow I’ll just make retard jokes or something.

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  6. andyw says:

    Ahhh, the dead mildmen. That sure does take me back. Think I just found my playlist for the day. Thanks dood.

  7. Bill Powell says:

    Good grief no wonder we have a connection. I spent my youth at Kona every weekend until I went to college. Then tore up all the concrete structures there. Wish we had digital cameras back then. Still ride my daughter’s ripsticks when I have them.

  8. darlingdoll says:

    I love these posts of yours and I love the music you picked! Good stuff ^.~

    Your whole discussion of fighting reminds me of Steve-O’s monologue of the evolution of fighting in SLC Punk

    “ That’s what we did. It’s what we always did. Rednecks kicked the shit out of punks, punks kicked the shit out of mods, mods kicked the shit out of skinheads, skinheads took out the heavy metal guys, and the heavy metal guys beat the living shit out of new wavers and the new wavers didn’t do anything. They were the new hippies. So what was the point? Final summation? None.”

  9. Stingray says:

    GI Joe is NOT nerdy.

  10. Stingray says:

    So . . . how attached are you to Yoda?

  11. Stingray says:

    Damn, let me try again.

  12. Lord Highbrow says:

    Been skating for nearly 30 years. Pretty much all street, out of necessity more than anything else, although I grew up about 20 minutes drive from Corio bowls and Torquay ramp, convincing the parents to take us – my brother skates as well – was difficult at the best of times. About all I do these days is skate to the shops, but man I love the feeling of rolling on my board.

    Been a die hard punk rock and metal fan for almost as long, too. I hated music (interpretation: the crap my mum listened to) with a passion, but this one guy I hung out with that lived next door to my grandparents, his older brother listened to Radio Birdman, The Stooges, Ramones, etc and I was hooked! Got into metal soon after that and haven’t looked back ever since. Still go to gigs, have always said ‘I will go to see bands until I die or go deaf, whichever comes first’.

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