Why You Should Avoid 9-10’s

Roosh posted an interesting post on closing nines. i’d like to add something i touched on earlier in regards to 9-10’s. i’ve closed a few 9-10’s and have been friends with MANY. let me tell you something; they are either VERY cool, or VERY dull. and by dull i mean they are boring annoying, or uninteresting. and there’s a reason for the latter.

they don’t NEED to be interesting.

every dude i know that’s struck out on 9-10 that i was in the company of made a critical error from the jump- they fawned over the physical beauty. REALLY darren dummy; you think she has NO CLUE she’s pretty. way to be original. these guys are WAAAAAAAAAY too eager to agree with whatever girl is interested in. REALLY, you REALLY enjoy re-runs of friends?

let me give you a hint on how to tell you’re dealing with a COOL hot girl and dull-as fuck pump and dump 9-10-

when they state an opinion ask them WHY they have that opinion.

it’s that simple. if it takes her more than 2-3 seconds to answer, she’s dull as shit. hot YES, but you WILL get tired of her very quickly. i promise. this girl has been fawned over for most of her life. and i’ll share a secret with you. 90% of the 9-10’s i know have been cheated on. FACT. why- the only guys that land them tend to be guys with TONS of game and access to a LOT of pussy, or the guy get’s too insecure thinking SHE’LL cheat on him because she’ll find someone better.

like i said, i’ve close probably 3-4 during my 20-30’s. i’m still friends with 2 of them and ALL.OF.THEM have been cheated on. my best friend is a hard 9 Asian. she’s was cheated on. i had to nurse her through about 4-5 months of complete heartbreak. she was a mess. she’s posted here and has pointed out how great i do with talking to girls. see this. now…..my girl is a GREAT girl. very sweet, very demure, very feminine, and cannot resist a dominant man. she cringes around betas. and i HAVE seen her play dudes that were sucking up to her.

if your intention is to see her naked, follow my rule of referring to a 9-10 as “cute” when it comes to her looks. 9-10’s HATE being considered cute. it’s classic hamster- she friend zones you for calling her hot, and craves your validation when you don’t. if i see i’m not getting anything from her physically, i withdraw ALL of my attention. she no longer exists on planet Danny.

now, honestly, it’s GREAT to fuck a 9-10 (though some can be boring in bed unless they’re psycho) and gives you tons of confidence. but…..a lot of times they are simply boring and or high maintenance. i prefer a solid 7. she’s pretty enough to keep you interested, but much more laid back and easy going. 9-10’s a great for short time, not long term. plan accordingly.

so ok. you’ve decided, “DAMMIT DANNY. i wanna land a 9-10.” one of the things Roosh mentioned was the venue. if you live in a rural area, you’re going to have slim pickings. but the places i’ve “hunted” in the US that have given a modicum of success: bars on college campus’ and lawyer bars. might as well head to carousel rider ground zero- the college girl. the second is the local lawyer bar scene. i had a 7-8 month run off hitting up the bars on st. charles ave uptown in NO. the lawyers respond well to alpha guys and LOVE to give up control in “relationship” land. then you have the paralegals. my latina paralegal neighbor introduced me to the lawyer bar scene when i was stationed in NO. and yes, she was a +1. lol.

along tulane university there are a string of bars that the girls hit up on fri/sat night. i closed 2 in one night once. the french quarter might seem like a no-brainer; but most of the time it’s touristy and that means cock block hell. when i was stationed in europe and visited the UK and ireland, i was ALWAYS ant uni bars. never failed to closed. of course my “accent” helped.

bookstore, coffee house can usually yield a number, but woman’s defenses are usually set to “stun” if you approach. might as well head off the where the girls are in kesha mode. lol.

here’s another tip. most 9-10 are usually cool and get approached less than you think. if you use a line or something obvious, you lose. if you do get the occasional ice-queen- just walk away while she’s talking. trust me, she’s not used to that. lol. remember what i said about accepting her negative energy. happy hunting.

stay up.

edit- big up to 3MM for facing the feminist firing squad.

lol. i got permission, but i WILL take this pic down tomorrow. and YES, she’s engaged now.

37 Comments on “Why You Should Avoid 9-10’s”

  1. lol … I love this blog.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Eh, right eyebrow’s a little sparse.


  3. MissMarie says:

    Ya know, the rural thing ain’t so bad. In my class alone there were at least 10 girls that were so pretty it hurt. It’s just a whole different world from urban/city life. The hard thing to watch is them going off to school in the city and getting jaded. If I had been born one of the stunners I would hope I would’ve been smarter, but it’s a crap shoot…

  4. Sometimes it’s eery so well you understand the female mind.

  5. RojoC says:

    Wait, so is the military going to be full of betas and shit?

    And to talk about something more pertinent to this post, should one even get caught up in the number rating system? I really don’t like it because beauty is subjective and everyone’s ideas are all over the board. Personally, I like a binary system (either you think she is pretty or not); I think it makes life simpler. I guess what I am trying to say is, would these situations be easier on one’s mind if one weren’t so preoccupied trying to classify some chick to a very specific spot on some technical hierarchy? Like, wouldn’t that kill the arbitrary ass kissing?

    If part of our “thing” is to get men to man up, I think it should by proxy bring all these women who think they’re hotter than they really are down to earth and shit, so I say let’s can the 1-10 scale in order to stop that arbitrary ass-kissing.

    Or maybe I am just wrong and just happen to like many different types of women that fit some very basic parameters for me. Either way, I am trying to stir up discussion and be productive.

    **I guess the other part to this issue is the insecurity from the interlopers hitting on your woman. Maybe there’s two things one can do to mitigate this—1)Only “invest” in her LTR wise if she shows you loyalty, 2) Develop some confidence and relax (because you picked someone loyal).

    That’s all I got for now.

    Ok, one last thing before I hit “post.” I have been thinking and digesting this comment for the last twenty minutes. So I just wanted to close with the realization that it all really does go back to the “first rule”, if you will—that is, never put her on a pedestal because that means you already lost.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It already is. she’s cool, and she’s in the minority of decent looking women. i really don’t put that much thought/care into woman. if she strays- she’s gone. i just walk. it’s really not worth stressing.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. earl says:

    Pointy elbows…2/10…would not bang.

    You know the standard answer to any pic of a lady posted on the internets.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, she didn’t post the pics. i did. she wasn’t trying to impress anyone, i posted her pics a frame of reference.

      and she’s NOT a bad looking woman.

      • earl says:

        No she isn’t…but one of my best laughs was the post that anytime somebody posted pics on the internet as a frame of reference (or to get a 1-10 number) haters found every flaw imaginable. They would find any way to turn a 9 into a 2 to make them feel better about themselves.

        Now I just use the pointy elbow reference to make fun of the haters. If women only know how much men value elbows…lol.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          I’d like add: before any of you criticize the pic I posted , please provide a pic of a woman YOU gamed. Because frankly, it’s easy to keyboard jockey your success in the SMP. I POST mine.

          Fact is- she’s very attractive, and she’s cool.

          Sent from my iPhone

      • RojoC says:

        The first time I came across this “joke” I busted a gut laughing.


  7. […] Why You Should Avoid 9-10′s […]

  8. ASF says:

    Good post bro. Girl is def attractive, but not an objective 9. A 9 is someone who looks like a Victoria Secret model. Still, ratings have a certain fluidity depending on the guy’s environment…in a small town she could definitely be a 9, but not in NYC.

    However, we should not get bogged down in ratings; it’s the psychology that’s important.

  9. Ton says:

    If the girl on your arm isn’t getting the stink eye from other women, she is not a 10.

  10. M3 says:

    Must try this “you’re cute” thing…

  11. Newly Aloof says:

    The 9s and 10s I remember growing up all liked assholes and challenges. I was an alpha sports and fights wise, but a “guys-should-be-nice” beta with ladies so I never understood this – not until I learned game. As you mentioned, these girls get nothing but praise their entire lives, so when a dude comes along and is rude, negs, etc, they are totally taken in.

    Another thing, I always thought with my dick and since my dick only has one eye, he didn’t see so well and he convinced me that two 5s made a 10. The 5 and 6 pussies were just as warm and wet as the 10s to him. 🙂

  12. earl says:

    The “you’re cute” line does work.

    Plus I tried out the “best shopping experience ever” line with a cute cashier. Got her to perk up, smile, and ask me tons of personal questions. I figured the line would work but you know… have to test it out.

    Bringing hardcore positivity can work just as well getting a chick’s attention as a neg or slightly offensive comment will.

  13. […] I read Dannyfrom504′s blog entry https://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/why-you-should-avoid-9-10s/, where he comments on why it’s never a good strategy to be the schmuck who fawns over a […]

  14. deti says:

    great post. I never thought about most of this stuff.

    My limited experience with a 9 was, of course, short lived. She wasn’t psycho, but she wanted firm control over the relationship. She was accustomed to having men jump at her command.

    And at times she could be an obnoxious pain in the ass. She could be a bitch at times and get away with it because she was pretty and knew it.

    My experience is that if a girl is obnoxious or sarcastic it’s usually a front for deep seated insecurity of some kind.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “never thought about most of this stuff.”

      you’re in my world now Bub. lol.

    • earl says:

      “My experience is that if a girl is obnoxious or sarcastic it’s usually a front for deep seated insecurity of some kind.”

      My stab in the dark on that insecurity is she has no idea how to be feminine.

      Like being a nice guy is a front for deep seated insecurity on not having a clue how to be masculine.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        a lot of times even if a girl CONSTANTLY hears how “hot” she is, she still can have low self esteem. i have a black gift for figuring out a person’s neurosis- which i s why i keep them talking. most people will reveal the kinks in the armor without realizing.

        you just have to listen.

  15. chabang says:

    Agree with ASF. The girl certainly isn’t unattractive and she’s got the cleavage, long hair, lots o’ makeup that would make a guy look but her face is definitely average….maybe a 5. I’ll post a pic of friend I consider much more attractive in a sec.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “The girl certainly isn’t unattractive and she’s got the cleavage, long hair, lots o’ makeup that would make a guy look but her face is definitely average….maybe a 5.”

      you can say the same thing about 99% of women. lol.

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