Be this Guy

the first time i saw this commercial i loved it. this is an alpha in the wild. all balls, confidence and attitude. he doesn’t give a fuck. and look at him- gut from hell, bad hair, cheap sunglasses, and a banana hammock. in 15 years, i HOPE i’m this guy.

notice the swagger as he walks. “yeah, i’m a fat fuck; yeah, i’m rocking a ridiculous swimsuit; yeah, i have the physical sex appeal of rocky dennis, but DAMMIT you know you want me anyway.”

be this guy. and be him NOW. lol.

your attitude is paramount. what you project, people perceive. i’d rather be thought of as a cocky asshole (albeit a short and pale one) than a simp she can get over on. damone sums it up best.

timeless advice. of course damone ends up bricking prematurely inside jennifer jason lee (who did NOT look anywhere close to 16), but he got the +1. was he an asshole- yes. definitely. but had the central core of game ingrained. HE was the priority and his advice to rat is spot on.

i hear from women all the time that i’m “intimidating” until they learn i’m actually laid back and rather playful. it’s quite the juxtaposition, when i’m as intimidating as a 14 year old chicks day-bed lined with 30 stuffed animals. when i’m at my local skrip club (where i know/flirt with/get massages from the dancers), i’ve had more than one ask what was wrong with me and that i looked “so serious”. then i’ll pull her close and start peppering her neck with tiny kisses causing her to squeal and giggle. then i send her off shaking her head. it’s all auto pilot now. lol.

my hard 9 asian bestie went to the ER. she called me because she needed someone to drive her home. i think of this girl like i do my own sister, and she knows it. i’m VEEEEEEERRRRRY protective. seriously. i raced to the ER and got to her room. now this is also the hospital we work at. the entire staff knows we work together. i wheeled her to the pharmacy and when we got back they discharged her. i don’t remember this but i mumbled something to her and headed out. well, one of the ER nurses asked my boy if i were dating my friend. he laughed and said no. well, apparently i mumbled, “c’mon baby, let’s get you home.”

my boy laughed, told him no, then replied, “dude, that how Danny talk to ALL women.” lol. the nurse even ASKED me if i were dating anyone in the hospital and told him no. i thought about saying we were just fucking as a gag. but i didn’t want to give girl a “slut” rep. she’s a VERY conservative cambodian girl and i adore her. when i told her how we were dating and the back story- she laughed.

i get away with shit that would be an HR nightmare.

your attitude dictates peoples perception. eventually, it’ll become a natural reaction.

so get out there and start applying “the attitude”. now i have hockey to watch and beer to drink.

stay up.

22 Comments on “Be this Guy”

  1. You “stuff” will be “up” even if you live to 100. You and the So. Comfort guy …

  2. Vicomte says:

    I am reminded of my father, who once ran errands with me when I was young, while wearing an incredibly ripped and otherwise dilapidated pair of jeans. The back pockets were torn at the seams so badly that you could easily and obviously see through the holes.

    He wasn’t wearing underwear.

  3. Ton says:

    Lol, Darling is my default when talking with girls. It’s Southern, and calling a city girl darling gets them smiling. It’s more fun in uniform. The girls are happy, the dudes look buttsore. No one has ever tried to check me for it, though men mean mug me often.

    I also get called intimidating on the regular. Which makes is amusing. My walking around persona is a teddy bear compared to SFC Ton

  4. […] Click here to read the full article […]

  5. earl says:

    I love how the dog just started following the guy. Dogs know who leaders are.

  6. deti says:

    And one of the reasons why “the Attitude” is so important is because there are few men who bring it. So when a woman sees a man with some attitude and swagger, she laps it up right out of your hand.

    That’s a good girl. LOL

  7. redpillwifey says:

    Attitude is so key. I’ll take a 6 with the swagger over an 8 beta boy any day.

  8. munch says:

    Its a commercial. It implies he has high value by having a trained dog follow him, a paid actress 20 years younger than him follow him with her head/eyes. etc. It is skillful direction. The actor portraying “him” cold have had any qualities – a nerd with cringing body language, and the message of the ad would be the same – buy our product and be alpha. Slightly more believable when the actor is not portraying a total looser. I would guess the idea of the ad was to portray an “ok” guy who draws more female/dog attention than the average shlub because he uses our product.

    • Drama says:

      The difference is a nerd knows he’s a nerd, at least in the classic sense, but these days it doesn’t hold the same meaning.

      Still if you’re genuinely cool you don’t have to fake trying to impress anyone which sure as all hell isn’t gonna work.

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