“Asking Her Out….”

back in december i posted about my christmas card. oh, you didn’t know i gave out an official Dannyfrom504 christmas card? well i did. and it was a smashing success. well, the girl in the christmas card is a VERY good looking mexican girl. yes, she knows about the blog. of course i number closed but there was a problem.

she was married.

i don’t fuck with married. but she was in the process of divorcing. but it get’s better.

he works at the hospital with me. awkward.

he knows who i am. more awkward.

he’s an E4 in my duty section. super awkward. lol.

this meant i had to NOT fuck with her. i could catch a case from the command with her being married. then i texted her one night only to find out she had moved back to cali. oh well, that’s why having options is important. my inner damone kicked in and my toes continued tapping.

one night i go the club to visit my girl Lynn and she was back. and not married. game on. well, i thought i deleted her number because she was in cali so i told her to give me her #. as she punched it in she told me i already it. i looked at my phone, there it was.

i had forgotten her name. lol. she’d only been gone a month. i swear to God this is true. i don’t really put much stock in getting numbers anymore because i get so many, and follow up on so few. i really need to go through my phone and start deleting because i can’t put a face to most of these girls anymore. srslee. well, she’s only gonna be in norf florida for another month or so. which is perfect. i KNOW she dtf. but she’s also 23 and prone to flake. PLUS she’s from cali, attractive, and has MAD game. i watch her work guys and she’s viciously good. now, since she’s leaving soon it’s more likely that she’ll sleep with me and not really think too much about it…..because she’s leaving.

oh, and when i first realized i was talking to her again (she changed her hair color so i didn’t realize it was her at first), the first thing she asked was how the christmas card went over. what does that tell you class? now you know the back-story to this little soap opera…..

i first found out they were remaking “evil dead” and i was fucking PISSED. great another classic movie getting remade into a piece of shit. then i found out sam raimi and bruce campbell were producing it. ROCK ON!!!! i saw the trailer and knew this was going to be one of the few movies i see in theater. see, i’m a horror movie fanatic. watched halloween wide eyed at 6 and alien at 8-9 while my mom cowered. LOVE the horror genre.

then i figured, i’d take miss mexicana with me. say what you want about the unoriginality of taking a woman to the movies. but it’s only beta if it’s to see a movie you could give a shit about and as unoriginal idea you THINK she might like. no matter what- I AM SEEING THIS MOVIE. with or without her. but taking a woman to a horror movie is fucking great. it’s a great dopamine release when she gets scared and she grabs on to you. but there’s a secret here.

you should see the movie alone before you take her.

first, you want to KNOW when the brutal parts are coming so you seem unfazed when it happens in her presence. secondly, you can playfully neg her for being so scared. just don’t be a dummy and say, “wait watch this.” DOH. i know a guy that did that. lol.

now. i’m NOT “asking her out”. i’m telling her i’m going to see the movie and she’s coming with me. BIG DIFFERENCE. asking her gives the impression she has a choice. i’m telling her she’s going. i’ll text her about her plans for the weekend (still have to do that), then will find out when she’s not working, then tell her we’re going on said say. does this mean it’ll happen- of course not.

i’ll keep you guys posted.

oh…..the christmas card. yeah, i still have it. hmmmmmmm. i guess i’ll be nice and if you request a copy (NSFW), i’ll send you one. BUT, any requests AFTER i wake up tomorrow, get’s nada.

ok, these are NOT for the faint of heart. but i’m SOOOOOO down to see this.

stay up.

32 Comments on ““Asking Her Out….””

  1. Deep Strength says:

    Now that you’ve hyped up this Christmas card I’m curious… send one over.

    Hope that husband didn’t get one of your Christmas cards, haha.

  2. ‘Don’t ask her out, tell her she’s going.’


  3. Ton says:

    Lol, I am taking a Panamanian girl to see that movie tonight.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      dude, i can’t wait to see it. once i heard raimi and bruce were producing it, i KNEW it was going to be sick.

      • Ton says:

        I don’t much follow the Hollywood world, but I do like Bruce Campbell. Even Brisco County Jr.

        Sorry to hear about the PTSD, Danny. I am grateful my wounds are of the physical variety. Right now I cannot walk because of my hip, but it still seems easier to deal with. Plus it gets me lots of attention from a beautiful Panamian girl…

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Lol. Good on you with the Panamanian girl. Love me some Latinas.

          The PTSD, it is what it is. Part of the job I guess. I’m fortunate I’m as well adjusted as I am.

  4. aneroidocean says:

    love evil dead. send card to aneroidocean at Geee mail dotty com. crashing out. got a 100person coed volleyball tournament to run in 4hours

  5. TempestTcup says:

    Oh cool, didn’t know Raimi & Campbell remade it. Definitely going to go see it! I was a HUGE fan of all the Action Pack shows late night.

  6. I loved Evil Dead … this one looks intense, without the laughs.

  7. bob says:

    Christmas please

  8. Stingray says:

    I watched the original of that movie for the first time about a year ago. Thought is was going to be funny like the second one. Yeah . . . it wasn’t. Gave me the heebie jeebies. I watched the trailers you posted and now have the heebie jeebies (from 6 minutes of footage). Bleh.

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