But…..I’m NOT a Player….

as an open blogger, i really don’t hide the fact that i have a website. i don’t run right out and mention it, but i don’t mind discussing red-pill with most people. and let’s face it, nothing piques a woman’s interest quite like knowing she’s talking to a man that blogs about how to chat up and attract woman. now, damn near every woman i work with knows about the blog. i went to the front desk area friday and one of my co-workers (whom i adore btw) asked me how the site was going. we talked a bit about it, i showed her my dicknstats and she looked impressed. then she asked me how many girls i was messing with.

WTF????!!!!! :/

i told her i wasn’t messing with anyone. she told me she knew i was a ho and i once again told her i was nothing of the sort. she was basically giving me a good natured ribbing and one of the other women i work with joined in. oh how you ladies love to tease a man good with women. the second woman mentioned she ALWAYS sees me talking with some girl and said women always has a huge smile on their faces.

“that has WHAT to do with WHAT?” i asked.

“it means there has to be a woman in your life.” she replied.

i assured her i was indeed a single man and there was no woman i was “seeing”. the girl that started this little inquisition then chimed in with, “ok, fine. let me ask you a question.”-

“when’s the last time you had sex?” she crossed her arms and gave me the look. i replied, “this morning.” she laughed and asked, “with a woman?” DAMMIT.

i looked at her and said, “i’m not answering that. that’s none of your business.” she told me that was a “ho’s answer”, and it means i slept with someone lately. shit, she’s good. i then told her i do not mention my “dirt” in public, that it’s MY business. she countered with the fact that i called it “dirt” confirmed my ho status. again i told her i was NOT a ho. i never lie to women and i make it known i’m not seeking a relationship. she then asked me if i wasn’t a ho, how would i describe myself. i looked at her for a moment thought about it, then it hit me.

“i’m just a dude with options.” lol.

stay up.

29 Comments on “But…..I’m NOT a Player….”

  1. Sis says:

    She sounds like a challenge for you possibly?

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Hey Danny, so fucking ironic that the otherday, I wrote an article entitled “You shouldn’t hide that you teach pickup”.

    Basically, I was saying that 90% of guys who practice game/pickup, they hide this from women. I think that’s a mistake!

    Women are intrigued by this! We shouldn’t be hiding the fact that we blog about this from women.

    And it’s funny how this chick tried trapping you by the fact that you said dirt lol! Hilarious bro!

  3. Shade Zero says:

    “I’m just a dude with options.”

    hah! An awesome response.

  4. […] But…..I’m NOT a Player…. […]

  5. earl says:

    LOL…I’ve had gals call me a hooker too because I talk with women all the time.

    I have a smile on my face and tell her…that insult only works with women, for men it’s a compliment.

  6. Ton says:

    Her; How many girls are you “messing” with?

    Me; Let’s see, there is Ally, Alicia, Abby, Bambi, Beth, Brandy, Candy, Claire, Crissy, Carrie S, Carrie G, Christine with a C, not to be confused with Kristine with a K, Dawn, Diane, Donna, Ellie, Ellie May,… what’s your name again?

    I rarely “mess” with more then one girl at a time, however they don’t need to know it unless we’re serious. Which is not a moral statement. It’s a statement on my priorities and how I order my life

  7. Newly Aloof says:

    Those two girls might as well have just said, “Danny, we’re ribbin’ you, but we wish we were you.”

    If those two girls are talking to you about sex (which they are in a safe way), they are thinking about your mule.

  8. K-stan says:

    Before I deployed I made a guy wither into a ball at the pool hall. He was one of my buddy’s friends who I had never met before. All the bartenders knew me and I would chat them up every time they came by and they would stay longer than normal at our tables. The guy asked me how I did it, only response I could provide was a shrug of my shoulders and just said confidence. He just looked down and was quiet the rest of the night. Now the girl friend of one of my buddies has seen this out of me basically where ever we go so Im a man whore to her yet she has only seen me bring one girl home…how that makes me a “whore”? Ill never know. Funny story, the guy cheats on this girl and dips out of town not telling any of us (basically a huge eff you), and the girl comes to me (while Im over seas) saying she wants me to come spend the weekend with her when I get back lol

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      remember what i was telling you when you were a kid? lol.

      told you so.

      watch yer 6 little shaver. your dad would take it out on me if anything happened to you.

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 8:38 AM, dannyfrom504

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