On Being Excellent

women love a man in uniform. i think most everyone will agree on this. however, i REFUSE to wear my uniform off base. there are people that i’ve known for 3 years that have never seen me in uniform. i really don’t like using the fact that i’m active duty to impress a woman. the way i see it, it’s just a job.

so let’s say you’re a total alpha with game. well, all that means shit if you’re uninteresting. you really need to garner a personality that people are drawn too. i’ve see guys that are good looking bastards, but they SUCK when it comes to women. why? simple.

there’s nothing interesting about them beyond their looks. and that DOES matter a great deal to women. remember, men are the visual ones. looks matter implictly to a man. woman will see a great looking dude, get tingles, then will get turned off by the lack of interesting character.

i believe even in strauss’ book, the fact that he knew game was moot because he didn’t know how to be a genuine person when he found a woman he actually liked.

i recommend reading a few books, learning to cook, take up a masculine hobby, take a trip to somewhere close by that’s a local historical spot, go to a museum, take a class at a community college in a subject you’re curious about- i recommend “public speaking”. now, i’ve read quite a few “heady” books. but ultimately, just reading a book that you’re interested in is satisfactory to women. i read 3 books in the “alien vs. predator” series. is it nerdy? YUP. does the childish subject matter matter to women? NOPE. it translates to them as researching a subject matter that interests me- sci-fi. i can then go into the exlanation of the Yautja clans. i can cook, i have endless stories of my misadventures in the military, i am quite humorous.

taking public speaking is GREAT. most people fear public speaking. this fucks up your game. i used to teach a few classes like CPR, EMT-basic, PTLS (an advanced EMT course) and was a VERY good instructor. people were always amazed how my goofy as fuck persona became a professional, knowledgable individual when i taught a class. all this has helped me in talking with people in general, and made game MUCH easier to inplement.

i NEVER have believed in having a crutch. i COULD use my being in the military to my advantage in the SMP, but i think it’s best to create and over all interesting persona. because i won’t ALWAYS be military. i’m not always going to be galavanting around in a military uniform for the rest of my life. and to be honest, once i retire no one’s going to fucking care. i’ve NEVER talked about my being in the military. it comes up when a WOMAN asks what i do. i simply reply- “radiology”. then they ask what hospital- i reply- “the naval air station hospital.”

that pretty much tell them everything they need to know. especially in a military town like jax. so embrace your strengths, but work on the weaker aspects of you personality to build yourself into an all around interesting man. cus if my sex appeal of a progeria child can make a girl tingle-

anyone can.

stay up

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  2. Ton says:

    Military as an advantage in the smp is hit or miss any which way. In the Joe town, I am one of many infantry E7′ s with a short tab,.scrroll, combat jump wing etc etc. Don’t really stand out, and if you are relying on the military back ground in this town… well so are the SF guys, the CAG guys, officers, pilot’s, MI dorks etc etc. All of whom sound more exciting or woman think all army guys drive tanks to work, run sniper ops after their data entry shift etc etc. Dead end street for sure

    Down the road in any direction are colleges towns, full of rural and suburban Southern college girls who do think highly of the military. However, you still need more then, and it’s hard to say what I do in natural conversation and not sound like a jackass trying to impress her, hence the mid level henchman line.

    Being excellent; balls on brother! At one point I realized my life story read like some bad paragraph in a Mac Boalan novel. I fixed it with continuing ed classes at the local community college. I love the place enough I staid in town when I retired. I’d l ok to emt before I ex pat, but most likely will not

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m military, but i do’t rely on it in the SMP. i can do well enough on my own.

      • Ton says:

        There are different angles. I know being military works for 64 pilots, SF, CAG guys. There is a goodly number of chicks here who only date long tabbers.Having a Ranger Scroll worked on occasions when I was a kid in Savannah. But their are no groupies for a regular old school scout/ sniper.

        My guess is the same applies for the navy with their pilots and seals.

        With any luck their game, their personality grows as they mature but there is nothing wrong with having a main hook

      • Ton says:

        Infantryman, in the Ranger Regiment, did some other stuff before getting hurt and settling in with the 82nd Airborne, mostly as a sniper or NOC in the scout/ sniper platoon. Retired as the platoon sergeant for a scout/sniper platoon. It was an excellent way to live

        I’ve got a lot of love for medics. Y’all have patched me up a couple of times.

        The only time I wore my uniform outside of work functions were for weddings and funerals. The army was the family bidness so it fit

      • Ton says:

        Damnit, why are all the sniper groupies dudes? I should have went SF…

        it was the best life I can imagine living Danny.

  3. Vicomte says:

    What’s the official policy on wearing uniforms off-base? I remember Marines telling me that it was never done, but I was unclear if that was by regulation or unwritten rule.

  4. earl says:

    Agree about public speaking…I lector at one of the churches around here. If you can talk calmly in front of hundreds of people…a chick you like will be a piece of cake.

    I also have a job that has yet to fail being interesting to women when I tell them. But I never bring it up until they ask…and I prefer to use my interesting personality first so that they start asking me personal questions.

  5. Samui says:

    When I was serving in military, I considered wearing the uniform outside the base a cocky thing to do.

  6. Newly Aloof says:

    With public speaking, nothing beats just doin’ it and having a few victories under your belt, AND preparation. You should memorize your outline so that you can wing it on the details if your memory fails you. Works like a charm.

  7. sunshinemary says:

    there’s nothing interesting about them beyond their looks. and that DOES matter a great deal to women. remember, men are the visual ones. looks matter implictly to a man. woman will see a great looking dude, get tingles, then will get turned off by the lack of interesting character.

    Yes, sir, that is absolutely correct.

    I dated a guy very briefly in college who was just…beautiful, I can’t think of another word to describe his physical appearance. Absolutely gorgeous. But heaven have mercy, was he ever boring. He could not carry on a conversation at all. Great package but terrible product. I couldn’t handle more than a few weeks of that. And a friend of mine who dated him (briefly) later completely agreed with me.

  8. Chewie says:

    Teaching and having to address groups of people who speak a foreign language has done wonders for my public speaking. When I first arrived over here, two things happened:

    1. My school had its opening ceremony and I had to address everyone. I’d been in-country for less than four days and had been in a whirlwind of activity. It would be my first time meeting the students.

    2. Our school had its traditional teachers dinner to kick off the year. My principal surprised the hell out of me by telling me to get up and give a speech.

    In both instances, I had to address the entire faculty and only a few of them (the English teachers) knew English beyond “hello” and “thank you.” The students knew more, of course, but I knew that I had to speak slowly and assertively. My time in the inner-city paid off for that one, for I got up there and started talking. It went down well. Was I nervous? Of course. Did it go over okay? Yeah, it did.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yup. I lived in Japan, Italy, and Spain. I always spoke the native language in Spain in Italy. Never Japanese though.

      Getting over your fear of public speaking does wonders for your confidence.

  9. Being in the military definitely doesn’t help in No Fuck, Vagina.

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