Field Report: The Ale House

i promised a field report and i always make good on them. relax, not much to discuss.

i’d never been there for their infamous “ladies night” but i’d heard a lot about it. the logistics make it hit-or-miss for running game. there’s a huge bar area, and the rest is all tables for the restaraunt. the smoke pit outside is where it looks like most of the action is, but Danny don’t do smoke.

i found a spot at the bar and surveyed the pickings. there were 2 girls sitting in a group, both induced my inner “meh”. and there were 3 decent looking women but all were with dudes. 2 girls came in that i would have opened, but i could tell they work there and the one i wanted to talk with is probably banging a kitchen dude. how do i know? she got her drink and bee-lined it to the kitchen area and a dude showed up. she was clearly giving IOI’s.

i ordered a beer, watched some hockey and had a 7 bartender comment that she liked my FCUK shirt (see the up-coming post). i finished my beer and left. i DID talk to 2 girls, but i already know them. one is a recently divorced mother of 2, 27 years old. 6 with an epic rack. i find it disappointing that she’s more interested in being a kesha party girl rather than spending an evening with her 2 kids. fucking sad. look, i see her out drinking ALL.THE.TIME. the bartenders at my local know her as well and say the same thing.

the best strategy would be to go a few more times and get to know the bartenders and learn who the regulars are and have them wing for me. but……the drive back is DUI checkpoint minefield. so…i’m hella skeptical.

but there’s another thing i noticed, my PTSD kicked in and i was getting agitated and fidgetty. i don’t do crowds well, so i may or may not go back. but whatev’s, never really been a big fan of the bar scene. besides, it’s usually hit or miss anyway and i’m too much of a homebody to make this a routine. lol. my locals right around the corner. lol.

stay up.


6 Comments on “Field Report: The Ale House”

  1. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    hide your kids hide your wife hide your daughtrrzz zlzlzoozzooz1!!

  2. earl says:

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of the bar scene either when it comes to opening…I’m like the Captain and go to a bar just to drink or talk with the bartenders. I have better luck with day game in the gym, Target, church, or if a new girl is coming in to learn how to dance. It’s still hit or miss but the hits have better odds.

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