ITLR- Challenge Her Compliments

the picture i posted of myself last night shows me in my beloved french connection shirt. for those of you fashion rubes (or non-brit types) french connection is a british clothing store. they merchandise their wares as FCUK (french connection united kingdom). but as i’m sure you can guess, the shirt recieves attention for other reasons.

also featured are my beloved BCG’s. they are called such (Birth Control Glasses) since they ensure you’d NEVER get laid. well, the funny thing is the only people that make fun of them are-


yup. i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve been out and about and had some random girl approach me out of the blue and stutter, “i really like your glasses.” aaaaaaaw. how cute. it happens so often that i always reply with the same thing.

the above also applies to my FCUK shirt. i can’t tell you how man women have stopped me and said, “i like your shirt.” never had a girl NOT compliment on it. and just like with the BCG’s i always ask the same thing.

“really. what do you like it/them?”

the girl get’s wide-eyed and smiles shyly. when it’s the shirt, you can visibly see them blush and get emabarassed. i know why she likes it, it’s obvious. and that tells me i’m dealing with a likely carouseller. at the very least, this girl is naughty.

when it comes to the BCG’s, the girl will smile giddily, avert her gaze, lower her head and give a very non-specific answer. if she gives an answer (any answer), i’ll reply with, “well thanks, they (or my shirt) like you too. does your boyfriend get jealous when you approach strange guys at the ********?” if there’s no BF, i hand her my phone and say, “we need to hang out sometime.” the keypad will be on display and 90% of the time she’ll punch in her number. then i’ll ring her up so she has my number. but i’ll tell her i want to add my name (H/T Athol) and punch in “Cockzilla” for my name. lol.

In both instances, I have a total shit eating grin as she fumbles for a response. Lol.

in the post about 9’s-10’s i point out about negging a girl about being kinda cute, when a woman compliments a man 90% of the time the guy will stammer on and on thanking her and talking about whatever she complimented. this is supplication and pedestalization. wrong move.

remember, you want to stand out. you want to be a challenge, you want to tease her. so IF she opens you and gives you an unexpected compliment. tease her by asking her what she likes about whatever she’s complimenting. it’s like giving her hamster two 5 hour energys. know how i know i’m right- i promise you EVERY woman reading this post has the biggest smile on their faces as they’re reading this. PROMISE.

so game her right and turn her compliment into a tease. we all know how women love a good teasing. then number close when you find out she’s single. and most women won’t compliment a strange man is she’s got a BF. and even if she does, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with her. game everyone.

stay up.

an oldie but goodie from Delusion Damage

an oldie but goodie from Delusion Damage

14 Comments on “ITLR- Challenge Her Compliments”

  1. Ronin says:

    Good post.
    I am def. guilty of talking about the thing. Will try your idea starting now.

  2. deti says:

    “tease her by asking her what she likes about whatever she’s complimenting. it’s like giving her hamster two 5 hour energys”

    And after you tease by asking why she likes it, take it one step further: Tell her you know why she likes what she’s complimenting, then tell her what you believe she’s thinking.

    “Awww, you like my BCG’s because you wish you had a pair of your own.”

    “You like my shirt because it’s been on your mind all day and you can’t stop thinking about it.”

  3. earl says:

    Good advice…I’ve never done this before. I’ll be ready to do this for the next compliment I get.

  4. Ton says:

    I have a shirt that says “making love is what my girlfriend does while I fuck her”. Chicks dig it

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  6. JustYX says:

    Most girls probably expect a compliment about her in return for her’s to you.
    You’re supposed to give a reply that raises her SMV (above your’s?). You’re not giving her a compliment…you’re resetting the frame for the conversation. Sounds like a smart move

    you da smartz guy

    (new name, same me)

  7. Emma the Emo says:

    Reminds me of an old joke I heard back in Russia.

    A cowboy on a horse passed a farm and saw a very pretty girl. “How can I make love to her?” the cowboy thought. He went and painted his horse blue. Then he rode by the farm, but the girl did not pay attention to his blue horse. Then he went and painted his horse green, “Now she must notice me,” the cowboy thought. “If she will ask me why my horse is green, I’ll say at once, let’s make love.” He rode by the farm. The girl said, “Hey, you, why do you keep riding by, boy? Let’s make love.”

    “What do you mean “lets make love”? Instead look at what a green horse I have!”

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