AMOG’d by a Motorcycle Gang

the 3 minute number close also had another twist. i’m sure Lynn can/will confirm this. there was a local biker gang at the club that night. they’re all a bunch of of former military guys and they frequent the place. i have a friend who’s a prospect in said club (i know him from the ship when i was in japan… guy).

well, i went to talk to Bake (a dude that works security) and he was talking to one of the bike guys (the VP), and said VP starting ribbing me about my BCG’s. he then made a few other jokes that were horribly unfunny and i sat smiling at him and finally said, “is that it? is that the best you can come up with?” he tapped me on the shoulder and i turned my back and walked off.

this man was at least 6 feet and had over 100 lbs on me. but i didn’t budge. and again, this was a 3 piece patch biker VP. there were 4-5 other members of the club with him. it wasn’t as if i was gonna swing, but i held my ground and didn’t back away.

and the girl i number closed, the bikers were crazy for her. lol. winsauce Danny.

i’ve never been one to back down, as i kid i was ALWAYS picked on because i’m so small. funny thing is, most men now-a-days won’t fight. i’m not one to be so quick to go to blows, but i will swing if i need to (i’ve even posted on it). the biker VP was simply asserting himself as a high status alpha, i countered with indifference to him and his ridicule. it’s a jungle out there, but this lion never sleeps.

oh!!!!! had a pretty surreal moment today at work. i was in the galley and someone tapped me in the shoulder. i turned around and there was this girl standing there grinning at me. she said, “HM1, can i ask you a question?” i nodded and she smiled and ask me if i hosted a webpage? i grinned and asked, “why?” she then asked me if i were Dannyfrom504. i laughed and told her no, my names Danny, but my site is called Dannyfrom504. she excitedly exclaimed how she loved the site and she makes her bf read it. i asked her how she stumbled upon my site and she mentioned one of the guys she works with mentioned a guy form Radiology hosting a “game” blog. i was giving this kid some advice and mentioned the site. then he told some of his coworkers and a few of the girls checked out my site. lol. she said she felt like she wanted to take a picture with me, to which i told her….no. lol. life’s a trip. lol.

stay up.

and as an aside to juxtapose this post. today i bought a new scented candle. i’ve not been shy about posting my affinity for scented candles. it’s summer so i like more sweeter scents. today i bought woodwick’s “dew drops” scented candle. it smells divine. i know i know. now any of the readers that wanna rub their cock on my face, the line of dicks starts to the left.

don't judge me.

don’t judge me.

29 Comments on “AMOG’d by a Motorcycle Gang”

  1. RojoC says:

    Fleur de lis is a nice touch for the candle holder.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    as a Saints fan it’s a requirement. have FDL’s all over the house.

  3. […] AMOG’d by a Motorcycle Gang […]

  4. Ton says:

    Outside of the respect issue, what is most cool Danny, is you got the girl. So to speak. To many young dudes think they cannot compete with the “bad boy biker”. Which is true if it’s the girls thing, but most chicks don’t have owning a Harley, 1% patch and scar from a knife fight on their 467 point bullet list. Chicks might get spun up for guys who break minor social conventions but the OMC is another thing altogether. almost always when a girl is interested in my bike, the interest is of the novelty or performing monkey kind. They feel entitled to a ride because “they’re cute”. like you mentioned with cooking. there’s been 2 girls on the back of my bike in the last three years. Takes more then seeing them naked. girl #2 earned her way into my heart by tending to me when I was crippled up a few days back.

    The riddle is, there are five 81’s drinking in a bar. How many does it take to kick your ass? Answer; who knows? They are going to use 5

  5. earl says:

    What you explained is an unintended consequence I never thought would happen after digging into this.

    Frame control when a woman is testing you is king.

    Frame control when men are giving you hell or insulting you because they are weak keeps your sanity.

    I was picked on too when I was younger and I let it get to me. Now it doesn’t get me…I treat it like a shit test only from men. They only want a reaction.

  6. Matt says:

    you and your acronyms dannyboy

    what’s BCG mean??

  7. tj says:

    God damn it – I’m still in the “fake it until I make it stage” and now you’re throwing out scented candle gauntlets? Not sure I can take that step yet – aaaaauuuugh too much. Past beta relapse threatening

  8. ASF says:

    danny has a purty mouth.

  9. Vicomte says:

    Don’t call them ‘scooter puppies’.

    They really don’t like that.

  10. Ton says:

    If the 81 here wanted you out of the way, his crew would beat you down while he chatted up the girl or watched while he drank

    The only thing worse then asshole behavior is poorly executed asshole behavior

  11. Newly Aloof says:

    “Those aren’t candles – they’re pussy-scent reducers.”

  12. Stingray says:

    Dude . . . beeswax.

  13. Norm says:

    Nothing wrong with candles. Don’t leave smoke film and smoke like incense, not to mention the mess. Just be sure to blow them out when not around. I left some candles burning overnight a few times. :0

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