Gigglebutt Game

i’ve said before and i’ll say it again. the best way to practice game is on little girls. the same teasing and negging that makes a 4 year old girl giddy works just the same on a 23 year old woman.

a few nights ago, i had to do a chest xray on a 3 year old girl. she was staring at me wide eyed with apprehension as i told her her i need to put her on the table. mom told her to listen to me and i held my arms out to pick her up. she begrudgingly let me pick her up and i placed her on the table. i set up my marker, shielded her, and set up the collimator.

as i was explaining to her i was just taking her picture, i commented that she should lighten up. i told her i knew she was really a silly-head and she needed to smile. she finally cracked a smile and i went in full assault. “see i KNEW it. yer just a gigglebutt.” this of course had her smiling from ear to ear, and i commented to mom how i KNEW she was like this. mom was BEAMING.

i took her PA and lat pics and when i told her she was done i walked up to the table and held my arms out. she literally JUMPED into my arms. as i commented that she did so well and ran the “good giiiiirl” line i asked her where my hug was. she hugged me and i commented to mom how she was adorable. mom thanked me and i told them to wait in hallway as i pushed the images to the ER. i walked them to the ER and kept calling the girl gigglebutt. she laughed and averted her eyes, leaning her head to the side.

do you see what i did thur?

if this were a twenty-something year old woman i would comment how she were dressed. if it were apparent she was trying to look nice, i’d tease her about her trying to hard, “is this the ‘i’m purdee’ outfit?” then i’d poke her side while repeating the question. i’ve done this SEVERAL times and every woman has reacted the same. they giggle, squeal and smile uncontrollably. done this with married women, single women, young women, older women. it’s a universal tingle generator. of course they are women i’m slightly familiar with. don’t get yourself pepper-sprayed.

i can understand how interacting with women can be intimidating. i do. i’ve been there. but a GREAT way to practice your game is with little girls. tease them, neg them, take control. they LOVE it. and if you think a young girl can’t/won’t shit test… are SORELY mistaken. i have a 5 year old niece that’s an ace at shit testing. if you have nieces and young girls in your family, they are the perfect ones to practice game on. when you do it right, they will SHOWER you with affection and respect. game everyone.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again show me a man that’s great with kids (especially little girls) and i’ll bet $$$ he’s a lady-killer.

stay up.

oh, and yesterday marked the day a young, confused, over sexed 20 year old left texas to begin his misadventures galavanting about the globe in the navy. in 364 days, i will retire from naval service. and i can’t fucking wait.

37 Comments on “Gigglebutt Game”

  1. ChesterPoe says:

    It is interesting how women really do not change that much from when they are girls. Teasing them is always a winning strategy. My favorite, depending on the woman, is intentionally misinterpreting her words as sexual. And always downplay their beauty.

    Can’t wait to be a civilian again, Danny?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No. I can’t; so done with this organization. I’m ready to be out. Thank God I didn’t become an institutionalized sailor.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • RojoC says:

        Should I be glad I am not looking to join the Navy then? (The only thing that catches my eye there is being a SEAL or a SWCC, but that’s beyond my means. They’re BAMFs).

  2. The Lone Planet says:

    Interesting. I can’t stand kids.

  3. someguy302004 says:

    Definitely agree. The other day just making faces and playing peekaboo with a friend’s toddler on the subway had this hot girl a few rows away smiling and flirting with me. I gave her one of those little kid folding hand waves and she blushed and smiled even more.

  4. sunshinemary says:

    This is a very cute story! I was just thinking today that girls and women are very similar in their desire for male attention.

  5. High Hard One says:

    Danny, give me more details on how the “purdee” outfit interaction would go down.

    I can almost always come up w/ 1 zinger, but can’t keep the vibe going. Ex. Today I was at the dentist. Checking out after my appt. w/ the cute receptionist,

    Me: “so are we done here?”
    Her: Well I guess so, unless you want to stick around, and help out
    Me: w/ a wink, “well how bout you and me go in the back room and play doctor?”

    That got a blush and a giggle. With a laugh she said oh you’re a troublemaker.

    All I could think to say was, guilty. And then I waved goodbye and left.

  6. earl says:

    It is sad that puberty messes up the wiring in your head for a while. I remember teasing and picking on girls in grade school all the time…took me several years to revert back to that state.

  7. Socialkenny says:

    I agree totally Dan! I advocate this. Guys should be practicing stuff on their sisters, little nieces and stuff (like negs) to see the effects to apply in-field.

  8. FCCS says:

    364? Nothing to sweat. See you on the other side… you’ll like it here.

  9. earl says:

    Game does make you more comfortable with children…because in a way you become child like.

    I interact with older ladies as well…it doesn’t matter if they are 50…they respond the same too.

  10. Newly Aloof says:

    My three-year-old daughter walks all over my wife. My wife will tell her stuff 5, 6 times and then get so frustrated and blow up. The tone in my wife’s voice while she is trying to discipline her is of desperation and hopelessness (and kids know this shit. They smell it like sharks). I say shit once and my daughter usually listens. Why? Cause I know game now. I see shit tests; my wife sees tantrums. I don’t waiver and I don’t get upset, unless super tired from a long day of bs on occasion. My daughter knew how to tease my son when she was 14 months old. Amazing.

  11. stevie tellatruth says:

    Oh shoot, yeah. This stuff works like magic. Whenever i see my lil neice or my buddy’s daughters or even the 50-some year old cashier at the local “big box” stores, i tease the mess out of ’em. They just eat it up.

    One reason why with some beta boys never develop any game is because they’re too shy to play with and tease girls at the playground/grammar school level. Never learn pulling a girls ponytail is good because they’re too timid to do it.

    Btw- this is my 1st time commenting. Next month will mark a year of reading the ‘sphere. You’re prolly the realest dude of all. Keep doing ya thing, 504!

    PS–and keep bringing ur insight over at Roissy’s blog cuz its a lotta “intellectual” posers over there who talk loud but say nothing.

    Stay up.

  12. tj says:

    Beautiful, man – one of the best and most fundamental red pill posts I’ve read.

    And the flip side of this, is to remember to be that guy who’s playful and funny and notsoseriousallthefreakin’time.

  13. MissMarie says:

    It really is funny how the same stuff translates so well. My favorite ex is the favorite uncle (and there are like 5) and get hits on hard by the old ladies, too. He teased me mercilessly, and it works like a charm. Gotta practice on the kids, works wonders!

  14. nshsgirl says:

    This same principle applies to dogs as well. Something about a man with a dog. A real dog, not a little poodle or Pomeranian. Lol

  15. Ton says:

    I love kids , especially smothered in bbq sauce

  16. Senior Beta says:

    Us Viet Nam vets had a term for guys like you. Short timer. Hang in there HM1.

  17. nshsgirl says:

    I like it, Danny! I can dispense some red pill advice, although I’m not sure how effective it’ll be coming from a woman lol. Plus I like cooking (baking preferably) so I could be like you and throw up some recipes too. My blog, my decisions right?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yup. and we can ALWAYS use another red pill woman on the scene. i’ll even add you to my “blog ho’s”.

      On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 1:27 PM, dannyfrom504

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