Goofball Game

one of the girls in the ER was looking rough. i talked with her and she mentioned being tired and having a headache. she’s been cool as of late so i took it upon myself to put a smile on her face.

woman are damn near powerless against childish acts of kindness/goofiness. once she left my department i drew her a very crude picture. it was a roughly drawn bee drawn on a folded piece of paper. the front had her name, and when she opened it she saw the picture. it was the ridiculous bee with over drawn legs and it read, “******** is the bee’s knees.” arrows pointing to the knees.

when she read it, she lit up, blushed, cover her mouth and giggled. she then told me she was going to hang it in her locker.

look, i’m not trying to mess with this girl. she’s pretty, she’s cool (at times), but she’s not my cup-o-tea. but i do like spreading joy, and the reaction i got from her made me laugh. she genuinely appreciated the gesture, thus…..i didn’t mind making it.

i’ve always said men are funnier than women. reason being is that femininity requires a certain grace, elegance, and poise. these are things that naturally attract men. women are attracted to male aloofness and spontaneity. which is why 99% of women will tell you they find a man with a great sense of humor so attractive- DESPITE his looks. this will be tied in with tomorrow post featuring my main wing man BRODY!!!!!!! recall last nights post- i was a goofball with the young girl and made her gush.

you know my go to opener by now- making eye contact then making a silly face at her or sticking out my tounge. when i’m at the strip club i bounce up and down excitedly when a girl dance for me and/or i’ll bob my head side to side to the beat. both get the same response- girl drops the sexy look and start laughing and calling me “too cute”. and they mean. they ALWAYS approach me after and will linger and rub my shoulders. after about 3-4 minutes, i’ll tell her what guys are eye fucking her and send her off. i have an 80% number close rate doing this.

i don’t drop serious coin. i’m not a tall guy. i have the sex appeal of a progeria case. but i still close. HOW-

by being a goofball. so don’t take yourself, or a woman’s looks too seriously. have fun, and so will she. take her out of her droll existence and bring her into your personal planet awesome. trust- she WANTS to go there.

i assure you.

stay up.

"would you fuck me? i'd fuck me, i'd fuck me so hard." LOVE silence of the lambs

“would you fuck me? i’d fuck me, i’d fuck me so hard.”

see, i’ll throw myself under the bus. feel free to point and snicker.

22 Comments on “Goofball Game”

  1. zorroprimo says:

    OT: A Danny Must-Read: Man 2.0 Engineering The Alpha.

    This is going to go viral on the manosphere as people read it. Be one of the first. I am seriously blown away by this shit. This is not just another fitness book.

  2. RojoC says:

    Dude, did you tape your BCGs for that pic?

  3. earl says:

    Humor in her mind is also a sign of confidence. You could have the self esteem of shark fertilizer but she’ll never know it if you can make her laugh.

    And we weren’t put on this Earth to burden her or anybody else with our demons. I keep the serious stuff between God and me.

  4. Spacetraveller says:

    Hahahahahahaha, Danny, you video is funny!

    Actually, this ties in nicely with the post I promised you…
    I shall post it in a couple of days…

    Humour is ESSENTIAL to life in the SMP, is my own happy conclusion.

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Sorry, typo – should read YOUR video is funny, of course…

  6. Athor Pel says:

    I don’t normally do any teasing but I can make just about anybody laugh. And the better I know them the harder and longer I can keep them laughing. And girls, girls are easy to make laugh compared to grumpy old men.

    Girls of just about any age have the sense of humor of an elementary aged school boy, easily surprised and amused. They’re an easy audience.

    To the flip side,
    I got one piece of advice for the girls out there. Do not actively try to make your guy laugh. You will most likely fail, so don’t even try. Most girls suck at intentional humor, they can’t tell jokes and are too self-conscious to do physical humor. Just be yourself. You will do something silly eventually, you can’t help it, and he will laugh at you. It’s not personal, it’s just funny. If you get all hurt over it because you’re somehow embarrassed, stop that. It’s not about you. Look at your guy, he’s laughing and you gave him that laugh. Besides, if he’s savvy enough he will tease you over it. Promise.

  7. TempestTcup says:

    You’re nude in the viddy, aren’t you?

    Yeah, I knew you were 🙂

  8. darlingdoll says:

    “woman are damn near powerless against childish acts of kindness/goofiness.” ~ It’s true and we love it!

  9. As you were singing, I was thinking …. ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again’. It’s been a looong time since I heard *that* song. 🙂

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