More Goofiness

As a follow up to last night post debacle, I wanted to discuss ANOTHER weapon in my arsenal:


I’m sure we all know you ladies lose it over a man that has a dog. Hell, I’ve even covered dog game before. When a man displays the abiliy to keep something alive, love and be affectionate (and let’s face it, I get all lubby dubby when it comes to Brody) women take notice. But just having a dog isn’t enough as far as I’m concerned. No. having a TRAINED dog, now that makes a woman melt. Especially when they learned YOU trained him. I also covered this
here. That tells a woman she is in the comopany of a man worth seeing her naked. She’s dealing with a man who knows how to take the lead, and be a good Captain.

Brody isn’t some trained buffon (ok, he IS a buffoon, more on that later), but he is also well versed in: sit, stay, down, come, move, and shake. Having a dog trained, that listens to and follows your command is some alpha tingle heroin to women. The first thing a girl that Brody pulled, and trust me- BRODY pulled her- not me, says is, “OMG he’s so well bahaved.” Then he’ll get over excited and pee, which AGAIN makes girls gush. But Brody’s specialty is his grand finale (video at end).

But the thing is, Brody- like his Papa, is a fucking goofball. I SWEAR to you. Everyone that’s met Brody has noticed how much of a cornball he his. If he’s sitting down next to me, he’ll frequently turn around and smack his head on the coffee table. I’ll make a comment on it about him being a dummy and he’ll flash this look that says, “What?” He’s ALWAYS smacking his head on something. Or he’ll be lying down watching TV with me when he’ll suddenly jump up and excitedly chase his tail. Or, she shake his ass side to side and whip his head around and try to bite it. He’ll do this for 2-3 minutes at a time. That or he’ll do the same motion but do it lying down (that one’s a GEM). And despite what anyone may tell you, you CAN tell when a dog is happy and knows when he’s been scolded. Brody smiles. Seriously. His eyes will light up and his tails goes nuts. When I scold him, he drops his head, his eyes show disappointment and he’ll sulk for a moment.

When I adress what a goofball he is he’ll give me the same “What?” look. PRICELESS. Brody is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He’s 40 lbs of solid muscle and teeth. Staffies have HUGE, toothy mouths. Once I’ve confirmed you’re cool, he’ll lick you incessantly and run around you. If you are NOT someone that’s supposed to be in my house, he’s 40 lbs or teeth and fearless fury. And he’s VERY protective of women and kids.

So-so dog sat for me when I went to NO and she said his ability to just bark like a maniac if someone came close to the house made her feel 100% secure. And she KNEW if anyone broke in they’d have to get past Brody to get to her. Though he’s not big, you wouldn’t want to tangle with a dog bred to bait bulls and bears. Staffies are IMHO the best breed of dog for a family. They compact (read- don’t eat too much), energetic but not in the spastic meth’d out beagle type of energy. They’re not attack dogs, but will defend you and warn you if someone comes around. Though small the bark sounds very intimidating. If you’re chilling, they chill. If you wanna take them on a run with you, they’re down. And they aren’t known for being axcessive barkers, unless to warn you. But-

They can be expensive. Brody set me back $1200. WELL worth it.

And anyone that’s ever owned or been around a Staffie will tell you they have very unique personalities. And Brody’s is, well……….he’s a fucking dork. But he’s a lovable Dork. And he’s MY dork. Lol. And as I proved last night women LOVE them a goofy lummox.


Stay up.

Brody 'ere. Oy Love, eyes up 'ere right.

Brody ‘ere. Oy Love, eyes up ‘ere right.

tell me this dog isn't happy as all hell. Brody smile JUST like this. lol.

tell me this dog isn’t happy as all hell. Brody smiles JUST like this. lol.

dead to the world. look at that belly. Brody 7 weeks old.

dead to the world. look at that belly. Brody 7 weeks old.

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.

22 Comments on “More Goofiness”

  1. Shade Zero says:

    A few minutes ago taught my dog (a manchester terrier) how to play dead on her back in 2 minutes (it’s still a little rough) but she’ll be gold by tomorrow. She’s pretty sharp and well-behaved. I also have her trained pretty good with other tricks (heel, come, sit, lay, etc.).

    After I trained her to play dead, I showed theKid, who has demanded to teach her how to shake hands, so I guess I’ll do that one next.

    So I get on here and you posted this and I realized that I’ve never shown my dog’s talents off before or even brought too many ladies around her long enough to show them. SMH

  2. daredodie says:

    Dogs…a womans weakness. Mine anyways. Haha

  3. Ton says:

    Women like men who can train a dog because they themselves like being trained by men. Affectionately passing the dogs shit test while your training him signifies to the woman you will pass her shit tests in the same strong and affectionate manner.

    Dog game is insane. I have a Great Dane and don’t need to approach women when I’m out with Wotan. Nor do I need a leash when walking him…

  4. earl says:

    Instead of watching PUA videos…watch Cesar Millan and how he handles dogs.

    Ironic part is that he is divorced. Must have not got the correlation.

  5. Ton says:

    I’ve done well by using the books from the monks of new…. skeet? They are called how to be your puppy’ s best friend and how to be your dog’s best friend. Good solid advice with no hippie bullshit

    The other thing about being out with a dog is, it gives folks an excuse to be friendly. Folks like to keep initial interactions non personal and chatting about dogs lets folks warm up to each other. They are natural props for opening the opposite sex

  6. Vero says:

    Aww Brody’s so cute!

  7. K-stan says:

    I miss that dog. Im going to have to stop and say hi to him on my drive home. Might say hi to you lol I think the funniest things Ive seen him do is when he passed out on the sofa he’ll slowly slide and fall right on his head, get up confused and go right back to his spot and do it again. Funny ass dog haha

  8. redpillwifey says:

    I would pet the hell out of Brody. Squeeeeee!

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