unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, it’s been an “interesting” week. and while i wouldn’t go so far as to even THINK that the shit has hit the fan or is about to; one thing today has me scared as fuck. or at very least…..concerned.

a 19 year old has managed to shut down an ENTIRE major US city. if this DOESN’T concern you or you don’t understand WHY i’d be concerned- enjoy the herd, the hay’s to the right.

as are more than one fellah (and some females) in this community, i’m a prepper. i am. being from Louisiana i’m a natural at it. how? EASY. i grew up in a Cajun and Mexican home. on more than one occasion in my life i’ve had to go without creature comforts for over a week (hurricane) along with 6-7 other family members. living in Italy, i didn’t have central heat and air for 3 years.

right now. as we speak, if we lost ALL public services…..i could easily stay bugged in for 6-7 months. hell i wouldn’t even need to access my food bank, i could hunt/trap an endless food source- squirrel and rabbits. yup. i also have a VERY unique skill set: trauma management specialist, and i’m a DAMN good medic that can treat 90% of the maladies you may fall ill to.

so, as a “prepper”, what would i THINK could happen? i see 3 possibly 4 events: economic collapse, pandemic, invasion, or ZOMBIES (don’t fucking sleep on the fucking zombies).

one thing i LOVE about the Sphere is all the bloggers are knowledgeable in at least ONE thing. and i’ve never been much of a finance guy (i have BAD dyslexia and could never get past college algebra), thus not having a degree. so i’ve been going to Cappy Cap’s site a lot lately to get muh learn on financially.

WHY, do you ask.

well a week ago i got a letter from TSP (navy’s Thrift Savings Program) which is the navy’s version of a 401K and learned the over 47K i’ve invested will get me $200 a month once i’m 65. FUCK.THAT. i have already made plans on what i will do with my TSP once i retire (use it to buy land and my travel trailer, they can’t punish me purchasing those 2 items). so i’m gonna buy something i NEED.

well after reading some of Cap’s posts (great blog, and you should REALLY check out the podcasts…Aaron, i loff ever time you clear your throat) and made a decision today. during my lunch i hit a coin shop and bought $200 in pre-1964 quarters and 1/2 dollars. i will do this with each pay check i get from here out. i am now finally a bloody pirate. GAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!! if an economic collapse happens i will give 2 fucks about my bank account (see the recent events in cyprus). i also have a decent amount of seeds to grow my own food.

and i also buy 1 bottle of generic everclear on base twice month to make berry flavored moonshine. the new currencies will be booze, tobacco and trade items. and i know how to make wine from fruit juice. however this will only be useful during an economic crisis. do your own home work and find out what happened in British history after WWII. so, i’m buying silver. i giddily showed it off too. now it’s hidden.

as a seasoned EMT (which i was an EMT instructor), i can tell you emergencies can CRACK a poor constitution. i had to keep a 2 week old infant alive for 20 minutes in an ambulance that had an allergic reaction to formula. WORST 20 minutes of my life. seriously fucked me up for a while. but as a navy Corpseman, i’ve had to participate in MANY mass casualty drills- of all types. in a pandemic….DO NOT go to a hospital. they will be overrun, stay indoors and only go out if you need to. limiting exposure is the best bet. any “control centers” are going to be FLOODED. which leads to-

food, water, “creature comforts”.

i have probably 500 cans of food, 4 cases of MRE’S (Meals Ready to Eat- very caloric), sternos, 30 gallons of water, TONS of tp (that’ll be worth MAJOR fundage), candles (GOTTA have candles), camp site shower, water filter and purification tabs, wet naps, medicine (including VERY powerful antibiotics) but get motrin and aspirin, ammo, and weapons. during a hurricane as a kid, my job was to clean and fill the tubs with water, then seal them in heavy duty plastic (to keep dust and dirt out). water is WAAAAAAAY more important than food. if SHTF, i could live off ONE can of food a day and ration my water. so i really don’t need to leave the house.

as an active duty Corpseman, let me tell you this- the military is stretched THIN and the national guard will protect the civil politicians. YOU- not so much. so IF we get invaded (please tell me you don’t think we’re ripe to be attacked) you’re on your own. also, the gov’t is working to disarmed vet’s that have “mental health issues”. seriously. if you happen to live in a major city….good luck. in a SHTF event, mob rule will be the new law. you got, they want it, they take it. PERIOD. as i’ve said before, i’ll be living in a travel trailer on some acres in texas. after reading Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat i KNEW for once that THIS was something i’d want to do. the book is an easy read and truly a testament to MGTOW. M.D. Creekmore parked a cheap travel trailer on junk land as a family camp site. well, after a divorce and losing his job, he had no where to go. he ended up living on his campsite for what was SUPPOSED to be a temporary time. but ended up homesteading and finding “true contentment and purpose” for the first time in his life. i highly recommend giving it a read.

as for zombies, well…that’s easy. guns and board up the house. OR just watch “walking dead” and learn. and remember, you make noise….you draw them in, so piercing/slashing weapons are your best bet. you want a quiet kill. i’ll be rocking the bow. lol.

so sit back, relax, enjoy the decline, and ride the apocalypse. And yes, I am watching some trauma porn on the news. Lol.

And for the record, if SHTF feminists will find out just how bad a state they will be in since they’ve cowed most men. Your gender equality BS won’t save you from the horde…..nor will I.

stay up.

24 Comments on “AAAAW SHIT…..”

  1. Matt says:

    Currently if the SHTF, I’m a dead man. I know this. The only way for me to survive is to team up with others. I have a few guns, a few thousand rounds, I qualified with Appleseed, so I’m at least a so-so shot, I have a high IQ, I know a bit about electronics, a bit about woodworking, and I can follow orders (at least from someone competent). Oh, I can also reach stuff on top of the refrigerator….

    I’m not super qualified to join up with others, but I’m not bad either.

    I was talking to an ER doc from the Ft. Hood area who is also concerned about various disaster scenarios and she pointed out that in Bosnia, no groups of less than 12 survived. People have to sleep sometime, so there are advantages to some economy of scale.

    Also, Happy Patriots Day! would you like to go to an Appleseed shoot in Smithville this weekend?

  2. Vicomte says:

    I’ve thought about this, and after many hours of deliberation I’ve concluded that in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, all I need is one grenade and a whole lotta moxie.

    As of this moment my preparations are half complete.

  3. mothersmurfer says:

    as for the feminists:


  4. darlingdoll says:

    My husband told me that if the apcolypse happens in our lifetime, he’s taking me out to a lake and setting me adrift in a boat b/c I’ll slow him down. 🙂

  5. OffTheCuff says:

    Danny. He didn’t shut down the city. We shut it down so we could hunt his ass down more efficiently. There was no fear here in Boston, just the desire to fuck him up.

  6. zorroprimo says:

    The Stones?

  7. earl says:

    Meh…I’m not afraid of dying if the zombies or the bubonic plague comes. I’ll go out in a blaze of glory.

    Heaven is a pretty nice place to live this time of year.

  8. justsomeone says:

    Vets should disarm themselves first, I reckon. Canoe trip with all their weapons, it turns over…oh noes!!! all gone to Davey Jones’ Locker* Gaaaarr!!!

    (*seeing as you have a new pirate theme Danny. You’d look good with a parrot on your shoulder, I reckon)

  9. Norm says:

    Dan, You said on SSM’s blog that when the “Huns” show up men will be to coward to fight. That is true, but the ones that are brave, they will not bother either, I mean why sacrifice your life for a society that is where the Roman Empire was in the 400’s AD. As far as prepping, excellent idea. When Katrina hit, the so called preppers were the ones who came out ahead.

    Another item would be to get a good water filter, not a Brita, but a Berkey or a similar one.
    Great article Dan.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks. and i do have a water filter, with 3 extra filters.

      as for the huns and the men that do fight, NOT fighting for them. agreed, to an extent. but a great example would be the shooting in colorado where more than one dude left his chick behind and fled. those guys got BLASTED on female intarwebz sites for being cowards.

      On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 4:05 PM, dannyfrom504

  10. redpillwifey says:

    I’ve told Captain M on a couple of occasions that we need more guns, and more dry food storage. He thinks I’m crazy >.>

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the good M.D. Creekmore said the most common mistake he see’s people making is over-spending on weapons and ammo. and though necassary, they neglect proper amounts of food/water. and read at least 2-3 book on growing crops. stores will be drained and gutted.

      On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 5:55 PM, dannyfrom504

  11. Ton says:

    The best place to be in a fire fight is somewhere else

    I plan on being in Eastern Europe when the wheels fall off train america.

  12. John says:

    Great post. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I have Creekmore’s book and many others. So many people seem so unaware.

    I have food, water, weapons, ammo and other material goods. What I don’t have is a tribe. I know a few good people at church, the gym, the shooting range and work but no real close friends.

    I do read the manosphere blogs and figure I could use a similiar strategy for building my tribe. I need to know what I want, have a plan to get there, be confident and assertive on the way. Any advice?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      tribe? what tribe? i’ll be rolling solo. Creekmore suggests start now, and build from there. food, water, TP, candles for lights, and toiletries. water is by far the most important. but work on a plan. i know exactly what i’ll do TOMORROW if i need to.

      and i’m all set to execute if i need to.

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