Eat a Dick bro.

i’ve been at this blogging thing for about 2 years now. i’ve been fortunate enough to meet a good amount of the people putting up good material. i’m flattered by this. i am. the protection of these person’s ID’s is serious to them, i know that. since BEFORE i had a blog, i knew the ID’s of a few prominent bloggers. and i’ve NEVER shared this info with people who didn’t already know it (and trust me, said persons will TELL you who you can share it with).

well today, a female blogger (well respected among the community) posted a shout out to a friend. i commented for her to get in touch with me so i could tell her how to communicate with said person so her site could get some plugs. well a “friend” came at me accusing me of some shit i take offense to.

here we see the very interaction of which i speak.

now here are the facts:

i know this individual. i know this person’s RL ID. he WAS a decent dude to me. it has been a recent turn of events that he’s not responded to any calls or messages i’ve sent his way. no big deal, i just assume he’s been busy. up until recently, he’s been very decent with me. it’s only been in the last 2-3 months that he’s soured towards me- for reason’s i have ZERO idea. again, that’s his prerogative. i respect that. he owe’s me nothing.

but for him to even SUGGEST my outting another blogger is fucking reprehensible to me. for him to question my integrity is fucking stupid. FUCK YOU dude. THIS is why I post openly. notice, he’s defending anonymity (which i can understand for SOME of the bloggers, but he’s got nothing to lose by posting openly) when i’ve NEVER mentioned or suggested i’d “out” said individual. i’ve even spoken to the person this is based on and said person stated that they know i’d never reveal who they are.

this has the potential to ruin my rep and site. and if it does, i’ll bow out. BUT….i’ve never been nothing but open about the site and myself. i simply want this to be my perspective on this. i want MY SIDE known. i want to explain my take on this. and i will not have my reputation called into question without defending myself.

if you have beef with me, take it up with me, don’t avoid me like a fucking girl. if you have something to say to me, PLEASE address me directly, i promise, i won’t cry. but DO NOT play some disingenuous passive aggressive pussy shit and come at me via a comment i made on a fucking blog. that’s some bitch shit. and you know it. that’s hella pussy. go write another post on how to get yer pecs bigger and sling a few yuk-yuks in there you douche-nugget.

and notice, i’ve still never mentioned your real life ID. obviously your locale has taken it’s toll on you.

fuck you in your fucking ass. you’re fucking clown shoes.

[edit-] and for the record, i went to his site……or TRIED to see if he’d respond, and he has my IP set to a pic of retards having sex. LOL. how cute. he’s HIDING. lol. what a juxtaposition to the bad ass he makes himself to be. at least i have the balls to put this out in the open. he’s hiding and blocking me.


back to being on my own. cool.

NEW EDIT- since it’s STILL being discussed among the Cappos of the Sphere and i’m being unlinked by “friends”, fuck it. i’ll go rouge. the comment section is now wide open and WILL be approved. i don’t want to sully the reps of other prominent bloggers so i’ll ask that they unlink me and distance themselves from my site.

most of them have been good enough to stay out of it. but i went so far as to make it known i was done with this, but THEY keep brining it up. seriously. so if you care to chime in, please feel free, your comments WILL be approved since it couldn’t be let go.

33 Comments on “Eat a Dick bro.”

  1. Modern Drummer says:

    Don’t let them get to you.
    Yer my favorite in the sphere.
    Don’t shut down.
    Stay up

  2. Ace Haley says:

    I’ve had some dudes try this shit on me too. You gotta let them know straight up and then leave it at that. If they wanna take it to the next level, that’s unfortunate.

    I like this post btw. I like the variety of your blog and all that

  3. Brian says:

    I still hate that I didn’t stumble across your blog until a little after I stopped having to head down to Kings Bay from Norfolk every month for work.

    I’d have loved an excuse to buy you a beer sometime for all the gold you’ve thrown up on here

  4. MM says:

    Bronan the Barbarian is a keyboard warrior. Ignore him like mundane art on a wall. I stop by your site every now and again. Actually, I haven’t been around in months (probably since October). I’ve been busy and hardly visit blog sites, but I happened to drop by tonight. Had some classic Sonny Stitt playing and was kicking back. Decided to see what you were up to.

    Hope all is well. Don’t let the dunces of the world bring you down.

  5. sunshinemary says:

    Did you see their behavior at Dalrock’s recently to a noob? So pointlessly obnoxious.

    I had to resist the urge to laugh at them for being a pair of Ill-Mannered Internet AMOGs. I mean, they’ve got some tight Pointless-Ad Hominem Game, no? And their Being-Rude-to-Random-Strangers-Who-Weren’t-Even-Talking-to-Them frame is impenetra-BULL. lulz

  6. Stay up man. You’re one of my favorites. Fuck the haterz

  7. Nate says:

    So your first move is to write a post about it? I’d say you have no business telling redpillwifey who runs viva, why is that something you feel like you need to share?

  8. FL says:

    What a bizarre situation.

    Let me get his straight – one of the most respected members of the manosphere, Danny504 – who blogs under his real name – proffers an innocent comment on RedPillWife’s blog about who started VivaLaManosphere…..

    Actually, I’m done with this comment because you would have to a complete fucking idiot to think Danny had bad intentions.

  9. BC says:

    I am going to throw in with the dissenters here, Danny. I love your blog and always find it entertaining and educational, but I think you are handling this snafu very badly for the following reasons:

    1a- RPW only gave a shout-out to VLM, and said nothing about wanting to contact him in her original post.
    1b- Your comment (“i know who created it. shoot me an email and i’ll tell you.”) said nothing about getting RPW in contact VLM. It simply read: “I know who this guy is and will reveal his identity to you.” Yes, that is how it reads, and people other than Bro also showed the same reaction.

    2- If you had permission from VLM to give RPW (and/or any other trusted bloggers) his private information, you could/should have said so in your comment. If you did not have explicit permission yet, then you should not have made the comment. For that matter, VLM has a contact link on his top page. You could have easily directed RPW to that instead.

    3- Bro may have had a knee-jerk reaction to your comment, but again, his reaction was echoed by others. Anonymity is a serious thing in the manosphere, and bloggers have been damaged and/or disappeared because they were “outed”, which gives your innocent comment a chilling effect.

    4- Your post above reads like a hissy fit – and contains various shaming language (anonymity bashing, name-calling, come at me, bro, etc.). i.e., You’re throwing a tantrum like a BPD woman, so I don’t blame Bro for avoiding you until you cool down. Whatever happened to cool, amused mastery and “lol no, bro” defusing the misunderstanding that -you- created with your original comment? You commented on a blog, and he responded directly on that same blog. I hardly see how that is “disingenuous passive aggressive pussy shit”. You need to calm down, dude.

    Bro’s comment response does not have “potential to ruin [your] rep and site”. But the way your initial comment at RPW reads and the way you are reacting now does.

    • FL says:

      Did you read the interaction at RPW’s site? “Jack Lane” – apparently somebody who reps for the site – thought “Danny didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

      As for your amused mastery analysis or whatever, how the hell is this a situation where somebody could respond “LOL.” It seems very passive-aggressive to me if you know somebody in real life, then they call you out on an online post, and then they will not respond to you in real life.

      Jesus, the Manosphere has some trust issues. It makes sense in many ways, but to level those insecurities against *this* blog? Shitty target.

      • BC says:

        I did read it, and I feel your objection is off the mark.

        “Jack Lane” likely thought “Danny didn’t mean that the way it sounded.” because Jack Lane knows Danny personally, but I guarantee that many people reading Danny’s comment thought “Whoa, what?” as evidenced by the reactions echoing Bro’s. I have read Danny’s blog for some time and commented on a post or two before, and I am aware of Danny’s RL relationships with other bloggers and his honor with regards to private info, yet even I felt a bit uncomfortable when I first read Danny’s comment.

        Trust issues and insecurities = shaming language.
        Anonymity is a serious issue in the manosphere given the subject matter and potential real world repercussions.

        The point is that if Danny did not yet have permission from VLM to share his private info with RPW, then he should not have made the comment. Conversely, if he had permission to give RPW VLM’s private info, he could/should have said so in order to avoid bad misunderstanding. Or, when faced with the reaction, he could/should have said something like “lol no, bro, VLM gave me permission,” in which case Bro could/should have replied something like “sorry my bad. buy you a beer next time. RPW plz delete my comment above” and the whole thing would have ended on a high note instead of a public tantrum.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Ok. But again, as I know most of these guys- they all know I’ve never gone public with ID’s. and that’s a fact.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • BC says:

        Understood. As I wrote above, I am aware of your RL relationships with other bloggers and your honor with regards to private info.

        Which means that you had permission from VLM to pass on his private info to RPW before posting that comment, right?

      • JustYX says:

        Or he meant that he’d ask RPW if he wanted to be put in contact with VLM. So he wouldn’t breach faith with either of them. He’d only exchange details if both sides consented. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Danny.

        Maybe if someone asked Danny if that’s what he meant in the first place, this shitstorm might never have happened.

  10. Vicomte says:

    Elementary, kids.

    Danny doesn’t always have the most solid grasp of connotation in the written word. He’s also dyslexic and spends two seconds typing out replies on his fucking phone.

    As such, his casual ‘I know the guy and I’ll give you a heads up on how if you want to talk blog shit with him’ was misinterpreted as violating the unwritten rules of the subculture.

    His honor and intention were then called into question.

    Feeling slighted, he became defensive. Street cred is incredibly important in certain circles, and will be well defended.

    Anyone who reads his blog can see that Danny has problems flipping off the on switch during confrontation. Hence, see above.

    Now everyone chooses sides and the drama plays out as it will.

    A fair amount of the old tragedies (and comedies) follow a similar model: friendly misunderstanding taken to extreme lengths.

    Hopefully no one will get stabbed with a golden dagger or something.

    • JustYX says:

      Well said.

      Danny may have commented clumsily, but to get from that to betrayal and broken honour is just ridiculous. Challenging his honour was always going to get an immoderate reaction.

      Can we ditch this and get back to the fun and interesting stuff?

      As opposed to the Danny miming along to a song…could be worse, I suppose. He could have sung out loud. The lord can be merciful, we should thank him for that. I know I do.

  11. dannyfrom504 says:

    From day 1, I’ve been open about myself. This has nothing to do with you readers and I shall address no one further but those involved.

    If you admit that I’m the playful jokey joke guy of these parts, you’d be correct. But in case you haven’t been keeping score I DO have the propensity to go all out if you fuck with me.

    Nothing I’ve said was knee-jerk, as wasn’t the comment made to me. What was the point of making such a remark when you’ve gone out of you way to avoid civilized dialogue? Best to keep avoiding me, but no… had to take a stab at my integrity. Well…..

    Fuck you. Go back to pretending I don’t exist. I’ll do the same fucktard.

  12. Shade Zero says:

    Can we just get back to hating on fat chicks and feminists?

  13. tj says:

    Dude – don’t you DARE cave in. *IF* you feel you made a mistake – which 95% of your readers don’t think you did – an apology would be sufficient.

    But to leave would be fucking beta – and YOU are anything but.

    I’m with Shade Zero – back to gigglebutts and dogs and recipes.

  14. Stephen says:

    I just discovered this blog through DT. Not bad.

    Just an observation, but wtf is up with guys in the manosphere using apostrophes where they aren’t applicable?

    I know, I know. I’m a grammar Nazi douchebag.

  15. moe jones says:

    Chill, bro. Don’t act like a girl here. I like your blog, it was obviously a misunderstanding, you just have to realize that he was most concerned about the identity of a blogger. Things play out better when you don’t take it personal and keep a level head.

  16. silic says:

    LOL. Bronan and ****** both quit. Fucking pussies.

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