Self Deprecation Game

first and foremost i want to apologize to you readers about my outburst last night. i also want to thank all of you for the support. as far as i’m concerned: as of now, the issue is dead. let’s move on. it makes me sad that we have so much animosity among the bloggers. we already have a rift between the PUA and MRA guys. LAST thing we need is to go after each other. we really do need more unity and solidarity. you disagree, cool, but at least respect their opinion. but, i DID want to point out something that i feel is VERY important.


what you read last night was a direct result to my PTSD. i go from loddy-fucking dah to complete bloodlust rage in a nanosecond. that’s what happened last night. it doesn’t excuse it, simply explains it. i work with 3-4 combat tested HM’s and when i told them what happened all of them went, “oh. you went right into the red didn’t you?” yup.

it’s damn near impossible for anyone that doesn’t have it to understand it. so we really don’t talk about it to others. i wanted to fight last night. but i’m not delusional, dude would’ve taken a hit or two then beat the fuck out me, but i don’t care. once i go there, there’s zero reasoning, rationalizing, or talking me down.

2 years ago i went home to NO to visit and work at house of shock. my mom then pulled me aside and told me something about my little sister. apparently her then husband was abusing her. as my mom went into detail, i began pacing. i was there. that’s all it took. i asked my mother.

“why the fuck am i just finding out about this now?”

now; i NEVER talk to my mother like this. my mom, God bless her, simply said, “i didn’t want my son to go to jail. i wish you could see how you look right now.” she was right of course. she then said she worked endlessly to make sure no one said anything about it on FB.she knows, first chance i’d have had, i’d have driven straight to NO, head to their house, and beat the fuck out of my brother-in-law.

as chance would have it, he works at HOS as well. while i was standing by one of the stages i heard me name called. there he was, walking towards me with his hand out. i stared at him and said, “if i were you i’d turn around and pretend you never saw me.” he turned and walked away. told mom about it, she laughed. and brother-in-law is about 6’0 and 185 lbs. doesn’t matter if you’re a big guy if you’re a pussy at heart.

what was the big takeaway from this? i had a HUGE spike in traffic after the post. i’m at almost 2000 views today and that just don’t happen. it seems we love some blog drama. i think we need a reality show called real life bloggers of the manosphere. it’ll be a SMASH. it could be all the open posters and one anon poster with his face digitized. i vote George. lol.

ok. now THIS was supposed to be last nights post until i had my little melt down. lol. let’s get back to finger painting and eating the paste.

i LOVE self deprecating humor. you know who else eats that shit up?


yup. i ALWAYS use self deprecating humor while running game. some guys would advise against it. hogwash sayeth Danny. to me self deprication show’s a woman outcome independence, self confidence (tingle crack), and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. thusly….she’ll warm up to you more quickly. we’ve seen the pictures of me, there’s NOTHING exceptional about my looks. NOTHING. and fuck you if you nodded when you read that.

i was at the local the other night flirting with the waitress’s. one’s new. when i left the table to go grab a beer (the girls were rolling silverware), the new one said, “wow, i didn’t realize you were that short.” i nodded said yeah and then, “but it’s cool cuz i have a HUGE hog.” she laughed a little and asked, “seriously?” and got a slightly wide eyed. i started to nod then shook my head no slowly and grimaced. “no. no, absolutely not. it’s fucking pathetic.” the girls started laughing and i said, “seriously, could fuck a cheerio without breaking it.” they laughed harder.

one of the waitress’s commented, “that’s my Danny.” i winked at new girl and walked to get my beer. when i came back they were still talking about it and new girl said to me, “great, now everytime i see you i’m going to be thinking ‘big cock guy’.” lulz. i told her, “thanks, unfortunately my mule wreaks of disappointment and lube.”

if i’m seeing a woman that taller than me, and well…that’s MOST of the time. at some point some will ask if it bothers me dating a woman taller than i am. i always reply, “no, the way i see it it’s my only chance to have normal sized kids.” lulzrcoastr.

THIS is why i say run game on women you see daily. eventually you’ll run into a woman you’re actually interested in and you game will come naturally. thusly, you’ll be confident and more gooder in her eyes. so-

game everyone.

stay up.

so, these 2 articles were in the base paper. hypocrisy much?

so, these 2 articles were in the base paper. hypocrisy much?

guns -n- pussy. get’s no better than that. one of my PTSD work out songs.

[edit- if you’re a blogger linking me and your site is NOT on my blogroll, please shoot me an email so i can add you. stay up.]

48 Comments on “Self Deprecation Game”

  1. tj says:

    This is why I read you – humility, truth and fucking funny stuff

    Part A) Yeah, well we’re men too – and sometimes we just gotta rage. Don’t know a thing about PTSD – but I’m not afraid to flare if someone crosses my boundaries – it shows power to both women and other men.

    Part B)you owe my company a new monitor – I spewed coffee over the Cheerio line – beyond classic

  2. MissMarie says:

    Back before I changed my ways this method worked on me consistently. Learned real fast the guys that claimed to be hung like a field mouse most definitely were not…

  3. JustYX says:

    “there’s NOTHING exceptional about my looks”

    If it helps Danny, I think that your looks are exceptional. The glasses just complete the special look (to perfection). I’ll leave that thought there mate. 😉

    I remember your story of telling a girl that you’d been cooking since you were tall enough to see over the cooker. “When was that?”, she asked. Yesterday, was the answer. CLASSIC stuff

  4. Senior Beta says:

    No need for apologies about last night’s post. Your loyal readers know someone pressed the “do not fuck with” button. But why the depressing picture of the NAS JAX paper with the female leadership shit? Brings back the dark thoughts about possible female infantry commanders. What a mess.

  5. Joe Sixpack says:

    IDK if it is PTSD. Ive not been in military or war. But I hit the rage button instantly. Think it’s a testosterone thing. I am not trying to belittle PTSD, which is likely 10x worse than what I have.

    I’m not too sure about the self dep angle. It only works if the rest of your gig is confident. A loser with no frame will no mileage out of self dep humor. THe losers get better tingles by acting alpha. Like a 100 pound weenie flexing or doing some other jock move. Contrast is the key. Contrast and the awareness to work it. Girls love to be shown some range of frame and contrasts.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      that’s cool. but this is why we really don’t talk PTSD with non-PTSD types. you just can’t comprehend it, so we avoid the subject.

      as for the second part of your post, the individual you described will fail just on GP. he lacks game fundamentals, so it’s an uphill battle for him no matter what tactic may try.

      thanks for chiming in Bro.

      • I’ve not gone into combat, but this video sums up my thoughts on the word PTSD.

        It’s a word that is the sanitized kid of battle fatigue, which itself is a sanitized version of shell shock, which means that people don’t even get an inkling of what you’ve been through:

    • Agree to it only working it the guy has a solid air of confidence to him. But a guy -with- confidence, who jokes around and cracks jokes about himself makes him seem even more confident. It creates instant attraction, as women get curious… ‘What does he know, that I dont?’ Its not a conscious thought, but we’re all drawn to someone who feels good about themselves and lightly teases. We want to be in on ‘the secret’. It makes people likeable if they don’t take themselves too seriously. But put yourself down in the beta, excusing way, and it works the exact opposite.

  6. Vicomte says:


    Danny is admitted to inpatient treatment for paste addiction. CAN HE DEFEAT HIS DEMONS?

    Deti drama culminates in a libelous thirty bullet-point list on why he will NEVER start his own blog. CAN THEY FORGIVE?

    M3 is discovered naked in a ditch in Saskatchewan with amnesia and a strange tattoo. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

    Roosh joins the Hare Krishnas; is worshipped as a god. BUT FOR HOW LONG?

  7. ChesterPoe says:

    Self-dep humor only works with a man who is confident enough to laugh at himself. I use it all the time with women and they laugh. They like funny whether that is teasing or self-dep. But you cannot be a try hard; the effectiveness of it lies in an indifference to the outcome. If you were not confident, were not outcome independent, and said those jokes, they would have thought of you as a weirdo, not funny.

    Btw, thanks for the video. It kind of screwed up the response I had in my head. Lolz

  8. I did think Bronan’s reading of your comment was a little tortured. I’d have been surprised if you were going around outing various sphere people after all your efforts. It’s not like red pill bloggers make boatloads of money doing this.

  9. Mik says:

    Slayer. Hells yes.

  10. CLG says:

    1st: love the blog and the posts. screw that ****** you were raging about. not worth it. the site is much appreciated for us 20 somethings still figuring some shit out.

    2nd: I love me some self deprecating humor. the only blade i find on that knife that can cut the other way is if a girl doesnt “get” the “aww shucks” side and thinks you are being insecure. SDH has to be obvious and blatant IMO.

    3rd: pard the french, but fuck this:

  11. Brian says:

    I learned about SDH on accident a long time ago, and purely by accident. Another guy was trying to trash talk me in front of some women, but I already had a good looking gf, so I didn’t really care that much. So when he threw out something like “dude here’s packing the 3 inch pecker”, I responded with “HEY!!! It may be short, but it’s damn skinny…….wait a minute”.

    Every girl there started talking about how i had to be hung like a horse.

    “No, I’m hung like a bull….frog”.

  12. Rojo says:

    I always tell gals I’m hung like a killer moth, two inches of fury. I often get “I want to see it”. yuck yuck.

  13. earl says:

    Heh. I use self deprecation game a little too. Not overtly of course…she has to think about it a bit.

    Example: A cute lady working at the store I was in asked me if I there was something I needed to find. I told her I was lucky I found the store and that so far it was a success…which made her laugh and smile.

  14. earl says:

    And just in time for this post.

  15. nshsgirl says:

    Danny, you should write a book. Hope to see you up my way soon. Just not today, we got 6 inches of new snow last night. Although it’s supposed to be 70 by week’s end.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’d LOVE to come up there. or, you 2 could come down here for some beach fun. st aug is great this time of year.

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:39 AM, dannyfrom504

      • nshsgirl says:

        That would be fun too. I was in New Orleans over Christmas, I shoulda let you know in case you were in town. We coulda gone for some late night beignets or hurricanes. Lol

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          NOOOOOOO!!! hand grenades. tourists drink hurricanes. locals drink hand grenades. oooooh the things i could show you in my grimy city. lol.

          On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 12:34 PM, dannyfrom504

  16. Ton says:

    Don’t go to jail little brother, plan a better op

  17. Marellus says:

    Keep ’em comin Danny.

  18. Phoenix says:

    There’s an ex-marine I follow on Youtube. He posts up games in Arma 2. Every so often, he says something about when his ‘killswitch turns on’. Going from green to red.

    He also posted a couple vids of an Airsoft indoor competition. And how it’s a good handle on curbing PTSD.

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