Game is Bullshit- AMIRITE!!!!!!!

last weekend we posted a video bomb of a feminist at university of toronto. not only was her rant reprehensible, but honestly i’d rather tea-bag lava than fuck that woman. i’ve had more than one woman blow up on me after preaching red-pill wisdom. i had one woman go so postal that she was almost thrown out of the establishment. i sat with a shit eating grin as she rambled on (CURSING) in front of a restaurant full of people (including kids). again….this woman was mid-late 30’s. this is typical of women in that age range in regards to women and red-pill.

BUT….on the flip side of the coin i have YET to meet a woman 18-26 who says men SHOULDN’T learn game. i was talking with Jack from Viva La Manosphere and learned his 20 year old hottie GF reads my site. if yer reading this punkin, send me a pic of you 2 puh-LEEEAZE. he mentioned how he ran my material to his lady and his GF said, “hey, DANNY says that.”

holy crap on toast. epic el-oh-el.

well, there’s a chick that works at a fast food place by my house. she’s VERY attractive and 20-21ish. i mentioned to her about the blog and she asked what the blog was about. when i told her i teach guys how to talk to women, her eyes widened and she mention how that’s a GREAT subject to teach. lol. anyone wanna guess WHY? i told her i’d be willing to bet 99% of the guys trying to chat her up never generate a single tingle and said guys just fawn over her looks. i do believe i’ve covered this before. lol. and i DO plan on asking her if i can post a pic of her on my site.

well, this weekend i had a lot of “fun”. what i’m about to share is NOT an attempt to gloat. i just want to make a point. i uuuuh…..”hung out” with 2 female friends this weekend. one i number closed a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. she’s flaked (as in not responded to texts) on several occasions. no sweat. well i found out she wasn’t doing anything this weekend except working and “hanging out by the pool”, i handed her my phone and told her to give me her address so we could go swimming. saturday….done. the other i JUST got her number after i learned she dropped her dude. apparently guy told her she couldn’t fuck around on him, but he was certainly screwing around on her so she dumped him. i told her i’d NEVER tell her who she could and couldn’t fuck with. i told her i’m the best FWB’s guy she’ll ever run across. lol. i gave her my addy and told her to stop by during the weekend. well, that was sunday. lol.

the point of sharing this is to show you MUST.NOT.QUIT. do NOT give a girl shit for flaking, just keep chomping at the bit. game is a serious statistics game. the more you try, the more likely you’ll find success. AND, as a 39 year old guy, having “fed the beast”, i’m good now for a the next couple of months. and i honestly could have cared less to NOT have seen them this weekend. a 20 something year old Danny was out every weekend trying to get some ass. lol.

as a closing statement, i want to say something. i’ve come under fire lately. i have. nothing i’m willing to discuss, BUT- i want to be clear about one thing. i’m here for the readers, NOT the bloggers. i’ve been fortunate enough to befriend a few prominent bloggers and they honestly helped me in my little attempt at running a site. and for that i’m eternally grateful. i’ve sent MONEY to some of these guys to help them in dire times. well, now i’m being shunned by certain persons when i’ve ASKED for sides not to be taken. the grumblings haven’t died down.


exonerate me from the tribe. that’s ok with me. i’d rather not be down than to have ANYONE think i’d out someone. besides, the people that matter……the READERS mean more to me than anything. and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.

stay up.

as a happy pill palate cleanser, i want to post the reason to get a twitter account- women posting shit like THIS.


the girl below posts MANY topless pics. lol.

marixol cisneros. God bless you Angelita.

marixol cisneros. God bless you Angelita.

this girl wants you to learn game.

this girl wants you to learn game.

46 Comments on “Game is Bullshit- AMIRITE!!!!!!!”

  1. ok, before I read what I’m sure is an excellent post danny, please tell me you smashed that chick in the picture.

  2. Yeah, game (Charisma) is total 100% bullshit! Even my ugly dog knows that.

    Stay up.

    Oh, and tell Jack that his website is tits.

  3. Chewie says:

    Right on, fight on, brother. Keep at it. As the Koreans say, “Po-gi ha-ji maseyo.” (Don’t give up.)

  4. Ton says:

    They flake and I’m done with them. I’m easy going but son of a birch beer do I hate getting jerked around.

    I know a whole host of gals in their 80’s or so. They’re all manner of red-pill in their own little old lady way. The bad attitude age range seems to start at 35 or so and runs into the early 60’s. Girls in their 30’s, case by case, but the closer they get to 40… leastwise the available one’s. Girls in their early 20’s are much more friendly then middle age girls. Stands to reason they would be more pro game as they still enjoy interacting with men. Got their own age group issues, but a nice smile and nurturing attitude covers a multitude of sins.

    I’m not sure if it’s a matter of age or a shift in herd thinking that coincides with age brackets. Don’t much care either which way.

  5. Allie says:

    As a 20-something year old girl… I love game.
    A guy with charisma… Sigh.

  6. John Apostate says:

    Long time lurker here. As a reader, thank you. I dig the humor, food, and layman (heh) style of writing. Hmu if yr ever in Chicagoland

  7. OffTheCuff says:

    Yo Danny. Me and the mrs are still here.

    And ive seen better boobs up close and personal… 😉

  8. […] Game is Bullshit- AMIRITE!!!!!!! […]

  9. RojoC says:

    As a reader, I want to say that I support you (yeah, I know I can’t do much since I’m just some asshole on the other side of the country).But…I really appreciate the hell out of your blog and your insights. I don’t read the manosphere stuff as much as I used to, but I always check this blog daily. I really like how there is no real hate or vitriol or racism here—that ruins what are otherwise decent and informative blogs. I am glad this one is free of it. Also, you talk about guns and shit sometimes, which is badass.

    Also, your style is down to earth and easy to apply. I got my first “cold” phone number thanks to you and the way you described that process.

    So Danny, you stay up! I think you deserve it honestly.

  10. Vicomte says:

    I knew a girl with giant tits once (Biblical interpretations notwithstanding you gutter-minded knaves).

    Everywhere she went, people stared. Imaginations ran far afield, if not exactly wild. Men and boys of all ages and persuasions gazed mouths agape, while women and girls cast disapproving glances and green compliments just out of earshot.

    Rare was the day that passed that one of our own didn’t make a pass at her. Especially memorable were those warm summer days when temperatures precluded more modest styles of attire, when one might be lucky to get a word in edgewise among the cacophony of lugubrious attentions.

    Your author never took part in these productions, however, as he knew erstwhile what would later be revealed to all, courtesy of less-than-honorable boyfriends and cell-phone cameras.

    Namely, that certain things which tend to hold certain positions in certain circumstances, hold much different positions in certain other circumstances. Gravity and adipose tissue are cruel bedmates, though one would be forgiven were they not to notice their enmity in the well-lighted and well-hoisted hours of the day.

    But still, who would have conjectured that even in a nubile girl of seventeen, that both nipple and navel would have been such close comrades?

    In closing, your author humbly preaches the methods of the ass-man, where all is always revealed as it is; no less, and no more.

    And the world isn’t cruel, even as it runs away.

  11. jimmy says:

    Dude you’re site is great. Don’t worry about the other bloggers. Anyway you already scared two of them enough that they stopped writing altogether LOL.

  12. Mik says:

    Honestly, the only support that matters is the readers. We’ve got your back and that is all that matters.

  13. tj says:

    Game is total crap!!!! No men at all should EVER attempt this!!!! Wimmins HATE charisma!!!!! And for god’s sake don’t throw me in the Briar Patch!!!!


    Meanwhile sales of vaseline go thru the roof…..

    The best compliment I can pay is emulation – not sure I’m ready for BCGs yet…but the attitude’s getting there….thank you good sir for lighting the way….

    BTW – speaking of Toronto Harpy – I bring you this delightful screed from a coed at UConn – I seriously have to wonder if this is a total fake, it’s that out there

    And here’s her bio

    Carolyn Luby is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Spanish and minoring in Latino/a Studies. She is involved in various different feminist groups and violence against women prevention efforts on campus and has particular interest in global feminisms and anti-imperial anti-colonial feminisms

    I wanna be a Globalized Imperial Colonialist b/c it would be a great fucking business card

  14. Marellus says:

    Keep up the good work Danny

  15. Made Men says:

    Danny, don’t ever stop.

  16. ASF says:

    Bro can you post up the twitter handles (?) of these twitter babes that post pics. Strictly for scientific purposes.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Game is total shit! You’re supposed to be boring as fuck and not have a life! WeeeEeeEeeEEereerefdsfrdgFhdgfdhjhdgjdfhgfdhhdfdhjdgfmeowmeowmeowmeowwoof

  18. earl says:

    I’ll echo in how much I like your blog Danny.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if gals say men should learn game. I get that all the time by their reactions to when I use it. I even pulled out the gigglebutt quote on my friend’s kid and it worked like a charm.

  19. John Apostate says:

    Fwiw, had a bartender say “hey you” last Sunday (don’t judge me). First thought: WWDD

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