Co-Worker Game

One of the great things about working in health care is the fact that I’m surrounded by women. And I’ve learned over the years to judge them based on their actions rather than what they say. I generally hold this to be true about ALL persons but more so with females and their take on relationships. Now I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone as you don’t want HR on your ass, but if you can pull it off this it is a GREAT way to pratice game.

At present, I have 6-7 women in my workcenter. Only one is single. I game ALL but 2. One is my boss. Lol. The other just doesn’t like to be bothered- more on her later. One woman, the one who affectionately referes to me as “hoe ass” get’s shit from me ALL.DAY. she rides everyone, well Danny rides her. Lol. I love the girl. I do.

Another is single and I go WAAAAAAY over what would be considered appropriate with her, none of it sexual, but always being friendly and making “pretty eyes” at her. Another is recently married, she’s the baby of the department. I refer to her “boot” status conistently. I’m assuming you get the picture. All of them have a few things I “game them” with in common.

All have nicknames. One I call Ri-Ri because she looks like Rhianna, also, it can mean “retard”. Another is named “bunny”. See, as xray techs we are issued markers with L or R and our initials. Well her initials are “BNY”. Bunny. EVEYONE calls her that now. The newest member to our WC is a young lady, very short. I use to call her Q since her name starts with a Q, but we already have a Q, so I changed it to Q Nugget, now it’s just Nugget.

As for the one woman, I can say this. She calls me “loser” all the time. Now this girl typically, DOES.NOT acknowledge you outside of when she HAS to speak to you. So her good-natured ribbing shows she looks at me favorably. This same girl, right after getting married was in the porcess of changing her name. A staff member was just returning from afghanistan and asked what her new name would be. I waited 3 seconds before saying, “E*******”, which is MY last name. the entire department started laughing, including her. Then I placed my hand on her stomach and said, “What are we at now babe, 2 months. Feel those kicks, kids gonna be a beast on the field.” This girl is mexican, and VERY attractive.

I have ZERO sexual feelings toward any of these women; but trust me, they LOVE the attention.

Stay up.

for your viewing pleasure, the tribe back home doing what they do best. boys will be boys. love these guys more than i love Giada DeLaurentis’ tits.

21 Comments on “Co-Worker Game”

  1. earl says:

    I would add.

    Women love the attention if you are interesting to them.

    That’s the difference between “a creeper” and a tingle inducer.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I tease them incessantly. But they also know I think of them as sisters even though I so traipse into the sexual with 1-2 of them.

    • VFD says:

      Agreed on this, friendly teasing and banter really does build rapport and open doors for work favours down the road. But for some dudes it’s hard to know where the line is between creeper and tingler.

  2. Ton says:

    I always figured most guys out of school/ college meet their dates and what not at work or through work. Am I wrong?

  3. Richard Cranium says:

    Extra credit for being a Giada fan I watched her show for 6 months before I went “Oh shit she cooks too!”

  4. Random Angeleno says:

    Learned long ago that one man’s harassment is another man’s banter. The difference was always solely in how the woman thought of the man: if he was desirable, it was banter. If he was not desirable, it was harassment. That made for a difficult environment for most men in STEM environments cuz such men tended not to have the social skills required to stay out of the wimminz’ troll camps.

  5. Socialkenny says:

    I’d bang a co-worker.

    The only issue I really have with gaming co-workers is that if things go sour or South; then the atmosphere in the workplace will be tension-filled.

  6. […] i’ve written before about running game on girls at work and how it can help you when you run into a woman you’re actually attracted to. now, […]

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