Taking a Step Back

sit down, i want to talk to you about something. something serious. i made a realization today. in the recent days and with events that are pending within the Sphere i thought i’d share something with you.

i first discovered the community back in march of 2011. one link lead to another and eventually i was persuaded into starting a blog. in the beginning i really didn’t know what i was going to add. the way i viewed it, there were TONS of sites, all putting out good messages. so what the fuck was i going to contribute? i told myself i’d give it a shot. read the first few months i started up….it’s a train wreck.

i fully admit, i got to where i am largely by being a coat tail riding sunovabitch. i got linked to a few larger bloggers and plugs from them. i told myself i was GOING to approach for the sake of posting how the interaction went. what worked what didn’t and i realized, although i was pretty good with woman before blogging, after 7-8 months of blogging….i became SURGICAL.

one thing bothered me about the community though. i didn’t like how the bloggers kept the audience at arms length. it was almost an HONOR for the host to address a comment/er. that to me was a bit sanctimonious. so it seemed like the dynamic was- post, comments, fawning over bloggers “great post” while host sat back on high as his audience groveled at his feet.

fuck that. i DO NOT want to be that site.

don’t get me wrong, there are very few sites i don’t like. everyone has their own voice and style. but so many of them read like a great magazine article educating you on psycho-social issues. “gee, so that’s how hypergamy affects the SMP.” ok, how is THAT going to increase my success in the SMP? the easy answer is, it’ll do VERY little.

what i want is to be a site that you can read and IMMEDIATELY apply it to your daily interactions with women and find success. how do i define success: the ability to effortlessly chat up any women regardless of attractive traits with relative ease. to be able to charm her, to stand out from every other asshole she’ll bump into today. to be able to screen woman rather than having them screen you. to change your mind set from “how do i win her” to “she needs to EARN me”.

THAT’S success with women- not sex. do the above, and the sex will come. i promise. want proof, i’m sure the women reading will HEARTILY agree. i really don’t know too many other bloggers that game their female audience. i don’t know of too many other blogger that USE their blog to chat up women. shit, i did it 3 hours ago.

well, from here on out….i want you to do yourself a favor. read an article and ask yourself, “how can i apply this knowledge RIGHT NOW?” how can you use the article to gain more success in the SMP? since i’ve already burned a few bridges and now know who (within the community) and who doesn’t, i want to up the game. i didn’t start a blog to become “mr cool guy”. i did it to HELP guys. why do you think i could give 2 shits about the grammar, capitalization, and punctuation? you want that shit, there are HUNDREDS of well written blogs where you can feel like you’ve stepped back into academia and applaud the poster for his brilliant post. if you want to learn what to say to flirt with the cute 20 year old cashier. come see me. unfortunately, since i don’t get paid this, you have to sacrifice fluff for context. i think it’s a fair trade.

there’s NOTHING exceptional about me. i’m your average dude next door. i call shit the way i see it. sometimes it seems like the sites can be pretty clique-ish and i DO NOT want to give my readers that feeling. EVERYONES welcome. i do my best to address damn near every comment because i honestly appreciate the readers for taking the time to stop and comment. don’t kiss my ass, make a point, discuss, call me out if you disagree.

if you can’t apply what you’re reading to become more successful….why read it? what’s the point? you read a book to be entertained, or to learn. i prefer to do BOTH. i’ve been blogging long enough to know that 99% of the subject matter has been covered SEVERAL times. i don’t want this blog to be stuffy or too serious. life is serious enough, the SMP should be fun. and the way i see it, this blog exists FOR YOU. without you, there is no Dannyfrom504. so i feel i owe you just as much as you may feel you owe me for teaching you.

sadly i do not read as many sites as i should. first off, i don’t need to. who’s going to teach me how be successful with women. but i will promise the smaller/newer blogs that i WILL link them if they link me. if you have a blog and are linking me, shoot me an email so i can add you to the blogroll.

while i’m glad to have been accepted by the inner circle of the sphere, it’s YOU that matter the most. i’m here for the readers, not the other blogs. we clear? good.

OH LOOK….. Badger’s back.

stay the fuck up.

SMS commented how her hubby only smiles when happy. today i found out they make bacon jerky. EPIC!!!!! this is happy Danny

SMS commented how her hubby only smiles when happy. today i found out they make bacon jerky. EPIC!!!!! this is happy Danny

Self Deprecation Game

first and foremost i want to apologize to you readers about my outburst last night. i also want to thank all of you for the support. as far as i’m concerned: as of now, the issue is dead. let’s move on. it makes me sad that we have so much animosity among the bloggers. we already have a rift between the PUA and MRA guys. LAST thing we need is to go after each other. we really do need more unity and solidarity. you disagree, cool, but at least respect their opinion. but, i DID want to point out something that i feel is VERY important.


what you read last night was a direct result to my PTSD. i go from loddy-fucking dah to complete bloodlust rage in a nanosecond. that’s what happened last night. it doesn’t excuse it, simply explains it. i work with 3-4 combat tested HM’s and when i told them what happened all of them went, “oh. you went right into the red didn’t you?” yup.

it’s damn near impossible for anyone that doesn’t have it to understand it. so we really don’t talk about it to others. i wanted to fight last night. but i’m not delusional, dude would’ve taken a hit or two then beat the fuck out me, but i don’t care. once i go there, there’s zero reasoning, rationalizing, or talking me down.

2 years ago i went home to NO to visit and work at house of shock. my mom then pulled me aside and told me something about my little sister. apparently her then husband was abusing her. as my mom went into detail, i began pacing. i was there. that’s all it took. i asked my mother.

“why the fuck am i just finding out about this now?”

now; i NEVER talk to my mother like this. my mom, God bless her, simply said, “i didn’t want my son to go to jail. i wish you could see how you look right now.” she was right of course. she then said she worked endlessly to make sure no one said anything about it on FB.she knows, first chance i’d have had, i’d have driven straight to NO, head to their house, and beat the fuck out of my brother-in-law.

as chance would have it, he works at HOS as well. while i was standing by one of the stages i heard me name called. there he was, walking towards me with his hand out. i stared at him and said, “if i were you i’d turn around and pretend you never saw me.” he turned and walked away. told mom about it, she laughed. and brother-in-law is about 6’0 and 185 lbs. doesn’t matter if you’re a big guy if you’re a pussy at heart.

what was the big takeaway from this? i had a HUGE spike in traffic after the post. i’m at almost 2000 views today and that just don’t happen. it seems we love some blog drama. i think we need a reality show called real life bloggers of the manosphere. it’ll be a SMASH. it could be all the open posters and one anon poster with his face digitized. i vote George. lol.

ok. now THIS was supposed to be last nights post until i had my little melt down. lol. let’s get back to finger painting and eating the paste.

i LOVE self deprecating humor. you know who else eats that shit up?


yup. i ALWAYS use self deprecating humor while running game. some guys would advise against it. hogwash sayeth Danny. to me self deprication show’s a woman outcome independence, self confidence (tingle crack), and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. thusly….she’ll warm up to you more quickly. we’ve seen the pictures of me, there’s NOTHING exceptional about my looks. NOTHING. and fuck you if you nodded when you read that.

i was at the local the other night flirting with the waitress’s. one’s new. when i left the table to go grab a beer (the girls were rolling silverware), the new one said, “wow, i didn’t realize you were that short.” i nodded said yeah and then, “but it’s cool cuz i have a HUGE hog.” she laughed a little and asked, “seriously?” and got a slightly wide eyed. i started to nod then shook my head no slowly and grimaced. “no. no, absolutely not. it’s fucking pathetic.” the girls started laughing and i said, “seriously, could fuck a cheerio without breaking it.” they laughed harder.

one of the waitress’s commented, “that’s my Danny.” i winked at new girl and walked to get my beer. when i came back they were still talking about it and new girl said to me, “great, now everytime i see you i’m going to be thinking ‘big cock guy’.” lulz. i told her, “thanks, unfortunately my mule wreaks of disappointment and lube.”

if i’m seeing a woman that taller than me, and well…that’s MOST of the time. at some point some will ask if it bothers me dating a woman taller than i am. i always reply, “no, the way i see it it’s my only chance to have normal sized kids.” lulzrcoastr.

THIS is why i say run game on women you see daily. eventually you’ll run into a woman you’re actually interested in and you game will come naturally. thusly, you’ll be confident and more gooder in her eyes. so-

game everyone.

stay up.

so, these 2 articles were in the base paper. hypocrisy much?

so, these 2 articles were in the base paper. hypocrisy much?

guns -n- pussy. get’s no better than that. one of my PTSD work out songs.

[edit- if you’re a blogger linking me and your site is NOT on my blogroll, please shoot me an email so i can add you. stay up.]

Eat a Dick bro.

i’ve been at this blogging thing for about 2 years now. i’ve been fortunate enough to meet a good amount of the people putting up good material. i’m flattered by this. i am. the protection of these person’s ID’s is serious to them, i know that. since BEFORE i had a blog, i knew the ID’s of a few prominent bloggers. and i’ve NEVER shared this info with people who didn’t already know it (and trust me, said persons will TELL you who you can share it with).

well today, a female blogger (well respected among the community) posted a shout out to a friend. i commented for her to get in touch with me so i could tell her how to communicate with said person so her site could get some plugs. well a “friend” came at me accusing me of some shit i take offense to.

here we see the very interaction of which i speak.

now here are the facts:

i know this individual. i know this person’s RL ID. he WAS a decent dude to me. it has been a recent turn of events that he’s not responded to any calls or messages i’ve sent his way. no big deal, i just assume he’s been busy. up until recently, he’s been very decent with me. it’s only been in the last 2-3 months that he’s soured towards me- for reason’s i have ZERO idea. again, that’s his prerogative. i respect that. he owe’s me nothing.

but for him to even SUGGEST my outting another blogger is fucking reprehensible to me. for him to question my integrity is fucking stupid. FUCK YOU dude. THIS is why I post openly. notice, he’s defending anonymity (which i can understand for SOME of the bloggers, but he’s got nothing to lose by posting openly) when i’ve NEVER mentioned or suggested i’d “out” said individual. i’ve even spoken to the person this is based on and said person stated that they know i’d never reveal who they are.

this has the potential to ruin my rep and site. and if it does, i’ll bow out. BUT….i’ve never been nothing but open about the site and myself. i simply want this to be my perspective on this. i want MY SIDE known. i want to explain my take on this. and i will not have my reputation called into question without defending myself.

if you have beef with me, take it up with me, don’t avoid me like a fucking girl. if you have something to say to me, PLEASE address me directly, i promise, i won’t cry. but DO NOT play some disingenuous passive aggressive pussy shit and come at me via a comment i made on a fucking blog. that’s some bitch shit. and you know it. that’s hella pussy. go write another post on how to get yer pecs bigger and sling a few yuk-yuks in there you douche-nugget.

and notice, i’ve still never mentioned your real life ID. obviously your locale has taken it’s toll on you.

fuck you in your fucking ass. you’re fucking clown shoes.

[edit-] and for the record, i went to his site……or TRIED to see if he’d respond, and he has my IP set to a pic of retards having sex. LOL. how cute. he’s HIDING. lol. what a juxtaposition to the bad ass he makes himself to be. at least i have the balls to put this out in the open. he’s hiding and blocking me.


back to being on my own. cool.

NEW EDIT- since it’s STILL being discussed among the Cappos of the Sphere and i’m being unlinked by “friends”, fuck it. i’ll go rouge. the comment section is now wide open and WILL be approved. i don’t want to sully the reps of other prominent bloggers so i’ll ask that they unlink me and distance themselves from my site.

most of them have been good enough to stay out of it. but i went so far as to make it known i was done with this, but THEY keep brining it up. seriously. so if you care to chime in, please feel free, your comments WILL be approved since it couldn’t be let go.

Can’t make this up. WOW.

i don’t even need to write anything. the video says it all. what an adorable little snowflake. personally, i’d rather tea-bag a bowl of bleach and broken glass.

Deti Speaks. You Listen

We all know Deti, unless you’re new to the Sphere. As the unofficial “gatekeeper” of the Sphere, I’m happy and proud to admit I’m the ONLY person that knows Deti IRL. And yes, we’ve all told Deti to start a blog, but he’s said it’s not really his style. But I’ve dubbed him my official guest-poster. When the all wise Deti gets on a roll, he slings some major heat. Well, the lovely Stingray was brave enough to start an open forum where women could ask questions they may have about the “Sphere”. The first question was a woman asking, “why are men so mad?” All I could think was “OH BOY. THIS is gonna be good”. THANK GOD, that question was asked on a freindly site. I recall a female who posts here asking for relationship advice on Roissy’s site. Insert sound of train-wreck….here. lol.

His intial response to a female commenter was-

“The men who post here were systematically raised, educated, brought up and socialized in a feminine-centric worldview. When we questioned it, we were drugged, sent to counseling, academically disciplined, grounded, administered corporal punishment, sent to required sensitivity training, or fired.

We watched our mothers run roughshod over, mistreat, abuse, bankrupt, and undermine our fathers. And those are the ones lucky enough (like me) to grow up with our fathers living with us. Those less fortunate were deprived of meaningful relationships with their fathers; or denied a relationship altogether.

We listened to a daily pounding and pummeling of messages from absolutely everyone around us telling us that:

1. Our sexual desires were ignoble, base, dirty, predatory, evil and bad.
2. We did not mature as quickly as girls and that girls are just better at nurturing and caring.
3. Without the civilizing influence of women, we are violent, predatory, shiftless, lazy, irresponsible, incompetent and unfaithful.
4. We are sexist male chauvinist pigs bent on violently beating women to within an inch of their lives, depriving them of basic life necessities, and demanding they be kept barefoot and pregnant, chained to a kitchen stove.
5. If we are married or are fathers, we are the stupid, unthinking parent and we need the wife to be smart and sensible. She will always save our bacon and clean up all our mistakes.
6. If we are single men, we must be beer swilling, porn addicted, video-game playing fatsos living in our mothers’ basements.
7. If we are men attending church, it is our God-commanded DUTY to wife up a former carousel rider who’s just returned to church at age 30 after her shack up with F*ckbuddy Rockbanddrummer busted up, her abortion, her stint in drug rehab, and her bastard 4 year old in tow.”

Then adds-

“Then we’re told by some female bloggers that, well, you guys had the facts right in front of you. You could see the alpha douchebags were getting all the girls. You could see the bad boys and the jerks getting all the sex. Why didn’t you figure it out? Why didn’t you ask those guys what they were doing right? Why didn’t you figure out your parents, pastors, teachers and Scout leaders were wrong? Why didn’t you think for yourselves? Why don’t you take responsibility for your own lives? It’s all YOUR fault, you beta/omega men. You should have learned. You should have figured it out. You should have defied your parents and pastors, and told them to go f*ck themselves. You should have hung out with the bad boys and jerks and douchebags so you could learn.

Then we’re told by feminists that “nice guys” aren’t really nice. No, they’re “Niceguys”, meaning that the “nice” part is an act. They are “nice” and therefore they expect sex as a reward for being “nice”. Those feminists say that “niceguys” are creepy and mentally disturbed and potential rapists. And, well, if you want to get a girl, you just need to “be more attractive” and the “onus is on men to not be creepy”.

Then a dude linked a post about- “what boys hear growing up”. Deti commented-

“The laws and culture are hopelessly slanted against men and in favor of women. Divorce and family law are crushingly draconian. Men are routinely put under incredibly onerous financial obligations including alimony and child support. An unhappy wife can blow up a family and take a man’s children away from him for no cause at all, or simply because she no longer wants to be married, or no longer is “in love with” him. Stories abound of wives keeping the kids and the marital home, moving the new boyfriend in, while the ex husband moves into a studio apartment and must pay her mortgage, all while his ex wife shtups the new boyfriend in a house he pays for in a bed he bought. Child visitation orders are routinely not enforced. Men are incarcerated for failing to pay child support– even when they are unemployed or laid off. A woman can have her husband slapped with a preliminary injunction or no-contact order or have him arrested and removed from the home merely by calling police and telling them “I feel unsafe”.

There are stories of women cuckolding their husbands, i.e. having extramarital sexual affairs and getting pregnant by another man, then passing off the child as her husband’s to cover the affair. When the husband later discovers the truth in the divorce, the soon to be ex husband finds he must still pay child support for a child who is not his. His wife lied through her teeth to her own husband about the child’s parentage, yet walks away from the marriage with cash and prizes.

Sexual harassment law in the US is a farce. Men walk on pins and needles, deathly afraid they will say or do something that some ultrasensitive woman will take offense to. Whether what they say or do is objectively offensive doesn’t matter–all that matters is whether even ONE WOMAN got offended. Sexual harassment is essentially (1) masculine conduct by unattractive men; or (2) any conduct by anyone that any woman does not like. Looking at a woman is sexual harassment. Refusing to help a woman lift or move something heavy is sexual harassment. Commenting in any way, shape, manner or form on anyone’s appearance is sexual harassment. Commenting about some TV show is sexual harassment. Excluding women from male conversation is sexual harassment. It’s completely and totally ridiculous. Radical feminists are trying to expand this to the world at large. There are serious proposals to outlaw men looking at women for too long — such that a woman can summon police merely because some guy on the street looked at her. JUST FOR LOOKING AT HER.”

Deti Game. BRILLIANT. Couldn’t have said it any better. And he did all the heavy lifting on this post. WINSAUCE.

“@ Paul:

‘What are the basics of game? What should I generally be doing to attract more women?’

My opinions, FWIW:

1. Frame. Your frame, first, last, always. Make her step into your frame; you don’t step into hers.

2. Confidence and dominance.

3. Have a plan, a life mission. You’re going to do something with your life: A job, a career, a vocation. The prime purpose of that “something” is yours and yours alone. Its purpose — and your life purpose — is not primarily to provide money, resources and a house for a woman and children (although a woman and children, if you want them, will be the benefactors of your “something” which you build and acquire for yourself).

4. Have a good thorough understanding of female hypergamy. It is the deep rooted, hardwired desire of a woman to have for herself the best man she can get. This desire cannot be removed from, counseled out of, or socialized out of a woman; nor can she do anything about it. The only thing that quiets hypergamy is satisfying it. It always runs in a woman as a background “operating program”, to use a computing metaphor. Whenever a woman breaks up with you, essentially she is saying to you “I think I can do better than you”.

5. Understand that nearly every woman has three basic directives which operate in this order:
a. Prime directive: Secure sperm from the highest quality man she can get, get pregnant, and have strong healthy babies.
b. Secondary directive: Secure resources to provide for herself and her babies.
c. Tertiary directive (operates only if directives 1 and 2 fail): Secure resources to provide for herself by any means necessary.

6. Be the high quality man. Live your life. Don’t tolerate her taking over your life or making increasing demands on you and your time. You bring her into your life; you don’t step into hers. Make her qualify herself to you; you don’t qualify yourself to her. Make her demonstrate that she is worth what she’s asking for from you. Never ever invest time, money or resources before she shows she is worthy of them.

“What are the basics of anti-game? What is woman-repellent?”

1. Offering commitment before she shows she’s worthy of it. Such a man is to women as a slut is to a man: Easy. Worthless. Good enough to milk for all he’s worth; not good enough for an LTR or marriage.

2. Pedestalization. Worshiping her.

3. Supplication. Giving her whatever she wants hopefully in exchange for sexual favors. Bargaining with her for sex or other things. Placating her with gifts or nights out. Saying “Whatever you want to think/do/say/be, dear.”

4. Emotional displays. Don’t be too happy, sad, mad, elated, angry or giddy. Don’t show a lot of emotion. And under no circumstances should you ever, ever, display fear. You’ll feel fear. But you cannot show HER you feel it. Ever.

5. Submissiveness: letting her make all the decisions, letting her determine the course of your relationship.

6. Timidity, hesitancy, lack of resolve and will. Hesitating to make known your wants, needs and desires. Failing to stand up for yourself in the relationship. Failing to say “no” when required; fearing the consequences of her emotions or reactions; failing to act boldly.”

Class Dismissed. and i hate this using caps and shit.

Stay Up.


unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, it’s been an “interesting” week. and while i wouldn’t go so far as to even THINK that the shit has hit the fan or is about to; one thing today has me scared as fuck. or at very least…..concerned.

a 19 year old has managed to shut down an ENTIRE major US city. if this DOESN’T concern you or you don’t understand WHY i’d be concerned- enjoy the herd, the hay’s to the right.

as are more than one fellah (and some females) in this community, i’m a prepper. i am. being from Louisiana i’m a natural at it. how? EASY. i grew up in a Cajun and Mexican home. on more than one occasion in my life i’ve had to go without creature comforts for over a week (hurricane) along with 6-7 other family members. living in Italy, i didn’t have central heat and air for 3 years.

right now. as we speak, if we lost ALL public services…..i could easily stay bugged in for 6-7 months. hell i wouldn’t even need to access my food bank, i could hunt/trap an endless food source- squirrel and rabbits. yup. i also have a VERY unique skill set: trauma management specialist, and i’m a DAMN good medic that can treat 90% of the maladies you may fall ill to.

so, as a “prepper”, what would i THINK could happen? i see 3 possibly 4 events: economic collapse, pandemic, invasion, or ZOMBIES (don’t fucking sleep on the fucking zombies).

one thing i LOVE about the Sphere is all the bloggers are knowledgeable in at least ONE thing. and i’ve never been much of a finance guy (i have BAD dyslexia and could never get past college algebra), thus not having a degree. so i’ve been going to Cappy Cap’s site a lot lately to get muh learn on financially.

WHY, do you ask.

well a week ago i got a letter from TSP (navy’s Thrift Savings Program) which is the navy’s version of a 401K and learned the over 47K i’ve invested will get me $200 a month once i’m 65. FUCK.THAT. i have already made plans on what i will do with my TSP once i retire (use it to buy land and my travel trailer, they can’t punish me purchasing those 2 items). so i’m gonna buy something i NEED.

well after reading some of Cap’s posts (great blog, and you should REALLY check out the podcasts…Aaron, i loff ever time you clear your throat) and made a decision today. during my lunch i hit a coin shop and bought $200 in pre-1964 quarters and 1/2 dollars. i will do this with each pay check i get from here out. i am now finally a bloody pirate. GAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!! if an economic collapse happens i will give 2 fucks about my bank account (see the recent events in cyprus). i also have a decent amount of seeds to grow my own food.

and i also buy 1 bottle of generic everclear on base twice month to make berry flavored moonshine. the new currencies will be booze, tobacco and trade items. and i know how to make wine from fruit juice. however this will only be useful during an economic crisis. do your own home work and find out what happened in British history after WWII. so, i’m buying silver. i giddily showed it off too. now it’s hidden.

as a seasoned EMT (which i was an EMT instructor), i can tell you emergencies can CRACK a poor constitution. i had to keep a 2 week old infant alive for 20 minutes in an ambulance that had an allergic reaction to formula. WORST 20 minutes of my life. seriously fucked me up for a while. but as a navy Corpseman, i’ve had to participate in MANY mass casualty drills- of all types. in a pandemic….DO NOT go to a hospital. they will be overrun, stay indoors and only go out if you need to. limiting exposure is the best bet. any “control centers” are going to be FLOODED. which leads to-

food, water, “creature comforts”.

i have probably 500 cans of food, 4 cases of MRE’S (Meals Ready to Eat- very caloric), sternos, 30 gallons of water, TONS of tp (that’ll be worth MAJOR fundage), candles (GOTTA have candles), camp site shower, water filter and purification tabs, wet naps, medicine (including VERY powerful antibiotics) but get motrin and aspirin, ammo, and weapons. during a hurricane as a kid, my job was to clean and fill the tubs with water, then seal them in heavy duty plastic (to keep dust and dirt out). water is WAAAAAAAY more important than food. if SHTF, i could live off ONE can of food a day and ration my water. so i really don’t need to leave the house.

as an active duty Corpseman, let me tell you this- the military is stretched THIN and the national guard will protect the civil politicians. YOU- not so much. so IF we get invaded (please tell me you don’t think we’re ripe to be attacked) you’re on your own. also, the gov’t is working to disarmed vet’s that have “mental health issues”. seriously. if you happen to live in a major city….good luck. in a SHTF event, mob rule will be the new law. you got, they want it, they take it. PERIOD. as i’ve said before, i’ll be living in a travel trailer on some acres in texas. after reading Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat i KNEW for once that THIS was something i’d want to do. the book is an easy read and truly a testament to MGTOW. M.D. Creekmore parked a cheap travel trailer on junk land as a family camp site. well, after a divorce and losing his job, he had no where to go. he ended up living on his campsite for what was SUPPOSED to be a temporary time. but ended up homesteading and finding “true contentment and purpose” for the first time in his life. i highly recommend giving it a read.

as for zombies, well…that’s easy. guns and board up the house. OR just watch “walking dead” and learn. and remember, you make noise….you draw them in, so piercing/slashing weapons are your best bet. you want a quiet kill. i’ll be rocking the bow. lol.

so sit back, relax, enjoy the decline, and ride the apocalypse. And yes, I am watching some trauma porn on the news. Lol.

And for the record, if SHTF feminists will find out just how bad a state they will be in since they’ve cowed most men. Your gender equality BS won’t save you from the horde…..nor will I.

stay up.

More Goofiness

As a follow up to last night post debacle, I wanted to discuss ANOTHER weapon in my arsenal:


I’m sure we all know you ladies lose it over a man that has a dog. Hell, I’ve even covered dog game before. When a man displays the abiliy to keep something alive, love and be affectionate (and let’s face it, I get all lubby dubby when it comes to Brody) women take notice. But just having a dog isn’t enough as far as I’m concerned. No. having a TRAINED dog, now that makes a woman melt. Especially when they learned YOU trained him. I also covered this
here. That tells a woman she is in the comopany of a man worth seeing her naked. She’s dealing with a man who knows how to take the lead, and be a good Captain.

Brody isn’t some trained buffon (ok, he IS a buffoon, more on that later), but he is also well versed in: sit, stay, down, come, move, and shake. Having a dog trained, that listens to and follows your command is some alpha tingle heroin to women. The first thing a girl that Brody pulled, and trust me- BRODY pulled her- not me, says is, “OMG he’s so well bahaved.” Then he’ll get over excited and pee, which AGAIN makes girls gush. But Brody’s specialty is his grand finale (video at end).

But the thing is, Brody- like his Papa, is a fucking goofball. I SWEAR to you. Everyone that’s met Brody has noticed how much of a cornball he his. If he’s sitting down next to me, he’ll frequently turn around and smack his head on the coffee table. I’ll make a comment on it about him being a dummy and he’ll flash this look that says, “What?” He’s ALWAYS smacking his head on something. Or he’ll be lying down watching TV with me when he’ll suddenly jump up and excitedly chase his tail. Or, she shake his ass side to side and whip his head around and try to bite it. He’ll do this for 2-3 minutes at a time. That or he’ll do the same motion but do it lying down (that one’s a GEM). And despite what anyone may tell you, you CAN tell when a dog is happy and knows when he’s been scolded. Brody smiles. Seriously. His eyes will light up and his tails goes nuts. When I scold him, he drops his head, his eyes show disappointment and he’ll sulk for a moment.

When I adress what a goofball he is he’ll give me the same “What?” look. PRICELESS. Brody is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He’s 40 lbs of solid muscle and teeth. Staffies have HUGE, toothy mouths. Once I’ve confirmed you’re cool, he’ll lick you incessantly and run around you. If you are NOT someone that’s supposed to be in my house, he’s 40 lbs or teeth and fearless fury. And he’s VERY protective of women and kids.

So-so dog sat for me when I went to NO and she said his ability to just bark like a maniac if someone came close to the house made her feel 100% secure. And she KNEW if anyone broke in they’d have to get past Brody to get to her. Though he’s not big, you wouldn’t want to tangle with a dog bred to bait bulls and bears. Staffies are IMHO the best breed of dog for a family. They compact (read- don’t eat too much), energetic but not in the spastic meth’d out beagle type of energy. They’re not attack dogs, but will defend you and warn you if someone comes around. Though small the bark sounds very intimidating. If you’re chilling, they chill. If you wanna take them on a run with you, they’re down. And they aren’t known for being axcessive barkers, unless to warn you. But-

They can be expensive. Brody set me back $1200. WELL worth it.

And anyone that’s ever owned or been around a Staffie will tell you they have very unique personalities. And Brody’s is, well……….he’s a fucking dork. But he’s a lovable Dork. And he’s MY dork. Lol. And as I proved last night women LOVE them a goofy lummox.


Stay up.

Brody 'ere. Oy Love, eyes up 'ere right.

Brody ‘ere. Oy Love, eyes up ‘ere right.

tell me this dog isn't happy as all hell. Brody smile JUST like this. lol.

tell me this dog isn’t happy as all hell. Brody smiles JUST like this. lol.

dead to the world. look at that belly. Brody 7 weeks old.

dead to the world. look at that belly. Brody 7 weeks old.

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.