Goofball Game

one of the girls in the ER was looking rough. i talked with her and she mentioned being tired and having a headache. she’s been cool as of late so i took it upon myself to put a smile on her face.

woman are damn near powerless against childish acts of kindness/goofiness. once she left my department i drew her a very crude picture. it was a roughly drawn bee drawn on a folded piece of paper. the front had her name, and when she opened it she saw the picture. it was the ridiculous bee with over drawn legs and it read, “******** is the bee’s knees.” arrows pointing to the knees.

when she read it, she lit up, blushed, cover her mouth and giggled. she then told me she was going to hang it in her locker.

look, i’m not trying to mess with this girl. she’s pretty, she’s cool (at times), but she’s not my cup-o-tea. but i do like spreading joy, and the reaction i got from her made me laugh. she genuinely appreciated the gesture, thus…..i didn’t mind making it.

i’ve always said men are funnier than women. reason being is that femininity requires a certain grace, elegance, and poise. these are things that naturally attract men. women are attracted to male aloofness and spontaneity. which is why 99% of women will tell you they find a man with a great sense of humor so attractive- DESPITE his looks. this will be tied in with tomorrow post featuring my main wing man BRODY!!!!!!! recall last nights post- i was a goofball with the young girl and made her gush.

you know my go to opener by now- making eye contact then making a silly face at her or sticking out my tounge. when i’m at the strip club i bounce up and down excitedly when a girl dance for me and/or i’ll bob my head side to side to the beat. both get the same response- girl drops the sexy look and start laughing and calling me “too cute”. and they mean. they ALWAYS approach me after and will linger and rub my shoulders. after about 3-4 minutes, i’ll tell her what guys are eye fucking her and send her off. i have an 80% number close rate doing this.

i don’t drop serious coin. i’m not a tall guy. i have the sex appeal of a progeria case. but i still close. HOW-

by being a goofball. so don’t take yourself, or a woman’s looks too seriously. have fun, and so will she. take her out of her droll existence and bring her into your personal planet awesome. trust- she WANTS to go there.

i assure you.

stay up.

"would you fuck me? i'd fuck me, i'd fuck me so hard." LOVE silence of the lambs

“would you fuck me? i’d fuck me, i’d fuck me so hard.”

see, i’ll throw myself under the bus. feel free to point and snicker.

Gigglebutt Game

i’ve said before and i’ll say it again. the best way to practice game is on little girls. the same teasing and negging that makes a 4 year old girl giddy works just the same on a 23 year old woman.

a few nights ago, i had to do a chest xray on a 3 year old girl. she was staring at me wide eyed with apprehension as i told her her i need to put her on the table. mom told her to listen to me and i held my arms out to pick her up. she begrudgingly let me pick her up and i placed her on the table. i set up my marker, shielded her, and set up the collimator.

as i was explaining to her i was just taking her picture, i commented that she should lighten up. i told her i knew she was really a silly-head and she needed to smile. she finally cracked a smile and i went in full assault. “see i KNEW it. yer just a gigglebutt.” this of course had her smiling from ear to ear, and i commented to mom how i KNEW she was like this. mom was BEAMING.

i took her PA and lat pics and when i told her she was done i walked up to the table and held my arms out. she literally JUMPED into my arms. as i commented that she did so well and ran the “good giiiiirl” line i asked her where my hug was. she hugged me and i commented to mom how she was adorable. mom thanked me and i told them to wait in hallway as i pushed the images to the ER. i walked them to the ER and kept calling the girl gigglebutt. she laughed and averted her eyes, leaning her head to the side.

do you see what i did thur?

if this were a twenty-something year old woman i would comment how she were dressed. if it were apparent she was trying to look nice, i’d tease her about her trying to hard, “is this the ‘i’m purdee’ outfit?” then i’d poke her side while repeating the question. i’ve done this SEVERAL times and every woman has reacted the same. they giggle, squeal and smile uncontrollably. done this with married women, single women, young women, older women. it’s a universal tingle generator. of course they are women i’m slightly familiar with. don’t get yourself pepper-sprayed.

i can understand how interacting with women can be intimidating. i do. i’ve been there. but a GREAT way to practice your game is with little girls. tease them, neg them, take control. they LOVE it. and if you think a young girl can’t/won’t shit test… are SORELY mistaken. i have a 5 year old niece that’s an ace at shit testing. if you have nieces and young girls in your family, they are the perfect ones to practice game on. when you do it right, they will SHOWER you with affection and respect. game everyone.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again show me a man that’s great with kids (especially little girls) and i’ll bet $$$ he’s a lady-killer.

stay up.

oh, and yesterday marked the day a young, confused, over sexed 20 year old left texas to begin his misadventures galavanting about the globe in the navy. in 364 days, i will retire from naval service. and i can’t fucking wait.

AMOG’d by a Motorcycle Gang

the 3 minute number close also had another twist. i’m sure Lynn can/will confirm this. there was a local biker gang at the club that night. they’re all a bunch of of former military guys and they frequent the place. i have a friend who’s a prospect in said club (i know him from the ship when i was in japan… guy).

well, i went to talk to Bake (a dude that works security) and he was talking to one of the bike guys (the VP), and said VP starting ribbing me about my BCG’s. he then made a few other jokes that were horribly unfunny and i sat smiling at him and finally said, “is that it? is that the best you can come up with?” he tapped me on the shoulder and i turned my back and walked off.

this man was at least 6 feet and had over 100 lbs on me. but i didn’t budge. and again, this was a 3 piece patch biker VP. there were 4-5 other members of the club with him. it wasn’t as if i was gonna swing, but i held my ground and didn’t back away.

and the girl i number closed, the bikers were crazy for her. lol. winsauce Danny.

i’ve never been one to back down, as i kid i was ALWAYS picked on because i’m so small. funny thing is, most men now-a-days won’t fight. i’m not one to be so quick to go to blows, but i will swing if i need to (i’ve even posted on it). the biker VP was simply asserting himself as a high status alpha, i countered with indifference to him and his ridicule. it’s a jungle out there, but this lion never sleeps.

oh!!!!! had a pretty surreal moment today at work. i was in the galley and someone tapped me in the shoulder. i turned around and there was this girl standing there grinning at me. she said, “HM1, can i ask you a question?” i nodded and she smiled and ask me if i hosted a webpage? i grinned and asked, “why?” she then asked me if i were Dannyfrom504. i laughed and told her no, my names Danny, but my site is called Dannyfrom504. she excitedly exclaimed how she loved the site and she makes her bf read it. i asked her how she stumbled upon my site and she mentioned one of the guys she works with mentioned a guy form Radiology hosting a “game” blog. i was giving this kid some advice and mentioned the site. then he told some of his coworkers and a few of the girls checked out my site. lol. she said she felt like she wanted to take a picture with me, to which i told her….no. lol. life’s a trip. lol.

stay up.

and as an aside to juxtapose this post. today i bought a new scented candle. i’ve not been shy about posting my affinity for scented candles. it’s summer so i like more sweeter scents. today i bought woodwick’s “dew drops” scented candle. it smells divine. i know i know. now any of the readers that wanna rub their cock on my face, the line of dicks starts to the left.

don't judge me.

don’t judge me.

Navy Standards

i have to do my weigh in for my bi-annual physical fitness test. for the record, i’m 64″ and weigh 130-132lbs. per the navy-


Maximum Allowable Weight Chart

Height (inches) Maximum Allowable Weight

57 127
58 131
59 136
60 141
61 145
62 150
63 155
64 160
65 165
66 170
67 175
68 181
69 186
70 191
71 196
72 201
73 206
74 211
75 216
76 221
77 226
78 231
79 236
80 241

Maximum Allowable Weight Chart

Height (inches) Maximum Allowable Weight
51 102
52 106
53 110
54 114
55 118
56 123
57 127
58 131
59 136
60 141
61 145
62 149
63 152
64 156
65 160
66 163
67 167
68 170
69 174
70 177
71 181
72 185
73 189
74 194
75 200
76 205
77 211
78 216
79 222
80 227
81 233
82 239
83 245
84 251
85 257
86 263



“Maximum” 100 105 87 8:30 6:30 6:20
Outstanding 90 98 81 9:15 7:30 7:20
Excellent 75 87 71 10:30 8:45 8:35
Good 60 58 47 12:00 11:30 11:20
Satisfactory 45 46 37 13:30 13:00 12:50
Failure <45 <46 13:30 >13:00 >12:50



Maximum 100 105 48 9:47 7:15 7:05
Outstanding 90 98 44 11:30 8:45 8:35
Excellent 75 87 39 13:15 10:00 9:50
Good 60 58 21 14:15 13:15 13:05
Satisfactory 45 46 16 15:30 14:30 14:20
Failure <45 <46 15:30 >14:30 >14:20

so basically, i could weight up to 160lbs (and i’d be a fat fuck if i ever got that high) and a girl of the same height could weigh up to 156. also not the difference in sit ups (curl ups), push ups, and run time. yet we’re indoctrinated that women are just as physically capable as men.


stay up.

Dry Aging Steak at Home

if you REALLY want to make a bomb as fuck steak, you have to have it dry aged. normally, a quality steak-house dry aged cut is a tad more expensive. but, you can save some fundage by dry-aging at home. here’s what you do.

buy a quality steak. personally, i prefer a thick-cut porterhouse. the reason, there’s a filet mignon AND a new york strip. it’s the best of both worlds. so, i usually ask the butcher (the butcher at your local supermarket WILL cut a steak to your specifications) to cut me a 1 and 1/2-2 inch slab o’beef. once you get it home. get an aluminum baking tin or thick paper plate and poke 3-4 holes in the center of the pan. run bamboo skewers into the holes make a kind of tray. you’re trying to keep the steak off the bottom of the pan to maximize the air flow to age the steak.

wipe the steak down of all moisture and throw away dirty paper towels. then wrap both sides of the steak with paper towels and place at the bottom of the fridge (preferably on it’s own shelf or bin). let it sit for 24 hours. after 24 hours, remove from fridge, discard paper towels, flip steak, and add new paper towels. return to fridge for another 24 hours. remove from fridge, discard paper towels, flip steak, and place steak back in fridge for another 24 hours. rinse repeat for 3-4 days. the outside texture of the steak will have a dry’d feel to it.

the steak may develop a slight odor. that’s NOT a bad thing; it means it’s aging properly. remove from fridge and let it sit until close to room temp. season ONLY with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. place under broiler (about 6-8 inches under heating element). you’re looking at about 4 minutes per side for medium rare.

remove from oven and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

i like to serve with steamed asparagus. take a batch of asparagus, bend them lightly until they break- discard the stem section, keep the florette. place the prepped asparagus in 4-5 paper towels soaked in water. place in microwave and cook on high for 2-3 minutes. let sit in microwave for 5 minutes after cooking. you can do this with damn near ANY vegetable: potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

enjoy. the meat has an absolutely amazing tenderness and moisture. it’s a steak experience you won’t forget.

stay up.

day one. notice the skewers. the paper towels are gone after the second day.

day one. notice the skewers. the paper towels are gone after the second day.

after first 24 hours.

after first 24 hours.

after 4 days. the steak was a tad thicker and needed an extra day. notice the exquisite color. that's what you're shooting for.

after 4 days. the steak was a tad thicker and needed an extra day. notice the exquisite color. that’s what you’re shooting for.



To the Aggregator’s

finally had a chance to talk with vivalamanosphere the other night and welcomed him to the community. you see, i sit in a odd place in the sphere. there’s a lot you reader’s don’t know about the inner workings of the sphere. there’s a certain amount of mutual respect us bloggers maintain for each other. but i’m in an odd place.

the blogs you see on my blogroll, i talk to IRL. i have NO CLUE how i got to be that person, but i did. and i’ve sworn to never reveal the ID’s of the bloggers, and it’s something i take seriously. so i had to give VLM a little backstory to the manosphere. and he was very appreciative.

i told him that the aggregator’s do a thankless job. they promote the blogs and very few of them blog. DD used to but then went full on aggregator. so this short post will be a salute to the blogs that promote the scene. God bless you boys. We appreciate your work.

Delusion Damage the grand-daddy of them all.

Viva La Manosphere Jack’s banging on all 4 cylinders. props.

Hawaiian Libertarian one of the heavy hitters on the scene.

Articles for Men another new site, good stuff.

Captain Capitalism he no link me, but he’s still a good egg.

Free Northerner he blogs, but posts weekly “best of’s”

if you run an aggregator site and you are not listed here, please let me know and i’ll add you to my new aggregator blog roll. i’m asking all you other bloggers (especially if these guys are linking you), to support/link these guys; they’re doing us a great service.

stay up.

3 Minute Number Close

i go to my local strip club to hang out with my girl Lynn, she DJ’s. i spend 99% of my time in the booth with her BS’ing about life and whatnot’s. that being said she wings for me like a champ and there just happens to be 2 new girls at the club. when one went on i figured, “what the hell, let’s see how cool this girl is.”

she danced for me and i went back to the DJ booth. after her set, she approached me, slapped my ass and put an arm around my waist. i placed my arm over her shoulder and we chatted briefly. then she bit my nipple. yes, you read that right. she then apologized, “sorry, i’m kinda a biter.” i let her know i wasn’t with that and she kissed my cheek and apologized. i then told her to go thank the other guys that tipped her (note: assertive non-clingyness). i finished my beer and decided i was going to leave. i NEVER stay longer than an hour.

now, i know most of the girls and when i leave i tell them goodbye. well nipple biter was working a dude. i approached and pinched her side, she lit up with a smile when she saw me and as i told her i was leaving i suggested we hang out (she had already told me she was single). she told me she at least needed to see me once more before getting together. i responded with a fair enough and told her to hold on.

i turned my back to her, turned back around and faced her and said, “done, you just saw me again.” she laughed and called me slick. she leaned in and told me i smelled good and asked me what i was wearing. i replied, “excellence.” again she laughed then i told her it was dolce gabana light blue. i asked for her weekend plans and she mentioned work. i then asked about DAYTIME plans and she said she had a lunch thing sat but she’s doing nothing sunday. told her i wanted to check out that new evil dead movie (seriously, SOOOOO down to see it again. it’s THAT good.) and she lit up mentioning that she wanted to see it too.

i handed her my phone (keypad on display) and told her to give me her number. she took my phone and as she punched in her number said, “i never do this.” which is womanese hamster translation for “i only do this when a guy makes me tingle.” after i got the number i rang her up and told her my number has a 504 area code. i then bid her adieu and leaned in. we kissed at the corner of our mouths which is the “work safe” kiss. and off i went.

all this went down in less than 3 minutes. it’s THAT easy.

i’ll keep you posted. trust.

stay up.

“i’m the specialist baby and i’m registered to vote, let you come into my barrio let’s see if you can float.”