Today’s Pop Quiz….

this is a really good song to test your red pill/game discipline. please listen to the song and tell me where Mos does right in his game and where he slides off into losing girl. we’ll discuss in the comment section.

which leads to Gregory Isaacs. the KING of fuck music. the song Mos mentioned above is the following.

another baby making classic GI song. he’s begging her to “heal” him. i wonder if Kenny will chime in here. lol.

and THIS was Danny’s high school go to bed-her-down song. damn, i really was a little hoe.

7 Comments on “Today’s Pop Quiz….”

  1. earl says:

    From what I can tell the right part is where he plays it cool and doesn’t let the previous exchange get to him.

    2:20 on…he turns into your run of the mill beta.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    After playing it cool like he should, he went right into her frame, starting with the small mis/dance-step when he was going to leave the venue and then snowballing from there.

  3. Vicomte says:

    Sounds like the beginning was standard aloof/indifferent, negging, take away/push/pull while he knew what the girl was all about.

    Then he got a taste and began to qualify, made himself too available and made her his life. Hence, gone baby gone.

    She pursued him, then he began to pursue her.

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  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    i’ll post the answer in a few. hope everyone has a great weekend….

    he lost it when he left the frame of it being recreational. he went beta and wanted to be exclusive. she bailed. she was just DTF. remember, she number closed him. there’s a few points to this that should stand out, but the key point is he went into supplication by mentioning being exclusive. he put her on the pedestal and she went back out on the hunt.

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