These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For

i recently number closed a woman who was asking me about my site. she asked how i’d run game on HER. this immediately told me she was interested. i mentioned her bf not liking that and she countered with not having a bf.

fine, game on.

first i told her i didn’t think “game” would really work on her. classic bait and switch, i never go in guns blazing so this was a diversion tactic on my part. then i mentioned i just become a regular here so she got used to seeing me. i would flirt with her and remain aloof. she then told me my “game” was boring. lol. AAAAAAW little miss precious CAN’T be bored, oh no no no. we musn’t allow that. so i negged her about being entitled and how i’m sure ANY guy would be OH SO LUCKY to win her attention. she immediately grinned and averted her eyes. i couldn’t have planned this any better. in case you aren’t paying attention, she was shit testing me. and i nuked it.

i told her i wanted to eat my food and had errands to run, but told her we’d be doing something together soon. i handed her my phone and told her to give me her number and i’d figure out something for us to do in the near future.

she punched in her number, and i walked away. this transpired in less than 5 minutes. do not hesitate, do not fear, do not worry or care about her reaction. take charge, bring her into your world, and call her on her bullshit. she’ll LOVE you for it. remember, if she’s pretty, she probably get’s hit on all the time by supplicating men that tell her how pretty she is. DON.T.BE.THAT.GUY.

look past her beauty and see her as simply just another girl. another fish in a an endless ocean. as you can see by this post, she WANTED to be gamed. and said woman is 21, and you’ve seen a picture of her. lol.

stay up.

i’m in a new-gazer mood tonight. it’s storming out, i want brooding, dark, and sexual. enjoy.

kevin shields……FUCK YEAH.

8 Comments on “These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For”

  1. Joe Sixpack says:

    That’s righteous dude. Did you actually say ” AAAAAAW little miss precious CAN’T be bored, oh no no no”?

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  3. Vicomte says:

    How would I run game on her?

    The same way I run it on everyone else.

  4. earl says:

    Nice counter to the boring line. I’ve found the more shit tests I get…the more I enjoy them.

    It means you are showing up on the radar.

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