Repost: Stripper Game

This is something me Cap and Bill discussed at the sleepover. Understanding stripper game marks the skill of a game jedi. Cap was curious so me and Bill explained it. Once i retire, i’ll be heading up to Aaron’s for a while and i’ll show him how to run it. lol.

I figured I’d be nice a throw you guys a special re-post. Most guys I know try very hard and are typically unsuccessful at something that’s actually quite easy if you follow what I’m about to tell you: how to close a stripper. I’ll try to keep this concise and on point since I tend to digress often. Back when I lived in NO, I was besties with one of my neighbors who danced at Larry Flyntt’s Hustler Club on Bourbon St. Keep in mind, you usually aren’t going to close and shouldn’t even attempt to close the first few times you go. This is going to take a bit of time, but….anything worth doing usually does take time.

First things first-

-Become a regular- I go there 2 MAYBE 3 times a week. I only stay for 2-3 beers.

-Become friends with the DJ- The DJ is the most powerful person in the establishment. How do you become buddy buddy with the DJ?

-Befriend the bartender- TIP TIP TIP the bartender. Ask the BT if the DJ likes any particular drink. If they do, buy the DJ a drink (don’t do though until the DJ recognizes you when you come in) and have one of the girls deliver it for you (give her a buck for it). The girl WILL point you out. Do this ONLY ONCE. From that point on make it a point to walk over and greet the DJ when you get in. Tip the DJ occasionally as well.

You MUST remove your “customer” status- How do you do that?

-DO NOT buy VIP’s or drinks for the girls- That’s step one.

-Help the girls hustle- When a girls dancing for you (you MUST tip the occasional dancer on stage- politeness counts) pay attention to the stage and check to see if any guy’s are checking her out. When another guy ponies up to the stage, I IMMEDIATELY send her over to him. I sit by myself or I stand in the DJ booth with the DJ. The DJ keeps me informed of what’s going on with the club. She has TOLD the girls that I just come here to watch the guys and blog about it later. When I notice a guy staring down a girl, I get her attention and call her over. I pull her close and tell her about the guy staring at her. “Go get him baby.” They smile, kiss my cheek and thank me. I’ve helped more than one girl land a VIP.

-DO NOT be clingy or needy with the girls- Remember, your job is to help her get tips and watch the action. And trust me the girls at my local skrip klub LOVE me. Seriously. The DJ knows about the blog and I wouldn’t be surprised if she stops by to verify what I’m telling you.

-Number close- Once the girls get to know you….look for IOI’s and TRUST ME, she (the dancers) WILL give you IOI’s if she’s feeling you. Drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” line. When she’s dancing for me I’ll ask her if she any idea what I wanna do to her. When she asks me what that is I ALWAYS say, “I’m really not all that sure, but I know it’ll be over in 7 seconds and probably end with a 9 month gestation period.” They ALWAYS laugh and tell me what a sweetie I am. I have damn near EVERY phone number of the girls on the “A” squad. Sers-lee. Just simply mention doing something AWAY from the club. Of course, if she has a dude, don’t try ask for her number; stick to the girls that are single. Most of the dancers with bf’s end up single soon enough.

-Be excellent- Just be friendly and tip occasionally. The mistake is to try to close too early. This WILL BE an investment of some time. But the reward speaks for itself. Your confidence will go up 90000%. I shit you not. And if at all possible. Give a dancer $2 and have her tip the cutie on stage. If you can manage to bring a female friend- DO IT.

-Help her have fun- There’s a little thing I do where if a girl is dancing (while she’s on stage) for me, I bob my head side to side like a dork. If she breaks out of “sexy mode” and giggles or starts laughing: WINSAUCE. Sometimes when she approaches to start dancing I start hopping up and down in my chair with a goofy smile on my face. The usual reaction- “God yer cute.” Most women react to men’s purposefuly goofiness the same way men react to women’s “sexy mode”.

Happy hunting. If you #close, I wanna hear about it.

Stay up.

Also, i’ve had quite a few hits on my amazon link. THANK you guys. I very much appreciate it, I really do have the best readers out there.

she's back in gainesville now. she comes up my way once in a while.

she’s back in gainesville now. she comes up my way once in a while.

i honestly don't remember her name. lol.

i honestly don’t remember her name. lol.

again, i forgot her name.

again, i forgot her name.

23 Comments on “Repost: Stripper Game”

  1. deti says:

    I love this post.

    Can I come in now? Huh? * Brody, get off me!*

  2. Bill Powell says:

    Pretty close to what I do. What amazed me was Aaron had no idea what we were talking about. Too bad he didn’t have another night to hang with us he probably would’ve have never flown out.

  3. Random Angeleno says:

    I’m way too ancient for strip clubs, that’s a younger man’s job, music is too loud and too hip-hoppy, bad for my game. but the tactics sound good, must be another less noisy but target-rich environment where I can try them out.

  4. Ton says:

    I find the best place to pick up strippers is the gym. ODS’ s always stand out

  5. Daithi says:

    Other things your readers can do…

    In the order of helping her make money. One of the best things a girl working a club can do is befriend the bouncer/doorman and bartender. For the simple fact those people are usually in the best position to spot the amount of cash a patron has when he pulls out money to pay cover or for drinks. The smart person will peel off the cash in his pocket where it isn’t visible. the average one will have it bundled up (even if it is ones surrounded by a 20).

    Once you are a regular take a chess board or book to the club. You would not believe the number of girls who will pester you to understand why you aren’t paying attention to them. Sitting with your back to the stage also works in some instances, especially with a group. Dancers hate, hate, hate, hate being ignored. Sets their hamsters aflame.

    Doubling down on what you said. Whatever you do… don’t be a customer. Once that mental switch is thrown it’s worse than LJBF.

    Manage your own expectations. Yeah, everyone thinks strippers are liquid sex and bedding one to be like winning the lottery. Sometimes it works out and they are good, most of the time they are more narcissistic and self-absorbed (cold-fish) than “normal” girls. Also watch out for addictions, most of the ones that stay in the game too long develop some addiction. If nothing else to the amount of power they have on the normal wallet who comes in.

    Depending on the class of club and the girl (i.e. is she in it for a semester or two to pay for college or a career girl) you will find a lot of single moms in the clubs.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m not taking a chess board over. that’s a bit much for me, almost like you’re trying to hard. i stay in the DJ booth and talk with the DJ. the girls come to me. then i get a back rub before sending them back out into the wild.

    • Vicomte says:

      That’s just ridiculous.

      ‘Back off tarts. I just came to play some chess and brush up on some Pynchon. Gyrate elsewhere.’

  6. Nate says:

    Having recently been learning and internalizing inner game, how similar is shot-girl game to stripper game?

    A few weeks back at a nightclub, I somehow managed to pull a blonde 7.5-8 shot-girl twice and have been trying to figure out what I did right as well as how to progress from that. In addition, there has been previous instances where I just know for certain that I could have gone a lot further with other shot-girls in the past with some serious game.

    In the case of the recent 7.5-8 blonde shot-girl off the top of my head, I was relaxing at a table by myself while my group was on the dance floor chasing women.

    Shot-Girl comes to my table and wants me to pay for mine and her shots, since I did not want to be bothered I either said “what will I get out of it” or “it will cost you as much as it will cost me”. She responded by saying a kiss and sometime it escalated into both of us snogging each other.

    After having a shot, shot-girl inevitably asks whether I want another shot which I replied no, when she decided to snog me again before leaving.

    Sometime after the nightclub closed, I bumped into her on the street with my group where she after asking each other for our names, wanted to kiss on the cheek prior to going our separate ways.

    I did have fun overall that night though I cannot help but wonder whether I could have gone any further with shot-girl and what I could learn from this experience, so that I can be more than a customer?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’d have told her i could kiss her WITHOUT buying a shot if i wanted. you got shit tested, but she may have wanted to make an excuse to talk with you.

      and as long as you had fun, it was a worthwhile experience.

      • Nate says:

        I see, admittingly she was rather persistent both with the shot and the kissing.

        Out of interest and perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but what value is there (if any) of having a girl you pulled later kiss you on the cheek at the end of the night and would it have been possible to escalate it further?

  7. […] Repost: Stripper Game  Home  Repost: Stripper Game […]

  8. Vicomte says:

    I’ll never understand the whole ‘professional girl’ infatuation.

    Smells like validation-seeking to me. Why does anyone want a girl anyone can rent for a few bucks?

  9. M3 says:

    Excellent post, and one i wish i read in my early 20’s.. coulda saved a lot of frikin dough LOL

    I only succeeded when i was in my angry dark triad phase. Could have had a more pleasant experience following some of these tips. That way i wouldn’t have ended up with that psychotic chick who stabbed her mother and punctured all her ex-bf’s tires.

    I had to NEXT that one with severe caution and very carefully..

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