Game Everyone

game everyone.

Yohami is where i first heard this. i’m not like some of the other’s out there that will lift someones material. game everyone is Yo’s shit. but i’m 100% behind that. and with good reason.

if you only run game on women you’re attracted to, you’re missing out on a TON off opportunities. you see, when you practice on women you aren’t attracted to, you’re less likely to be nervous since you don’t really care about the outcome. eventually, it’ll become second nature. when you actually game a woman you LIKE, you’ll be more laid back, you’ll exude confidence and you’ll come off as natural.

case in point. tonight i was at my local. there’s a VERY cute waitress there. just started working there. never came on to her before. at all. never. but…we’ve talked, i’ve been introduced by my boy that works there (VERY gay dude as well. lol. but i love him). i’ve been pre-approved since i know and flirt with all the girls. well, i was talking to her tonight while me and my bartender pal were looking up naked pictures of olivia munn. she made a comment about it and i asked her if she wanted to see her cans. she said why not and that she loves cans. i smiled and told her to remind her bf how lucky he is.

this is my flanking maneuver instead of beta’ing up with “do you have a bf?”

when she mentioned not having a bf i simply asked her if she were taking applications. she laughed and went back to work. she went to one of the cash registers and i rolled up, held out my phone and told her we were doing something soon. THEN i remembered they just opened the new gun range by the mall and i told her i was going to take her shooting.

“you gonna keep me from shooting anyone, i’ve only shot like, 5 times.”

i assured her that Danny would keep her safe and protect her from hurting anyone else. she laughed and punched in her number. i told her i was leaving but that she’d hear from me soon. i called her number and told her there’s a 504 area code number on her phone now. that’s me. she smiled and i left.

it’s THAT easy. notice, i didn’t ASK her out, i TOLD HER we were doing something together. when you go assertive and don’t offer “NO” as a response, most of the times a woman will go along with it.

i’m posting this despite the fact that i do like this girl and talking about it means it’ll probably morph into nothing. i’m almost willing to bet a pay check that now NOT.A.DAMN.THING. will materialize of this. anyone wanna bet? fuck my life.

stay up.


basically. my Alpha T-shirt

36 Comments on “Game Everyone”

  1. ARoss says:

    Funny You mention gaming everyone as I was facebook gaming this single mom lol and was wondering if you can analyze it as I’m not totally confident in my responses?

  2. earl says:

    When I go dancing…not only do I practice leading through dance…I practice leading social interactions with game.

    Usually they are older women but they respond all the same.

  3. Vicomte says:

    I can see it all now:

    You pick her up and drive to the range. Along the way, you realize you both love the same music.

    You show her how to properly fire an assortment of weaponry, and she marvels at your prowess. She pushes her ass against you when you are ‘showing her proper form’ from behind.

    She mentions that her late father was a Navy Pilot, and gets a little choked up as she remembers him coming home from long deployments when she was little. The sight of a Navy uniform still fills her with joy.

    She tells you about how her little sister never even got to meet their father, as she was born while he was away, and died soon after. The girl is obviously very important to her, and she explains that she’s always been very protective of her little sis. You tell her you know exactly how she feels.

    It’s all going so well, you ask her back to your place. She smiles and agrees.

    On the way, her phone rings and she says it’s her sister. She has been having a rough time lately, and she desperately needs big sis. She apologizes and asks if you can take her mother’s house.

    When you arrive, she invites you to stay. She says her baby sis will love you and you both can cheer her up.

    She leaves you in the kitchen while she goes to find her sister and mother. You can’t help but overhear their conversation and the distant sounds of feminine sobbing:

    ‘Oh my God, Mom, what’s wrong with Sarah? I’ve never seen her like this before…’

    “She’s been inconsolable. She hasn’t stopped crying for two days.”

    ‘What happened?’

    “Remember how I told you she had to get that test done the other day? Well, apparently some asshole there called her ‘fucking retarded’…”

    ‘That’s horrible! Who would do such a thing to my baby sister! That man must be a monster!’

    ‘Oh, Mom, I want you and Sarah to meet my friend Danny…’

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      nice try, but i had closed the door before i made the comment. you get +2 for trying though.

      • Vicomte says:

        I have another version where you’re about to F-close when she sees your blog on your computer and reads this post and then runs away crying.

        And then some B-reel where she LJBFs you for being short.

        Then there was one where the other waitresses tell her you have leukemia and she agrees to go out with you Make A Wish style, but that one was pretty involved and I didn’t have the energy.

  4. Vicomte says:

    You’re lucky I was able to type at all with only my left hand.

  5. Golden. Very Alpha, very irresistable.

  6. theprometheanman says:

    i.e. flirt with everyone. been doing it for years.

    thanks for sharing!


  7. sunshinemary says:

    i didn’t ASK her out, i TOLD HER we were doing something together. when you go assertive and don’t offer “NO” as a response, most of the times a woman will go along with it.

    LOL, I’ve totally noticed this about you. The first comment you ever left on my old was to come flying in and command me to email you…which of course I did. 🙂

    Even women that a man isn’t trying to sleep with respond better to commands rather than requests. And if he is friendly and fun about it, it won’t offend or anger us at all.

  8. sunshinemary says:

    Oops, forgot a word…should say:
    “you ever left on my old *blog*”

  9. Bill Powell says:

    I wrote something like this on my old blog but never saved it dammit. Here’s another take on this subject, I think I’ll repost it.

  10. sunshinemary says:

    I thought I’d just take a break from sorting through the many Deti guest posts I have in my drafts folder to come say hello. So, hello!

    I just have so many of his guest posts, I don’t even know when I’ll have time to publish them all.


  11. Ton says:

    I take girls to the range all the time. Guns are like crack for hippie chicks

  12. […] Danny from 504: Game everyone […]

  13. CLG says:

    ok, I need a suggestion on this one… I posted up at the bar, pulled the “lucky boyfriend” bit while i was out drinking at my local to a 3rd wheel hanging around my friend and his gf. she called me on it as just “being a line”… couldn’t overcome the accusatory tone from that, so I bailed. any suggestions on overcoming the call out?

    • Ton says:

      Laugh and keep rolling with it, like “lucky girl friend?”

      Personally I start with lucky girl friend

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      You got shit tested. I’d have negged her about being too uptight.

      Again. My game is very as-lib and my response would have been based on how she looked/dressed/spoke.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • CLG says:

        thanks guys, I know I got shit tested, I tried coming back from it, but it was a no fly zone. Will try lucky girl friend next time, I like that one.

    • andrewmichaelmedina says:

      One word. “And?”

      If you master that you will well be on your way.

  14. Ton says:

    No worries brother, and don’t worry so much. This is supposed to be fun

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