Just a Mom

i always marvel at people that ask what my mom does for a living. i usually run a post for mothers day, but decided to change it up this year.

my family is VERY close. i’m sure if you’ve nosed around these parts for a while you can deduce that on your own. my mom is a SAHM. when people ask me what she does i tell them. then they ask, “no, what does she do for a living.” *sigh* i know it’s old school and sacrilege for a woman to lower herself to simply be a mother and housewife. OHNOEZ!!!!!!

i don’t have kids. but i can tell you that i understand 100% how much work goes into raising a child. i know because my mother was involved with every aspect of my life. it wasn’t until i started noticing girls did she start to allow me some privacy. i’m sure the mom’s reading this know when their child reaches that point where she has to allow for mistakes and the child to be the individual they are.

i was the stereotypical “sticks and snails and puppy dog tails” american boy. i gave my mother at least 3-4 heart attacks a week. i climbed trees, played in dirt, rode bikes, played on roofs, played football, got hurt (A LOT), got bruised (A LOT), played in the woods and around the canal by Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw’s house. i’m sure the parents reading are well acquainted to “what he did do now”, when someone mentioned me. but in the end, my mother raised the man who’s blog you’re reading. she taught me basic game as a junior high skate rat. she stressed my thinking for myself and doing what i wanted to, NOT what other people THINK i should do. she taught me accountability, courage, justice, and most of all Catholic morality. be a good person, and look out for your fellow man if they are in need.

red pill woman raise the best children. FACT. so to all my red-pill moms out there-

Happy Mother’s Day.

as a testament of how i MIGHT have developed such a twisted sense of humor, please allow me to share with you a song my mother taught me when i was a young boy.

“they built the ship titanic,
to sail the ocean blue,
and they said it was the first ship-that,
the water would never go through,
but on it’s first trip,
and ice burg struck the ship,
it was sad how the great ship was sunk.
it was sad how the the great ship was sunk.

to the bottom of the,
husbands and wives,
little children lost their lives,
it was sad how the great ship was sunk.”

thanks mom, such a lovely, cheerful song to teach a 6 year old. and she sang it in the joyful of voice. FML. lol.

Stay up.

me and Mommy

me and Mommy

my mothers day gift

my mothers day gift

see what a good son i am. you KNOW you want these

see what a good son i am. you KNOW you want these

as an added bonus i’ll throw some food porn into the mix

the above reminded me of THIS. OH what i’d do to Debbie Diamond.

6 Comments on “Just a Mom”

  1. Matt says:

    Family? That’s un-American!

  2. Faust says:

    I’m sure it’s hard being the mother of a special-needs child.

  3. JustYX says:

    I’d love to say that you have her smile…but how would one know?

    happy colonial Mother’s Day

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