Book Review: Enjoy the Decline

I’ve been pretty open about my plans for retirement- couple acres in Tay-has, the travel trailer, the microfarm, etc. Currently waiting on my sis to cop a uhaul and head up here to claim my sofa and king sized cloud of a bed. Other friends have laid claims to the TV, my bookshelf (books are staying with me obviously), and mom wants the spinny chair. What I don’t sell I’ll donate to goodwill. All I plan on taking are my books, some clothes, the food bank, the guns, and a few mementos. I’m well aware that I need to get rid of almost all of my shit and kinda looking forward to it.

With that in mind, I finally decided to jump into “Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey”, and must say I was NOT disappointed. The odd thing is, having met him I heard his voice as I read the passages. Kinda surreal. Now, I know dick about finance. Numbers totally fuck me up. I’d have a PhD by now if I could just pass college algebra. ETD, prepares you for the rough times ahead. And believe me, its coming. But Aaron is able to break down to the lay-person how exactly the economy will implode. Its one thing to hear speculation on the news, or make your own predictions based on current events. But reading Aarons take is kind of chilling at first. But then, he slaps you on the back and tells you not to worry. :/

In the beginning he explains basic finance to us. Then tell us how to prepare, how to educate, invest, and breaks down what’s most important in life. But after you start to finish the first chapter, something odd happens. Around page 54-55, Aaron quits writing and suddenly Tyler Durden takes over.

“I am Jack’s wasted youth. I am Jack’s public education.”

“I am Jack’s utterly disillusioned and disappointed American dream.”

I won’t spoil the content, but trust me- if I could, I’d take a copy of ETD back in time and give it to me the day I graduated High School. This book is a MUST READ for all the young men in the Sphere. We’ve all heard the feminist horse shit, we’ve been lied to, marginalized, mistreated, misrepresent, and mostly, made to feel unnecessary. The media portrays us as buffoons; they cater to the “empowered, independent woman”……

It’s time we responded. Read this book…..and learn how.

What I took from this book was a survival guide, a starter kit if you will for MGTOW. While he doesn’t condone or speak against marriage and kids, he does speak in a manner akin to “at your own risk”. You’re a grown adult, make your own decisions. But he’s also realistic as to the current environment for American men and lays out a very basic plan to make the most of what time we have before “hope and change” kicks in, and the parasites overtake the host. Fortunately for me, I’ve already taken care of about ¾ of what Aaron recommends. Interestingly enough, Mr. Clarey informs us if he had it to do over again, he’d have joined the Military. Expect a post very soon on what a man joining the Service needs to know to survive.

Please don’t think its all doom and gloom in ETD, that’s the beauty of it. In essence Aaron has made the mistakes and wants to prevent you from doing the same and have a fulfilling life. This is why I think every young man needs to read ETD, he’s helping you have a better, more prosperous and meaningful life.

So rosin up that fiddle as the city burns behind you, kick back you enjoy the decline. I mean, all you have to lose is…..well, everything. lol

Stay Up.

why my copy will always be cooler than yours.

why my copy will always be cooler than yours.

oops….forgot to add this.

26 Comments on “Book Review: Enjoy the Decline”

  1. Paeon says:

    My copy arrived earlier today, was just procrastinating reading it with my phone. This is a pretty good sign I should stop doing that…

  2. earl says:

    The part of the book I liked is this simple fact: In order to exact revenge…have fun and be happy.

    I’ve found the most offensive thing to weak men and women is a guy who lets nothing they say get to him…because he has too much joy inside to notice.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the very crux of the book. i’d go on welfare if i didn’t have a pension coming in.

      • Joe Sixpack says:

        please explain: “id go on welfare…”

        is welfare that easy to get? It sure is pissing me off to have to work to support all the welfare babies and other assholes that don’t wanna get off the couch and work. Giving up on all the “living by the book” shit is looking more and more attractive.

  3. darlingdoll says:

    I find it interesting that your retirement plan is very Tyler Durden-esq (“Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.” ~Chuck Palahniuk) and then you go on to say that in this “Aaron quits writing and suddenly Tyler Durden takes over.”

    I think the book sounds enlightening; I think I’ll put it on my to read list

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      You should. It’s that good.

      And my retirement plan is based on unplugging from what I have stuck in my head. I’ve seen/experienced things no one should have to live with.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • darlingdoll says:

        Gotcha. I like that you are probably one of the few Americans that would be cool with letting go of material possessions, living with little, growing your own food. What ever the reason, it’s refreshing to to know that there are people out there who understand that your things don’t make you who you are or better. You can live with out all of that “stuff” and still be happy.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        there are other’s in this community that think like i do. Aaron is a cheap SOB. lol. he has a chapter devoted to “minimalism”, which i fund very enjoyable. and was very much able to relate to.

  4. Paeon says:

    Finished the first chapter and am thoroughly peeved. Gosh dern parasites.

  5. Vicomte says:

    Fuckin’ baby Booomers.

    How to visit Danny at the new place:

  6. Norm says:

    I had my stuff in storage for about 6 mos. until I find a job where I can settle down and get a place. Will only buy minimum furniture this time and when I do move in I will go through my stuff and sell or give away what I don’t need.

    Having a root cellar is a great idea Danny if you have one. Also a video security system, with tiny hidden HD cameras. Good luck on getting head start on the decline which is already picking up speed.

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  8. theprometheanman says:

    Dude I like your ideas but you really gotta stop writing in chat speak. I don’t understand most of what you’re talking about.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I write in the manner that’s most comfortable for me. I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years.

      The writing won’t change. I base my site on substance, not fluff.

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. RojoC says:

    Looking forward to reading your post about joining the service since that’s what I am getting ready to do.

  10. Seraph says:


    I got a wife and kid, so I certainly can’t go my own way at this point. Any useful advice in there Danny for family men?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      uuuuuuuuh, take care of them. ETD doesn’t frown on family, actually he applauds them. but the book points out how much a wife/kid can cost a man. so, do the best you can for your fam.

      read the book, and prosper. lol. you’ll be a better man/provider for it.

      On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 3:35 PM, dannyfrom504

  11. Faust says:

    Yeah, it’s a real interesting book. I’ve read it a couple times actually. The latter parts were a little weak, I thought, where Clarey’s talking about places to go or ways to get money: it’s clear he’s never actually lived off the government or actually tried to move to any of these places, so the writing’s not as strong as it is in the rest of the book.

    But as a manifesto for a generation that’s giving up on the path of “Marriage/Home/Kids/9-5 Job”, either willingly or unwillingly, it’s unmatched. It’s worth the asking price, no doubt.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      you have to remember, Aaron had a 6 figure job before writing his book. he’s been on the inside of the corporate world. as for the “weaker” points of the book- it was more of a suggestion and the reader is left to look into those options.

      but i agree wholeheartedly with your closing statement.

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  13. […] you haven’t read Enjoy the Decline then shame on you. but, the new book is a much more in depth read along the same lines as ETD. […]

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