ITLR- Nonsense ‘n Stuff

this is an ITLR for a reason. i KNOW the ladies will be reading but you will be disregarded from this post. reason: SIMPLE. this is about something unique to men. this post came to me a few nights ago after watching “the terminator”. the original. the classic. i was all into it and the scene where reese arrives on earth and steals a homeless dues pants made me pause.

“if i had to be homeless, LA is definitely where i’d want to be.”

harmless enough, but what came next was a serious extrapolation in my inner dialogue about where i WOULD and WOULD NOT want to be homeless. next thing i knew, 10 minutes had gone by and i had to rewind my DVR. lol.

well, i was at my local the next night and i brought this up to the manager and a few friends and what came about was a nice 20 minute discussion on said subject. and it got SERIOUS. lol. this is one of the great things i LOVE about being a man. these little debates are classic male bonding and fun as all hell since we REALLY get into detail about our positions on the subject matter. lol.

i won’t go into the details os the discussion; instead i’ll ask my male readers- if you had to be homeless, what city would you choose to be homeless in and why?

stay up.

31 Comments on “ITLR- Nonsense ‘n Stuff”

  1. JustYX says:

    I like your personal ranch idea.

    failing that?

    I’d choose a quicker path to eternity than living on the streets of a city.

  2. beta_plus says:

    I think that I would just move to the cheapest area of the country, which I suspect is in someplace like Texas, Kansas or Nebraska.

  3. ARoss says:

    I’d have say Miami. (I’m a Dolphins fan)

  4. MadMav says:

    Vegas Baby!

  5. Seraph says:

    Miami. Never been there, but if my assumptions are right…

    Will rarely ever get cold, certainly not anything approaching miserable, and while it will get HOT, I would rather be hot outdoors than freezing.

    Ocean and beaches are readily accessible, so you can bathe easily, if not in the ocean, then at the beach showers. And, if it IS hot, take a dip.

    Grab yourself a discarded towel, beach umbrella and sunblock, and you can sleep on the beach during the day and even the cops can’t bug you.

    LOTS of eye-candy. Heh.

    Hell, if you bathe and keep yourself in decent shape, you can spend all day gaming girls, maybe get a hook-up and place to sleep for the night.

    …Hell…this is actually sounding pretty good…just got to avoid getting murdered…

  6. Vicomte says:


    I would be the only bum on the island, and I could make a lot of money off the people there. Just rich folks that wouldn’t miss it and tourists all summer.

    I would migrate west to live among the Amish every winter.

    Any temperate/warmer climates will have other bums, which not only makes it more dangerous for me, but the people will be more prone to hate me and not help me, and I’ll have more trouble with police.

  7. Escoffier says:

    Santa Cruz, California.

    1) It’s my hometown
    2) Perfect weather
    3) The people are complete suckers, you can tell them any sob story, the more outlandish the better, and they will subsidize you in every way
    4) Walkable
    5) Plenty to do that is free

  8. […] ITLR- Nonsense ‘n Stuff […]

  9. Ton says:

    I’m a grunt, weather is a big deal, and my only staff job was in Hawaii. Hated the job, loved the women, loved the place, loved the people, loved the women, loved the food, loved the women….

  10. blogRot says:

    I’d choose an old 2nd tier city, like Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich; something that was built over a city, which itself was built over a city (or three). I’d bet there would be lots of undercity to explore with all that free time, plus the resources available in a major city that the rich bleeding hearts dish out to assuage their affluezna.

    I’ve read/seen stuff on homeless in Tokyo; it looks like a very cushy existence if one didn’t mind being a disposable ant in the hivemind (I’d pass, too creepy).

    (cheat codes: ENABLED) And finally, I’d stay right here in DFW and renounce my citizenship so that US Gov would have to feed, clothe, educate, and house me.

  11. playtrip says:

    I’ve had this conversation before. I also said LA………….Westwood (Los Angeles)

  12. Keanu says:

    Definitely not any of the northern cities…you’d freeze your buns off

  13. Random Angeleno says:

    San Francisco. Never freezes or snows, never gets too hot. Liberals are soooo helpful. Resources everywhere I turn. Plus lots of young internet heads I can make feel guilty in 3 seconds if they don’t hand me their spare change.

    this could be my long sought after alternative …
    on the other hand, a conscience is such a limiting factor… sigh

  14. Escoffier says:

    SF gets too cold. Plus there is a lot of competition, it’s crawling with homeless.

    SoCal is too vehicle dependent. Though I guess one could have a car and still be “homeless.”

  15. CLG says:

    maybe miami? there are enough homeless people down there that something must be going off, or some place like Montana. if you stay squatting on the same piece of property for 10 years and no one comes by to lay claim or title to it, or to actively keep up the property, its yours (adverse possession).

  16. deti says:

    Middle of the country, Kansas/Nebraska/Texas/Missouri. Cheap living. Salt of the earth good people.

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