I’ll try this Again…..

i didn’t particularly feel like writing today. i went to the gun range earlier and fired some .45, .9mm, and .223 down range and WOW do i feel great now (sorry i was alone….no pics, but DAMN do i love firing the MAC-10). last night i went and saw one of my favorite comedians (Jim Norton) and he KILLED. got to ask him a few questions about “comedian ethos” (i use some of his material when chatting up girls and asked if that makes me a “joke thief”, he laughed and said as long as i don’t make money as a comedian it’s cool. then he marveled at how his material can make a woman moist. “seriously, you tell women that. that’s fucking amazing. i might have to try it.”) jim’s VERY bashful when talking to girls. i told him to check out my site. lol.

again….i appreciate everyone’s concern. i’m orking on the post about what Paw-Paw said to me, just didn’t feel like writing much today. now, let’s get back to business.

the other day i was at the pharmacy and there was a mom with 2 daughters next to me- one almost 3, the other 4. well, to my left there was a woman with a son, about 3 yo. the youngest of the 2 girls would walk towards the boy, smiling, and stop. the boy never acknowledged girl. he’s about 3, he didn’t give a fuck about her. the young girl would smile and turn around and run back to mom.

aaaaah yes. the dance. i knew EXACTLY what was going on.

she did it once more and i looked at mom and said, “you’re in BIG troble when she get’s older.” mom smiled and nodded that she knew. i asked if the other one was boy crazy and mom said not really. the little one then started making faces at me, and i ignored her at first. once i saw she was looking at me i turned my head and made a “mad face” at her. she dove into her mom and buried her face laughing. i know ALL the parents reading know exactly what’s going down.

well eventually, the 4 yo was glancing at me. i finally locked eyes with her and stuck out my tongue. she looked away and smiled. finally she was looking at me out the corner of her eye (DAMMIT do you women learn this shit early) and when she caught me looking at her and smirking, she slowly stuck her tongue out at me. i jumped up, placed my hands on my hips and called her a “meany”. mom laughed as the girl buried her head into her mother.

are we noting a pattern here. how girls respond to teasing….

my neighbor has a 7 year old daughter. whenever she sees me, she runs across the street and jumps into my arms. i ask her where my kiss is and stick out my cheek, which she kisses happily. then while rambling on about whatever the hell is going on in the mind of a 7 year old girl, i tell her i want MY kiss. she puts her cheek out, i bury my face in her neck and pepper it with tiny kisses while making the “muah, muah, muah, mauh” sound. she giggles and squeals and pulls away from me smiling.

ok danny…..why the hell are you sharing this?

GLAD YOU ASKED. as we know, i number closed a waitress at my local a few days ago. well, i’m taking her out friday after she get’s off work. ever since i got her number instead of giving her hug when i leave (i say goodbye to a few of the waitress’), she started hugging me, then placing her neck close to my face. well, i do the SAME THING i just described doing with the 7 year old. she giggles, pulls away, slaps me lightly on the shoulder and calls me a goofball.

see what she did there? well, in case you didn’t catch on, i gave her MAJOR tingles. she ACTED like she didn’t like what i was doing, but her hamster LOVED it. always pay attention to what a woman DOES, not what she says. she WANTED me to kiss her neck. but since we’re at her job, we couldn’t go full on PDA; but she ACTED like she didn’t like what i did.

when in fact…..she LOVED it.

it’s that easy guys. what works on a 7 year old girl, works on a 24 year old woman. take her out of her dreary, normal, run of the mill day; and bring her into your excellent world. she WANT’S to be there. a woman is powerless against aloof, flirty, assertive game. know how i know. EVERY woman reading this post is grinning from ear to ear as i explained what i did to both the young girls, and the 24 year old waitress.

stay up.

2 douces. me and 'Lil Jimmy.

2 douces. me and ‘Lil Jimmy.

"next fer merchandiiiise." fucking Club Soda Kenny, and a short fuck.

“next fer merchandiiiise.” fucking Club Soda Kenny, and a short fuck.

this is why you don't play rough with a Staffy.

this is why you don’t play rough with a Staffy.

[Ed- Khalisi was nekkid tonight. and game of thrones is getting MAD alpha. this episode was too good.]

9 Comments on “I’ll try this Again…..”

  1. Hessian says:

    Great post Danny. I am still learning that lesson as result of stupid nice guy training from my family.

  2. sunshinemary says:

    Your knee! ouch

    The story about the little girl in the pharmacy is too cute. You’re good with kids.

  3. ar10308 says:

    Range therapy is always the best. Nothing like the sense of relaxation you feel after you get done putting rounds down range.

  4. Vicomte says:

    In which Danny looks more like Jim Norton than Jim Norton.

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  6. Oooh, I Cant wait for tonights episode! (Its a day later here) – thanks for starting my (GoT) tingles early! 😉

  7. […] “what works on a 7 year old girl, works on a 24 year old woman.  take her out of her dreary, normal, run of the mill day; and bring her into your excellent world. she WANT’S to be there.   […]

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