Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf

i LOVE meatloaf. it’s basic, hearty and down-to-earth. i’ve tweaked the recipe to suit my own tastes and whenever i make it it get’s rave reviews. i like a traditional Buffalo wing sauce for the glaze, but i’ve also used BBQ sauce (i prefer Stubb’s BBQ sauce), A1, and even topped it with mac and cheese for an ex who was simply mesmerized by the concept. that’s the great thing about women if you cook, they are SOOOOOO DOWN for anything off the wall as long as it’s dishes they adore. well said gf was a mac-n-cheese nutcase. and she LOVED my turkey meatloaf, i combines the 2 and she went apeshit for it. i run into her once in a while back in NO and she tells me how her take on it “just isn’t the same”. lol. the big difference for my recipe is i take the breadcrumbs out and replace them with oatmeal. let’s dive in shall we. you will need.

2 lbs ground turkey (roughly)
1 1/2 cup chopped onion, celery, bell pepper (trinity)
1 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 egg
4 TBS garlic powder
4 TBS herbs Provence
2 TBS poultry seasoning (optional)
4 TBS seasoning salt (i use Tony Chachere’s……it’s a La. staple)
4 TBS chipotle powder (you can use red pepper if you wish or omit all together)

place the above in a mixing bowl and get your hands dirty. mix until all ingredients are combined well. place in a greased bread pan. heat oven to 350. cook for about 1 hour or until internal temp is about 165.

Buffalo Glaze

1/4 stick butter (NOT MARGARINE)
1/2 cup hot sauce

heat butter till it’s liquid gold. add hot sauce and stir until blended well. adjust the heat to your liking. pour 1/2 over the meatloaf and use the other half to drizzle over the individual serving.

c’est si bon.

stay up.

5 Comments on “Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf”

  1. Mrs. KTC says:

    My man loves meatloaf but I haven’t found a good recipe yet. This looks great. Thanks!

  2. Mrs. KTC says:

    I’ve made this three times so far and have gotten so many praises for it. My man loves it, my family loves it , I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. […] going home to as i was getting balls deep in K’s guts (she HATES when i say that). i made us turkey meatloaf with pomegranate glaze and snicker brownies and had another first. while watching me cook, she […]

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