ITLR: 2 Girls 1 Pub

Lol. I can’t make this shit up.

Alright, I told you a few days ago how I number closed a waitress at my local. Well, after 2 flakes without a follow-up suggestion I decided to fish other waters. Well, I recently number closed a 20 year old hostess at my local. VERY cute girl. We’re getting together this Friday night. Honestly……no big deal, I’m actually talking myself out of it. More on that at the end of the post.

Well, yesterday I stopped at my local to have a beer and the girl I closed over a week ago (that flaked on me) approached the bar to grab a drink order. I playfully called her name.

Not even a look my way. Lol.

So I looked at her, and simply stated her name. again….NOTHING. not even a look.

I was DYING laughing inside. I know restaurant dynamics WELL. I KNOW she found out I started talking to the 20 yo hostess. This is a girl that prior to today ALWAYS speaks to me. Always flirts with me, ALWAYS acknowledges me. I know what’s going on with her and I’m not going to berate her for flaking. I know she has 2 jobs, I know she’s working on her degree that will ultimately be her career. I admire and respect that.

But, on planet Danny, I have my own agenda to attend to. I gave her a shot at winning some attention from me, she had to decline, I moved on. I am NOT short of options (just on vertical height- wokka wokka) in the SMP. I have ZERO issues with dealing with women. Even when you have mad game, the ugly flake monster can rear its ugly head.

Notice her hamster has vilified me, but glossed over her shutting me down. I’m not a woman but I do realize how competitive women can be- ESPECIALLY when the see they’ve been rejected. It truly is a one way street with the fairer sex. Us men are EXPECTED to deal with being turned down as “no big deal”.

Suck it up ladies. Your choices have consequences.

Well, I also learned that new girl could bring some drama to planet Danny, so I’m looking at this skeptically. I DO NOT need the BS she’s got going on. I’ve learned all to well to trust my gut and I got a serious wake-up call about her yesterday. She’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but might have to punch out on girl.

Just like Patrice mentioned, men are like sport fisherman. Sometimes you just like knowing you can catch a fish. You show off to your friends, get a picture with the marlin, and you throw it back. You know you can fish, you know you have a vital skill…..a note-worthy skill. It just feels good to flex some muscle sometimes. Lol.

But honestly, THIS is why it’s great to understand game and take the red-pill. A man with more beta tendencies would keep asking the flake girl out over and over again. He’d still give her adoration and the validation of making her feel chased. When shit goes into “punch out” zone, I unplug completely from her. She gets NOTHING from Danny any longer. Think about it, she knows I’m trying to get with her, but flake girl WILL NOT budge on the “I’m busy” horse-shit.

There’s no point in giving her shit about it, so I’ll just move on to the next one. Do you think her hamster gives a crap about telling me “no”, but BOOOOY does her hamster hate the fact that I scooped up another girl on her own turf- 3 days later no less.

That right there should give you all the proof you need on game and getting out of blue-pill mind set.

And in case you missed it, Stingray had a great write up today. Also, yours truly is now getting traffic from an “anti-game, anti-PUA” site. I’m seriously fucking flattered. I made it. lol. I’m pissing off omegas. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Stay Up.


33 Comments on “ITLR: 2 Girls 1 Pub”

  1. Greg says:


    Do you ever give out red pill advice? I’d like to send you an email about a complex situation I’m in.



  2. 2 things on this bit:
    It truly is a one way street with the fairer sex. Us men are EXPECTED to deal with being turned down as “no big deal”.

    Suck it up ladies. Your choices have consequences.

    1: Scocious. Quotable.
    2: Long time ago I noticed “the fair sex” referred to appearance, not any inborn sense of justice.

  3. Vicomte says:

    How long has she known about the leukemia?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I met her before at my “make a wish” fund raiser.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Vicomte says:

        Hostess: ‘My only wish is one date with a caring man before all of my hair falls out. Just one. I’ve always had a thing for short guys.’

        Danny: ‘Wish in one hand, shit in the other.

        See which fills up first.’

  4. earl says:

    The more I get into game the more I realize friendship between guys is more fulfilling than trying to get a woman into your life. The only fulfillment a woman brings is when she decides to return your investment…and who knows how much it will take. Men on the other hand I’ve seen guys get my back just because I acknowledge them.

    Young women are always a hit and miss…and obviously practicing game on them is good since you will have plenty of misses. However spreading game out from that you should see how the elderly light up if you give them a compliment or greet them first…heck a dog ran right to me today wanting to be petted after I looked at it.

    So the idea of “game everybody” should be the biggest red pill everyone takes.

  5. Ton says:

    Fuck that throwing them back, I mount every fish I land…. and yea I am talking about game fishing.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i eat them. lol. Cajun custom. i caught a trophy sheephead on a cane pole on lake catherine. first thing i asked Paw-Paw when i got it home was, “how are we cooking it?”

      • Ton says:

        Oh I get that little brother. My kin were kind of pissy when I turned trophy hunter/ fisherman but I want the trophies as a monument to myself. Given my life, I’m not long for this world and I want my grandkids to have tangible evidence of the grandfather they are unlikely to meet.

        My ex is Cajun, took me years to understand the lauange. I’m a hillbilly as in weed and revenue running are viable career options were I was raised up. We produced some redneck kids….

      • aneroidocean says:

        Sheephead are awesome!

  6. Stingray says:

    I’m not coming in to the locker room, I swear. Just knocking and yelling from the out side, “Thank you for the link, Danny!!!!! I appreciate it!!!!”

    Hey! Can you hear me in there? What are you guys talking about anyway?! Can I come in? 😀

  7. MissMarie says:

    The umbrella picture is so kyoooooot!!!

  8. Seraph says:

    See, theory is nice, but to illustrate so well the weird dynamics of the female psyche is really important. That’s what I love about this blog.

    What is so funny is that a Beta who had inadvertantly done what you did, got flaked on and then chatted up a different girl would be utterly mystified as to the first waitresses’ reaction. He would think, “what did I do?” and then assume it must have been something he did that caused her to flake in the first place. He would have no clue as to the nature of the entitlement attention monster lurking within the girl.

    Keep ’em coming, Danny…

    • deti says:

      Isn’t it funny when you were blue pill and inadvertently running game, and it works, and you have no idea what you did that worked?

      In college I jonesed on this nice girl I wanted badly. She and I had a class together. I decided I was going to take my shot. So I start shooting the shit with her and her VERY hot, achingly beautiful friend. So while I’m getting in with nice girl, hot girl is trying to run a mild cockblock. So I flip some attitude right back at her. I hit on nice girl and joke and kid around with hot girl. So eventually I tell hot girl playfully, “hey, go away, will ya? I’m trying to talk to your friend here.” Nothing’s ever gonna happen with hot girl, right?

      Well, nice girl the next few days cold shoulders me. I’m talking with nice girl a little after class and up comes hot girl. Nice girl excuses herself and leaves me with hot girl. Later I find out nice girl bowed out because hot girl liked me MORE than nice girl. It wasn’t until I got here that I understood why — because I didn’t put up with her shit and I kidded around with her.

      • Vicomte says:

        The really important lesson here is that you got the girl you *didn’t* want.

        This is the Paradox of Game, and all finer strategy is derived from it.

      • Greg says:

        In college I had no idea what I was doing and had never heard of game, but I developed a strategy I liked to call “gardening”. Make sure your garden has a enough water and then wait to see what blooms. I worked it like this: flirt with everybody, ask for numbers, talk, but never set a date for anything (mostly because I was serious and busy, not because I knew what I was doing). Then, about once a month, I’d get a random call from one of my flowers who was ready to bloom. I think it worked because there was no pressure, they were comfortable with me, and I was overtly sexual, all at the same time.

        But I’m new to game, so I really don’t know yet. I’m still analyzing my past to determine what will work in the future.

  9. tj says:

    Hah! Out of netnanny purgatory just in time for a hamster holding a pink parasol – how freakin’ awesome is that?

    words to the wise re fishin’ – I’m a fly fisherman – if they ain’t biting, it’s time to move on – there’s always a bite going on somewhere else

  10. OffTheCuff says:

    Greg, sounds like something worth expanding on. Sound like you may be a natural, and you only need to understand WHY it works, if you so care.

    So-called orbiting can be done in a strong manner, if, as you say, you set a sexual frame with female friends from the very beginning. Additionally, her friends will often notice that frame from a distance, and then jump in without you doing anything directly to them.

    You know you have the right frame if you can, say, comment on her tits fearlessly, knowing that she will giggle or laugh or blush, because the frame has been there from the first moment.

    I think this qualifies as “Game Everyone”.

    • Greg says:

      I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now. What do you call a guy who is good with women but who is otherwise a Beta. But not a Beta. I can’t see calling myself an Alpha…. but I think that’s because I’ve never really cared whether or not anyone is “following” me. I’ve never considered myself good with women, yet I’ve been with more than most of the guys I know, and I never make any effort. When I have dry spells, it’s because I’ve become preoccupied with something and I’m not going out. If I’m doing anything social, I meet women.

      So your statement resonates with me. I have no idea what I’m doing, but what I’ve done in the past seems to have worked…. whatever that was.

      I saw something on another blog (either Privateman or Heartiste) which mentioned that Natural Alphas have a wall of their own, after which they stop getting laid, because they never knew what was working for them in the past, they weren’t practising game, they were just being themselves and attracting women.

      What’s this I’ve read about Sigma?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        thats all i could find. never knew what it was until you asked me.

        i’d say don’t bother labeling yourself. if you’re finding success, just be cool with that.

      • LostSailor says:

        Vox Day has written about Sigma, and coined the phrase, I believe, when he expanded on the usual Alpha/Beta sociosexual hierarchy. His definition is here:

      • LostSailor says:

        Yeah, well, Vox doesn’t do anything without depth. I agree it’s too complex for the purposes of scoring with women and binary descriptors work best to keep game simple, but there is some value in his observations. Especially the observation of Gammas (feminist manginas) who are usually anti-game and Omegas, who wouldn’t understand game if you explained it to them or be able to use it if they understood it.

        That aside, I posted the link mainly for the description of Sigma (also linked in Krauser’s post): the “lone-wolf” alpha. Usually Alphas are social creatures, the very charismatic extrovert. The Sigma is the charismatic introvert who genuinely doesn’t give a crap about being social unless it suits his ends; he’ll do well with women, but not really care much.

        Obviously, these aren’t hard definitions and truly charismatic men will fall somewhere along a spectrum. My roommate in college and after was a very charismatic Aussie who fell in the middle. He could be very social and would have women falling all over him and could juggle multipe GFs (going back a way, pre hook-up culture days), but when he got his head into a project, like learning carpentry (became a Master Carpenter) or writing a play script, women, even GFs, were largely irrelevant to him.

      • LostSailor says:

        Ha. I should get in touch with Vox and see if he’ll add a new category. A Danny: introverted slayer of poon with great cooking skills…

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