ITLR: 2 Girls 1 Pub II

i was hoping someone was going to ask what i planned on doing with “flake girl” now that i’ve made a move on the 20 yo. lol.

ok, i got flaked on. it happens. now, i could just chalk it up as an “L” and move on, but remember- i’m an INTJ. i LOVE a challenge. so, i sat and thought about the best course of action. now, if i just walk away i gain nothing. so, i’ll keep her in play by using her hamster to my advantage.

NOTHING drives a hamster more crazy than rejection. especially when she gave you the green light. it’s VERY possible she never had any intention of actually spending time with me, but i made a good enough impression on her score her number in case she changed her mind. maybe she just wanted her ego stroked, to feel attractive. i decided a flanking move was in order.

i could sit back and just be nice to her and keep our dynamic the way it is. well FUCK THAT. i decided i’d bring some drama into her life, because let’s face it- wimminz feed off drama. i’ll let her innate feminine competitive jealous beast loose. so i opened another set in front of her. now she’s acting pissy towards me. see, hate is the same as love. it requires the same amount of passion.

also, i NEED her to see i have options. i don’t NEED her ass. i can EFFORTLESSLY gain access to another (and younger) girl. DAYS after you tell me you have no free time. well guess what, i DO have free time and now you can’t have any of it; but this OTHER CHICK can. vamoose chica.

now, i even went to go so far as to mention that i’ll probably never even take out new girl. fhe’s got some drama. maybe i will, maybe i won’t. but i achieved the objective of letting flakey mcflake know her ass was 86’d to a 20 hottie. flake girl is pretty, just about as pretty as 20 yo. but to a woman all that matters is it’s ANOTHER attractive girl. and the fact she’s younger will make her even crazier. like i said, use her hamster to your advantage. if i walk it’ll never pan out. if i introduce this drama, i keep her in play and might turn it around. lol.

that’s the beauty of the red-pill, you can deconstruct her actions and become a tactical Sun-Tzu with women. most people play checkers, INTJ’s play chess.

the perfect analogy for taking the red pill in the beginning. you must unlearn what you have learned. fuck yeah. game everyone. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

tacos de carne asada. my reward for being awesome.

tacos de carne asada. my reward for being awesome.

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