Tread Carefully

i’m sitting in a hotel just past tallahassee. i was falling asleep while driving so thought it best to pull over. i have a few posts sitting in the draft section so i figured i’d update since i’m done wit checking emails. i even forgot my phone at the house. fml. see….i’m that much of a wreck atm. oh look BB’s back. yeeeeeeah Bb.

One of the servers at my local approached me a few days ago and informed me her mom is trying to convince her to date me.

Holy out the blue fuck-monkey’s. WHAT???!!?

I made the perplexed dumb Disney male character face. You know the face. The face the boy makes when the female character comes on to him. I digress. Apparently mom learned I’m about to retire from the Navy, have never been married, have no kids, have a VERY good paying occupation in the wings, health care benefits, a pension, and I own my house in a VERY great neighborhood.

The way my friend described it, her mom had stars in her eyes.

Now, my girls is cool, but we’d never be anything but friends. Funny thing though- is I already know most women I get involved with see me in the same manner my friends mom does. I’m a meal ticket. A path to easy street. I actually don’t like telling women I’m about to retire from the military.

Even my mom has had to point out to her friends how “Danny has to be careful of any long-term prospects”. But the beauty is…..GAME. I recall my mom jokingly telling a woman the last thing she’s worried about is her son being lonely. “Danny is never hurting for female attention, trust me.” She’s actually tougher on prospective gf’s than I am. But I guess that’s what mom’s do.

In fact, a divorced woman, you’d think she’s be gunning for me to get married. But alas, my mom is also a red pill woman and is well aware of the pitfalls to me getting married. And she’s accepted the fact that I just don’t want to do it. However, always the optimist, she still says I’ll end up married. Maybe, but certainly no time soon.

Back to my friend- I explained to her that her mother’s rationale is the very reason I’m avoiding marriage. And there are a LOT more guys following the same path. She seemed to stop and consider what I was suggesting as a legitimate choice. “I’ve never considered it could be a risk for a guy to get married.” Yeah, I’ve heard this one before….HUNDREDS of times.

“Girl, you have the luxury of not having to think about it. If we got divorced you’d get as much as you wanted in the settlement. Fuck that.”

I wish there were more to the story, but that’s really all that happened. Lol.

13 Comments on “Tread Carefully”

  1. Lazlo says:

    LOL. The full circle. Meal ticket is a lot of it for certain. But in my experience, the adoration – recognition of value* from moms is also representative of those comforting, provisioning, kind, clean-cut, boy-scouty, responsible qualities that a lot of men were oozing through their teens. Of course throughout those awkward years the teen girls were more interested in Johnny McMotorcycle or Leyshon McWrongsideofthetracks and/or getting poked by the soon-to-be irrelevant HS seniors off to State U to study “Business” than dating Mr. Eaglescout. All the while, their mothers in their ears about how he is “such a nice boy”, “such a gentleman”; a “catch”. Moms and English teachers. Sheesh. I’f I had a nickel.

    Then comes the college clusterf*ck and the moms are just hoping their daughters stay of their backs long enough to graduate and hopefully get some kind of job so Ma and Pa only have to be on the hook for her car insurance and flights home for family gatherings. Enter the 20’s and distractions of the “career”. But soon enough, those mothers key in on those boyscouts again. Sure, after a few handsome-hunky salesmen get them all excited about the prospects of tall grandkids but somehow those slicksters never seem to make it to two Thanksgivings in a row. And then it is “what about that friend of yours you talk about? The one in the Army/Navy – the engineer, the accountant, the teacher – he seems to have it figured out – such a nice man, what a catch!”

    Congrats. You’ve come full circle. Or rather: those women have.

    *Indeed a lot – too much of the value is in that lifestyle maintenance potential; the provisioning. But I’d argue that in terms of Marriage, those moms and english teachers actually do see more than just a future paycheck in those young men. The shame is that by the time the women themselves start to see it (interestingly its around the same time they begin to listen/value their mothers opinions) those men are taken, broken, or are wise enough to weigh the risk that “meal ticket” is too often the overriding condition and pass on the MRS.

    Eagle Scout (c)1990. Self-employed, invested, handsome, single. Mom’s love me. But its gonna take one hellova wise-attractive-savvy-feminine woman to get a happily-ever-after piece of this. And you know what? Had a reasonably cute one of these 35 y/o women I meet every day heeded their mothers call back when I was 25, working 60-80 hours a week and saving, studying, and staying fit in-between, she just might be punching that meal ticket down at the lake house with me this summer. But instead, I’ve got to game game game just to sort through these flighty young things in order to find one who remotely understands what it takes to create/maintain a life like mine – and who is attractive enough to make it worth all the silly smart-phoning and flaking nonsense long enough to eek out a decent weekend of no-strings (they practically insist) romping at the lake. Ah, modern times.

    Dig the blog. Keep it up.

  2. Joe Sixpack says:

    I got lucky. My wife makes as much money as me and there’s no divorce in the works. But I would never get married again. Men get fucked over in the divorce industry

  3. Chewie says:

    First, sorry to hear about Paw Paw. He sounded like a hell of a character.

    Second, every time you write something, “Stuff’s been going down, so I better take a break from the blog,” I think, “Danny’s going to have some new stuff up right away.” It’s as though as soon as you say, “No more blogging,” a voice in your head goes, “No, you must press on.”

    Third, thanks for another quality post. Plenty of wisdom in here.

    • Chewie says:

      *every time you write something like…

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        well, when i said it, i meant it. i was in a pretty numb state. i’m actually in a great mood all things considered. i most certainly don’t want to post when i’m in the wrong state of mind. besides, something happened an hour or so after i posted that that cleared my head right on up.

        i’m working on that as we speak.

        besides, i have 3 more posts in the draft section. all i have to do is press “publish”. lol.

      • Chewie says:

        Indeed, I know the feeling quite well. It’s funny how certain things can happen and they’ll turn us around. Do you know that X song “Los Angeles”? John Doe sings, “‘Cause the days change at night/change in an instant.” That line sums it up.


  4. Mark From 423 says:

    Stay up. (Someone had to say it.)

  5. Vicomte says:

    Mothers don’t seem to understand that your savvy Gentleman Educated In All Matters Fine And Delicate has many flavors of game, Mom Game being one of them. Mom Game is Beta game. As mentioned above, it’s Boy Scout game.

    I was at the grocery store a couple months back, and the middle-aged woman in front of me let me cut in front of her. I broke out the Mom Game and she went on to say that I remind her of her son, and even called me ‘sweet boy’.

    Jesus lady, if only you knew.

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