Fuck Samsung

don’t worry, i’ll be up and running again soon. tonight is the wake and tomorrow is the funeral. when i got in last night, you’d have never been able to guess the family patriarch had died. there was food, booze, and laughter. there were all Paw-Paws kids, 2 cousins, a brother in law and a niece eating drinking and tell stories of yore. OH, the post……

i will now NEVER buy a samsung product.

35 Comments on “Fuck Samsung”

  1. Joe Sixpack says:

    No shit. Getting harder and harder to resist the MGTOW train. Why bother doing anything anymore.

  2. ARoss says:

    That’s why I’ve got a Nokia, they don’t play gender games with their marketing and they are extremely well built (I tend to drop phones a lot) and for the price they can’t be beat.

  3. Bill says:

    Count me in. Samsung just lost all of my future business.

  4. M says:

    There’s a lot of competition in the electronics market. Thanks Samsung for helping me with the decision what not to buy. The Galaxy S4 costs too much anyway.

  5. Ironsun says:

    Tracfone, Net10, Straightalk for cell phones. Not top of the line stuff but Net10 and Straight Talk let you bring your own phone and send out a sim card. I am not real familiar with the bring your own phone so investigate as there are limitations, but I do believe that iphones and the like can be used with the service. There are android phones at ST if you need something like that. These are pay as you go phones, affordable and convenient and easy to get a new phone and number for cheap.

    • M says:

      I just wonder why you shift the topic to wireless providers. Is it so uncommon in the US to buy a phone without a lenghty contract that ties you to one of the big wireless networks for years?

      Personally I’ll give Mobistel a try when I need a new phone. The Cynus T5 will hit the market soon, so let’s see how good this one is.

      • andrew says:

        Most people are too broke to pay the cash price for a phone. They’d rather get the contract subsidized price that locks them into a contract for a few years than pay full price.

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  7. RojoC says:

    Too bad for them. I think they make decent products.

    I won’t let this petty bullshit ruin my good day I had at the shotgun range though.

  8. That’s the kind of thing I want when *I* go. Have a party, celebrate a life, and be happy! Good on ya.

    Oh, and fuck Samsung. Sideways, with a pineapple.

  9. deti says:

    Not that it excuses the nature of the ad, but….

    I’d venture a bet that Samsung has figured out a majority of its business is from women and thus has decided that this kind of campaign would be effective.

    Either that, or men just don’t care about advertising as women do. Unless the advertising is for an almost exclusively male-oriented product, mopt advertising is directed at women, who spend the vast majority of consumer dollars.

  10. Emma the Emo says:

    That’s kind of disturbing, like that old laughing doll ad. Not sure what to think, confused.

    • Modern Drummer says:

      I remember the old laughing doll ad.. disturbing indeed.
      Was leaning toward buying the new galaxy
      Bought the iPhone 5 instead

  11. Random Angeleno says:

    a waste of 90 seconds. done wit samsun

    • Richard Cranium says:

      My Samsung laptop and monitor are going strong but I guarantee they won’t get any more money from me they obviously don’t want my business with bullshit ads like that.

      Just remember anytime you see some garbage ad campaign like that just remember what someone in the PR biz once told me.
      People in expensive suits had a meeting in a fancy office sitting at nice desks and said “Yes that’s the winning campaign pitch lets green-light it!”

  12. newlyaloof says:

    Late to the news. Sorry to hear about your loss.

  13. nshsgirl says:

    Gentlemen (and a few ladies here), being the above average intelligent minds I know read Danny…I’m surprised at the commentary and that nobody has mentioned the obvious. Samsung wants to create this controversy, through social media, through blogs, though any means possible. You know what they say: Any press is good press. Ironically, all this fuss is going to make Samsung more money, not less.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      when i researched this, i noticed samsung was aware of the complaints but said they were going to sit back and let it play out. so, i very much believe what you’re saying.

      On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 8:49 PM, dannyfrom504

      • nshsgirl says:

        They’re using a common psychological move. Create a buzz, and put the word Samsung in people’s heads. Then in about a year, the word Samsung will be in their heads, but they’ll forget why. They’ll buy Samsung because they recognize it. I agree with you that the commercial is ridiculous and offensive. Just as Samsung wanted it.

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