That’s what I Like

she was about 5’0″. 100lbs, black hair, chestnut eyes, very slim waist and decent chest. but that ass.

it’s the kind of ass you see and immediately think, “DAAAAAAAAMN.” when she walked past me and i did a quick sweep of her body when i got to her ass, my eyes popped out of my head. it’s literally a bubble. but honestly her shell is EXACTLY what i like. i’m a fool for brunettes. but her look is VERY typical for girls in kenner/metairie.

she was working so i didn’t want to bother her. i began to devise my scheme. i had to set myself apart from “customers”. i knew the other girl working so when my set was close by i spoke to the other girl. i introduced myself (she knows my mom) and we spoke for about 5 minutes. i let her know my name, my job, and that i drove in from florida. then i let her get back to work.

part 2 was for her to see me being excellent. to catch her eye. i made sure i chatted with as many women as possible and made them laugh and was my charming self. eventually, i had my opportunity to make a move; and i took it. she was putting things away in the small kitchen area set up for refreshments and i opened with, “if i ever start a business i’m totally hiring you. you’re like a machine here.”

a tad cheesy, but i had to approach this cautiously. i didn’t want to put her in an awkward position, and that could be VERY easy if i weren’t cautious. she thanked me and i asked her name. she told me and then asked me how long was drive in. PERFECT, she WAS eaves-dropping. i answered the question then reframed with, “do make it a habit to listen in on other people’s conversations?”

she laughed lightly and said, “i couldn’t help it, you guys were right there. so, are you really in the military?” lol. i couldn’t have planned this any better. i said i was and she asked what service. i told her and explained my job and she mentioned she was saving for nursing school. i teased her about not doing her current job as a career. she giggled and said, “NO. i’m not doing this long term.”

i was hoping she’d laugh. i told her she had a cute smile and she blushed slightly. i told her to remind her bf that he’s a lucky dude. i tell ALL women this. this is my litmus test as to her relationship status. if she’s involved i won’t really escalate. she’s single.

game on.

“in that case, you and i need to get together sometime so we can talk AWAY from your job.” i didn’t want to keep her or get her in any trouble and i didn’t have my phone so i told her to write down her number. “we need to go to the office.” we walked to the admin office and she wrote down the number. i told her i forgot my phone back home, but i’d text her thursday when i got in. “i won’t be able to really see you until i come back, but we can still have text/phone fun until then.” she smiled and nodded.

i told her it was nice talking to her and i was looking forward to text fun. she smile and extended her hand to shake mine. i looked at her and asked, “do you really want me to kiss your hand HERE?” again she blushed, smiled and told me she meant to shake hands. i told her that i’m not a piece of meat and getting her number wasn’t a business transaction.

i walked away and got back to visiting my family at Paw-Paws wake. lol.

stay up.

OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!!! giggity.

OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!!! giggity. and NO, this isn’t her.


11 Comments on “That’s what I Like”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Dat handshake…

  2. Vinman says:

    That last part was excellent. I’m going to use that in the future. I think it works better than my wise crack abut leaving a job interview.

  3. vinjam68 says:

    I like that last line on the handshake. Consider it “appropriated”.

  4. RojoC says:

    I think you done Paw Paw proud by making that move.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    my pants feel funny from dat ass

  6. […] That’s what I Like […]

  7. jose says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM DO fries come with that shake Mami!! lol

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