This Weeks Brophy

Retrentched takes the prize with this:

“Exactly. Feminists may succeed in criminalizing masculinity, but it will never disappear completely, because 1. it’s born anew with every baby boy and 2. it’s what women select for in their mates. Women want real men, not feminist nice guys.

As Private Man puts it, “Biology always wins.” You can pass any law you want, but it won’t change the realities of human nature and sexual attraction between men and women.”


congrats Sir.

stay up.

Repost: Stay Up

thought this one should be reposted as i’ve had a tad more traffic and the newer readers deserve an explanation. also, i’ve decided “stay up” is more about me continuing the blog and keeping “up” with posts.

stay up.

anyone that’s been to my site for any amount of time has heard me (and the ocassional reader) end a post with this line. but-

what does it mean exactly? fast forward back to the late 80's-early 90's- i was a writer.

NOOOO, not THAT kind of writer, i wrote grafitti. i was pretty damn decent at it too. i wasn't much for tagging, but i wrote "pieces" and did throw ups. now if you think the sphere has a unique terminology, graffitti is like learning mandarin. now, since i didn't have to deal with "top-to-bottoms" or "panel pieces", i was stiricly running "wall burners". "fade", "cloud", "end to end", "bomb", "throw-ups", "up", etc. were all phrases you'd hear me speak on a daily basis.

"stay up" is a common farewell to another writer. it means you're telling the other writer to keep his name visible on walls. "yo, you seen Best….that fools up like a muh-fuckah. and top-mob (my old crew) is KILLING it lately." back then my days were comprised of writing pieces in class (should have been studying…i know), skipping 7th period to go pick-up on chapelle girls to fuck (it's an all girls catholic school by my high school), downing 40's, and stealing krylon to "stay up".

now you know so…

my boy vic in miami. this is who taught me to write. wrote for top mob in NO.

i REALLY need to shoot down to miami.

back in NO in the 90's. he has SICK can control.

from his black book. all writers keep a black book to show other writers. lost mine LOOOONG ago.

best and bugs one. bugs was one of the prominent writers for top mob- a graf crew in NO.

my only surviving sketch circa 1995. not one of best pieces of work. lol.

nothing to do with graffiti, but....DAT ASS!!!! i REALLY need to get down to miami to visit my boy.

“for niggas who don’t understand, obviously this wasn’t made for you, so fuck you…..” or just skip to 2:52. for the record, i know EVERYTHING he’s talking about in this song. lol. and who in the class can tell me how you mix krylon jade green with krylon turquoise? anyone….lol.

stay up. oh, my proof-reader took the day off. deal with it.

Repost: Tat’s? No Tat You…..

have a friend back in texas that’s a tattoo artist. REALLY cool guy. he’s native american, very spiritual dude, very chill. i woke up the other morning and saw the most amazing, yet disappointing sight ever on his FB. there are no words, you must see for yourself.

what a waster. and obviously she DOESN'T know her worth.

what a waster. and obviously she DOESN’T know her worth.

first and foremost i DO NOT dig tat’s on women. BUT, let me explain…i don’t really mind a girl having a tat, but EXCESSIVE tat’s (see above) is WAAAAAY too much for me. seriously, i don’t care how cool this girl above is…..i’d NEVER commit to her. bang her: YES!!! (esp TF her) serious gf: NO. and you just know this girl’s got WAY more tats you can’t see.

ladies, here’s the thing. by and large women’s bodies are fucking beautiful. the curves, the lines, everything about a woman’s body is the real art. tat’s distract male attention away from that natural beauty. i no longer see an epic rack here. i see a ROOOOONED rack. seriously, if there were a PETA for sweater cow’s they’d give this chick the business. i realize there are some guys that dig this and i’d be willing to bet 3 things about said guys: they’re criminals, players, or total betas.

secondly. no point in sugar-coating it: excessive tat’s are masculine. it’s a form of peacocking. as far as i’m concerned a lot of tat’s on a woman is totally unfeminine and as one person put it, “show’s poor impulse control”. and well, i don’t know about you other guys, but i DO NOT want to be saddled with a woman who looks like a fucking cartoon when she’s in her 40′s. it may be cute when yer 20, but it’s fucking gross when you’re at the point of your life that you’ll spend the greatest deal of your time and have to rationalize it with, “i was young and naive/stupid/whatever.” considering the nature of the SMP and a woman being in her prime for a relatively brief time, the poor decision in your 20′s is a CLEAR signal to a man when you’re in your later year’s.

look, i’d NEVER drop a girl over a tat, but you ladies have to realize you’re doing yourself a disservice by getting lots of them. IF you must, the sexiest tats on a woman are the ones you really don’t see outright, then….as you undress her: BAM!!!! “oh wow, i didn’t know you had that. kinda like that.” i was on my first date with the GF back in japan and we were doing the getting to know you crap and she brought up tats and i gave her the above explanation. i told her, “i don’t have any tattoos, but i i think if i were undressing a woman for the first time and noticed she had…, a little heart inside her bikini line. SEXY!!!!!” she smiled and agreed. then i said, “it’s even hotter if she has something sexy written inside the heart.” she asked what would be sexy and gave an actual look of curiousity. “iiii dunno, something sexy. simple. something liiiiike……aaaaah. BLACK COCK!!!” she looked at me for a second, and she burst out laughing. i told myself, “yup, we’re gonna get along just fine.”

stay up

On Being Protective

Bb ran a good post where she asks the following question-

So here’s my question: if a man is not protective towards his loved one—and especially his wife—does that mean he doesn’t value her?

we all know i’ve been in a tift or 2 regarding my women (family or lover). well, my response is below.

ah. i think i’m rather qualified to answer this as the gendersphere well reputed brawler.
1. yes. i think deep down it is a very natural instinct
2. varies from man to man. just as the amount of feminimity per woman.
3. i just answered this in 2.
4. if he’s a real man. YES.
when i learned my mom had the family hide the fact that my then brother-in-law was abusing my baby sister, i went ballistic. when i asked how she could could keep that from me she said, “i didn’t want my son to end up in jail.” she KNOW’S i’d have driven 8 hours just to beat the shit out him.
ran into him 2-3 days later,he walked up to shake my hand and i told him (pardon my french) “walk away jizzbag or i’m going to beat you into the ground.” of course….he turned and walked away. lol.

then mentioned THIS incident.

in japan, a drunk dude pushed my gf when he tried hitting on her and she turned him down. i ALWAYS let women deal with that shit until i NEED to get involved.
when he pushed her and she fell down, i went into the red. i grabbed his throat and belt, lifted him, and slammed him to the ground. he was about 6’0″- i’m 5’4″. her coworker grabbed me and drug me out before shore patrol could nab me. the gf had never seen that side of me.
our relationship changed after that needless to say. lol.

it was in total contrast to the Danny she’d known for 5 months.

my darling sister then asked if it affected out relationship. i replied.

she had never known i was capable of that. she’s mexican. it made her much more submissive and she didn’t question me as much. when i made a decision, her response was, “ok.”.

make sense?”

after said incident with the gf, what little attitude she gave me disappeared. now, i can’t speak for all men, but i feel it’s a natural instinct to be protective of what’s ours. any woman the feels “objectified” by a man being protective of “what’s his”, doesn’t deserve his protection. even the most ardent feminist will shame a man who doesn’t white knight her or stand up to another dude who gets physical with her.

in contrast (listen up ladies) women need to shut the fuck up when it comes to talking shit to men when we’re around under the assumption we’re gonna be there to bail you out. unless you plan on swinging on him, STFU. I KNOW when it needs to be escalated. don’t force my hand. i WILL leave her to deal with dude if she eggs him on. happened ONCE in japan after i dropped dude. after i told her to STFU (loudly, and in public), i had to explain to her i need to defuse the situation because drunk Marine always travel in packs.

will i fight to protect: yes.

just don’t EXPECT me to do it, and don’t FORCE me to have to. we good.

stay up.

Why I Can’t Hang Out With Betas

a female friend (solid 8) invited me out to a local watering hole i used to sarge when i first got out here. it got old after a while. i really didn’t want to go. i was 37, and was player’d out and honestly preferred staying in by that point. i had just spent the last three years in spain chasing foreign tourists at the hotel next to my house. don’t believe me.

click me please click the link to the left when this page pops up.

zoom in. find the next street over looking for “calle bayo ramon valdes” you’ll notice a hotel on the corner, that’s the the hotel. i lived at the second house on the left.

i asked her who all was going to be there. she said only her bestie. “FINE!” i said. i got to the spot and saw one of the guys that works with us. i GLARED at my friend. she mouthed “Mari told him she was here and invited him.” she KNEW i wasn’t cool with dude. why you ask?

super omega zoom dweebie. he’d been divorced THREE times. they were all on the smoking patio and i hate smoking, so i made an excuse to go back to the table after 5 minutes. my friend showed up after about 10 minutes and apologized. the other 2 came back and eventually the 2 girls went to the bathroom. i was sitting alone with dude.

2 girls came in as i eyed sportcenter on the tv above me and to my right slightly. i could tell the were females and looked ok. that’s about as much as i cared about it. i knew what was up.

“DUDE, DUDE….LOOK OVER THERE!!!” he whispered loudly. i cringed. i didn’t take my eyes off the screen and said, “STFU dude.” she mentioned them AGAIN. i looked at him….., “SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I SEE DICKBAG!!!!” i said it lowly but with enough emphasis for him to get the point. i went back to watching sports cener. “they work here asshole, they’re fucking guys in the kitchen.” he looked over and sure enough, 2 guys from the kitchen were there. one girl was a hard 6 the other had a man back, though she looked ok- at best.

the girls came back and i finished my beer and told my friend i was heading home. she could see i was pissed. i told her what happened the next day. she gave me a douchey, “are you serious?” i replied, “yeah. wonder why he’s been divorced 3 times.”

was he a nice enough guy? YES. absolutely. but he didn’t have a CLUE when it came to women. this was well before my blogging. i don’t go out to meet women, but i sure as FUCK don’t wanna have my set blown by “nice guy” with no clue.

i’ll become beta by association. lol. nothing wrong with beta’s. but they take girls out for ice-cream. alpha’s bend the same girl over the side of his sofa and make’s them thank God they were born a woman. lol.

stay up.

the moorish castle in lovely puerto. SEE, told you.

the moorish castle in lovely puerto. SEE, told you.

The Porn Star Stamp of Approval

this past weekend I received a comment in forced orgasm.

Very well written piece. And I strongly concur with your warning to men about trying this. This is a sacred thing most cannot understand and it should be left to the ones who instinctually know how to take a woman on this journey.

Well, this dude is a fucking porn star named Steven St. Croix. once i realized it was him (he commented as SSC) i was in total shock. i emailed him and asked how he found my site. wanna guess how? here’s what he told me.

viva la manosphere

he.fucking.reads.manosphere blogs. this is HUGE. again….jaw meet floor. he was cool enough to exchange 2-3 replies to emails, so dude’s pretty down to Earth.

stay up.

A Neutered Military

the following is a statement of FACT and in no way is a criticism of the USN, reader’s can draw their own conclusions. i spoke to navy legal and they informed me that i need to add this from the beginning.

today (thurday) i had to attend a MANDATORY SAPR (sexual assault prevention and reporting) training stand-down. we’ve been having increasingly more of these “stand-down” lately. i watched an intro video from the SECDEF and CNO (chief of naval operation). usually these things offend the shit out of me and i leave a comment about my thinking so. to be PC, they TOUCH on men being able to be victims of sexual assault/harassment, then go right back to making women the victims.

i had something to say, but i didn’t. here’s the thing- speaking out draws these things out, you want to get it over with and go back to work. i told the story of a girl coming to medical with suicidal ideations. she had a plan, i asked her why and when she told me, i had one of my females stand by with her, “DO NOT leave her side.”

she checked into the galley and told her SEL (senior enlisted leader, and E8) that her goal was to make E4 as soon as possible. long story short, he ended up offering to buff her evals to EP (early promote) if she fucks him. she did, and the other guys in the galley found out and treated her like shit because she caught hella perks.

she decided to kill herself after 2 months of hell at work.

she left my clinic in an ambulance and i found out she was discharged for PTSD and severe depression. i know this is true, becuase the senior chief went to court martial and did time. E7 and above NEVER get disciplined, they are typically “force retired”.

SA/SH is no joke, i don’t treat it as such. as the victim of molestation as a child, i don’t take this lightly. however-

i DO have an issue with female sailors that make false claims are found out, and receive ZERO punishment. none. zero. nada. how do i know. sit down….

i was stationed in new orleans and there was a girl there i was feeling. she turned me down when i asked her out. no big deal, i never brought it up again. one day i’m at my pad watching TV and there’s a knock on my door.

it was her.

i was surprised and asked what she was doing at my place and she said, “i was in the neighborhood, thought i’d come say hello.” (first red flag). i let her in, we sat on the sofa talking. she finally said, “i know you like me, so are you gonna get over here and kiss me or not.”

game on.

we’re fooling around, her shirt and bra is off. i’m uh….applying digital stimulation. then she says, “God that feels good, but i don’t know about this.” i immediately stopped. got up, and walked into my bed room. i was 100% in “gonna fuck” mode. i needed to get my head together and i have a topless chick with her jeans to her knees on my sofa.

i walked back into the living room. she was still undressed. “you ok Danny?” i said, “i think you should probably leave. you don’t seem like you’re sure about this and i don’t want you to regret this.” she said nothing. she got dressed and i let her out.

2 weeks passed. i told ONE.PERSON about it. a girl. a lesbian girl that was a mutual friend. well one day i got told to report to chiefs office. there was my chief and the clinics security officer. i was asked about the incident. i told them it’s personal and was told by security “it’s not personal when ‘inappropriate behavior’ and ‘unwanted sexual advances’ charges are made

jaw, meet floor.

i then went into detail about the incident, though i REFUSED to make an “official” statement. i left the office and was in a daze for the rest of the day. i got a call from lesbian friend that found out i was talked to and informed me that she- the girl (the one that came to my place) told a girl, then girl told others, a few guys found out and started coming on to her since they heard she was DTF.

she accused me of coming on to her despite not wanting to do anything and NEVER mentioned showing up to my house. then i learned there was going to be an investigation and it didn’t look too good for me, a case was being made for me to be sent to DRB (disciplinary review board) to show the command takes this seriously. after DRB, you got to NJP (nonjudicial punishment-Mast).

i was fucked. i mean seriously fucked. my chief (a personal friend) told me the persons pushing for this were 2 female chiefs. but…..i was saved JUST 3 days before my scheduled DRB.

the lesbian friend made an official statement that my accuser admitted to her that she went to my house, came on to me, and i stopped when she mentioned “not being sure.” she had to SWEAR that her statement were true. i was let off the hook. guess what happened to my accuser.

NOTHING. not a damn thing. she was even rewarded with specialty training after she left for a job that pays VERY well on the outside.

the fact that women KNOW if they accuse a guy (true or not) the dude WILL get fucked over is so fucking misandrist thats it’s a joke. so this training pisses me off since they NEVER mention false accusation. men are always portrayed as predators or spineless dummies sitting on the bench when they witness SH.

but the navy is SERIOUS SERIOUS about inappropriate behavior now. don’t believe me….

current edition of navy times

current edition of navy times

wait...who's objectifying? hypocrisy anyone?

wait…who’s objectifying? hypocrisy anyone?

and….THIS is happening. guess what the navy is celebrating this month?


so wait…..we now HAVE to celebrate this. seriously. the navy set aside time to do this. SERIOUSLY? we’re at fucking war. and THIS is what we’re focusing on. march CANNOT come soon enough. i mean, every department had a representative ask EVERYONE if there was anything in the workplace they found offensive, i told them the above board. no one ever got back to me, and said board is still up…

food for thought, you do the dishes.

stay up.