“You Know Exactly What You’re Doing”

i might have to quit telling women about the blog.

i stopped into my my local skrip club for the first time in about a month. i ALWAYS sit at a table away from the action by myself. i sip my beer (i leave after one) and visit a few of the blogs. i ALWAYS have a girl approach. well, tonight it was all girls i don’t know. the great thing about my local skrup club is that there is ALWAYS a rotation of new girls.

it’s perfect.

after about 10 minutes i had a very leggy girl approach me. 21 years old. face 7, body 8, personality…..too early to tell. she asked me what i was doing and i replied that i was replying to readers comments. she looked puzzled and i told her i have a website. she asked me about it and once i explained it she seemed impressed.

long story short within 3 minutes i told her we needed to kick it sometime and she just smiled and said, “wow……you are good.” it was obvious she was attracted, but she was giving me resistance. i told her that she needed to relax, i was just talking about having lunch together. what she said next is what made me loff. i swear on my mother’s soul this is verbatim what she told me.

“yeah, we’ll have lunch, you’ll say all the right things, i’ll end up at your house and on my back.”

lol. well…..probably. but i had to throw her a curve. i told her, “that’s pretty presumptuous of you. i don’t know you well enough to know if i’d wanna fuck you. i could hang out with you and be completely bored with you and turned off. and i’m sorry, i can’t fuck a girl based solely on her looks, you gotta be cool.”

she nodded, and said i made a good point. i handed her phone and told me to give her her number. she laughed and repeated that i was “good”. she took my phone and saw my screen saver. it’s a pic of a girl i know back in NO removing her panties. most of you know the picture. she asked who the girl was and i simply answered “a friend” back in NO. she then told me she’d take my number.

uh…..no. someone’s trying to reframe. how cute.

i told her i don’t give my number to strange girls and reiterated her giving me her number. she tip-toed around it. well, it was her time to go on stage and about a minute into her set i took a chair at the stage. she danced in my lap until i pointed out another dude had come to the stage and told her to go take care of him.

eventually, she ended up in the corner to give dude a private dance. i considered waiting until she was done with him then going over to get her number when i decided on a different tactic-

i left.

i’ll go back and i can almost GUARANTEE she’ll ask why i left without saying goodbye. if she does, i’ll KNOW just where i stand. and THEN i’ll get the number. remember, she’s ALREADY mentioned fucking me. it’s just a matter of time before i close this. once she stated step by step how this would play out i KNEW she was DTF. her hamster just needs to feel as though she made me work for it. lol. ah girls. to be continued.

stay up.

my phones screen saver

my phones screen saver

17 Comments on ““You Know Exactly What You’re Doing””

  1. moe jones says:

    Good looks, slick tongue

  2. Ton says:

    lol, I crashed and burned with an ods at the post office today. Still loved every moment of it

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Just keep chugging away at it. If it isn’t fun it isn’t worth doing.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Ton says:

        Don’t see the point in being pissy over such things…. oh no a stripper doesn’t like me…. how will I ever go on in life…… oh yea, just fine.

  3. Matthew says:

    I feel like only readers of this blog would appreicate this…

    Went to my parents tonight to visit, took my old man out for some coffee. As I’m entering the shop I see a tatted up asian with huge boobs sitting with a dude. Get our coffee go to leave.

    As I’m walking by I hear hey did you go to kennedy (local hs), I turn around and its the asian chick. ‘I swear I’ve seen u before’. Confused I go no I went to so and so

    • Matthew says:

      Jesus stupid fucking smartphone.

      Anyway I say my hs. She asks ‘o did u hang out at st augustines’ (another local hs). I briskly say no sorry and walk out.

      As were headed to the car my wiseass dad goes ‘goddamn can’t take you anywhere, why would any girl wanna talk to u’

      Me (as the bulb turns on) ‘shit I didn’t even think about that I thought she was w her bf’

      Him: u kidding me? What straight dude is sittin in a coffee shop at 830 at night waiting for his chick to talk to dudes. I would’ve left her at the table if she did that to me.

      Me: nah dad u don’t guys these days.

      Him: just wait

      Five minutes later she comes out of the shop and gets into her volkswagen, leaves the driver side door open. Second later dude approaches the car…moves into the doorway….leans into the car…..

      And high fives her!

      Dad: *shakin his head smirkin* what a rookie.

      Just that old school redpill knowledge man. My dads has natural instincts that have taken md yrs to work on and I’m still way behind.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Dude, she opened you. Lol. You should’ve copped a #.

      • Vicomte says:

        It happens to everybody, brother.

        The problem is that girls’ idea of ‘spitting game’ is so grotesquely awful it’s hard to see it for what it really is.

        It would be endearing if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

  4. RojoC says:

    I wish I could observe you naturals doing your thing in person. Frankly, I don’t know how to and this means that I waste tons of opportunity every week. And life is short, so that isn’t cool.

    • Ton says:

      Well if your in NC……

      Pick a place you like and get to know the staff. I have a regular bar, a regular coffee shop etc. Know the staff and they are happy to see me. This gives you some.social standing in the place and help you feel relaxed and confidant. Be on the look out for chicks who are open to being open, and small every day things to make comments about. Yesterday I opened some girls at Starbucks commenting in their personalized coffee cups.

      • RojoC says:

        See, I have to get into this habit of going out of my way to speak with people. I normally don’t speak to “strangers” unless there is some business I need to attend.

        I should probably go back and reread Danny’s cashier game posts and study them up too.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          well, she’s a stripper and she approached me. stripper game is advanced jedi technique. i can’t wait to bring bill powell there.

          On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 10:15 PM, dannyfrom504

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  6. ASF says:

    General rule (that I have flubbed many times): if a girls starts talking to you about anything other than getting immediate information (i.e. time or where something is), she’s interested.

  7. John Stander says:

    Deleted my comment, I see. Ok, I get that – it was an aggressive tone and it’s your site. But it bums me out because you were one of the few bloggers that I thought was being honest so I’m disappointed to see you using fake photos. Your blog is out here for all to see, and the technology to backtrace images is readily available – why not at least change the photo or acknowledge that you’re using a fake to protect the innocent or something? Otherwise somebody’s eventually gonna out you on a forum where you can’t delete the comments and it’ll tank your cred. :-/

    Been reading your stuff for a year and I like it. Help me stick with you.

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