Betas make the world go round

if you’ve spent any amount of time around the androsphere and kept your eyes and minds open in your day to day life, you’ve probably come to realize that some men will never incorpoorate the red pill into their lives.

NEVER. EVER. at no point.

all you can do is work on yourself and improve your own short-comings. AND, you can use betas for your own interests. by simply using the very women that get white knighted, you can also make your own life easier. one of the women i work with works over damn near every guy she knows. i don’t think she’s bought food in the galley for 3 years. they just let her take whatever the hell she wants- for free. no point in berating her taking advantage of the situation.

well, i fuck with this same woman every chance i get. her job is to give everybody in the department a hard time, but in a playful “mother hen” type way. so i give her shit whenever i can. but….why should SHE be the only one cashing in on white knightery? so whenever i know she’s going to the galley, i’ll have her grab me a grilled chicken breast and a salad. “Ok Danny.” and off she goes.

the great thing is, i’ve YET to meet a woman who wasn’t willing to share in the spoils of white knights. they love nothing more than bragging about their ability to procure any and everything for nothing from a hapless beta. so, i don’t really see the point in shaming them, especially when i get to cash in on them too.

so alpha up, come up, and

stay up.

and for the sake of fairness, i’ll throw this out there. struck out with the stripper i talked about 2-3 days ago. i told her to give me her number before she walked away and she replied with, “i’ll just see you here.”

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!! burn. oh well, from here out, she’s getting ZERO attenshinz from me. but the great thing is one of the girls i mess with was there, approached me and starting rubbing my back and hugging up on me. and the girl that dissed me was right there to see it all. lol.

somewhat of a pyrrhic victory since i’m not going to close the new girl. boooo.

24 Comments on “Betas make the world go round”

  1. laidnyc says:

    Sharing the spoils of white knights. Excellent.

    This reminds me of when a guy sent my friend’s girlfriend a drink from the other side of the bar. She dutifully gave it to her man, and my friend held up the drink to the guy, as if to say “cheers, thanks”, then downed it.

  2. Ashley says:

    How much did you tip the stripper before she rejected you?

  3. I have to say men posting their failures is 10x the motivations of success. Knowing even smooth guys fail can really help push through a dry spell or tough time.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      naaaaah dude, it is what it is. you have to get past the “fear” of failure. i got a new number tonight. and girl was READING this same post and asking what girl at the club turned me down. all i told her was

      “doesn’t matter, now i’m talking to you.” i’ll be posting about it later. i said from the beginning i HAVE to post success AND failure. i got decent at this by making myself approach girls for a post on the blog.

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  5. Richard Cranium says:

    Paraphrasing something that Leykis said: Don’t be the guy she complains to, be the guy she complains about.

  6. Jim says:

    They can pay for that scumbag in TN with 22 kids by 14 women cause his is claim to fame is now their problem. He’s a bum but the hos don’t care. And those women are low life hos. People turning the nation into some third world hell hole while expecting others to finance it should be a wake up call. To everyone. He’s not an alpha but a predator not only on stupid women, but a stupid government and weak electorate that continues to allow it and finance it. No matter the cost to society or how his offspring will probably be leeches off the system for the rest of their lives. Stupid.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Damn. I really don’t know to respond to this.

      Did you get something off your chest Brother?

      • Jim says:

        The guy in TN is in the news because he has 22 kids by 14 women and can’t pay for them. He worked a minimum wage job mind you. And while will betas and white knights mainly blame this guy, they some how forget to put blame on these women because they are just as guilty as he is. And they live off the system that betas continue to foolishly believe in.

        Point being is many in this society get away with behavior because others finance it or enable it. And these stupid blue pillers buy into the notion that men are to blame. Yet they never ask themselves why would any women have sex with a guy who has so many kids by so many different women? Why would they even want to be around him?

        Betas do make the world go around. In more ways than they realize.

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  8. Theodore Logan says:

    So if I understand this right, black knighting beta white knights is cuckolding? That red pill just keeps killing off my romantic soul. But at least the upside is I find it increasingly easier to sexually objectify women.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      no. cuckolding is having sex with another man’s woman. “black knighting” (i never referred to it as such) is simply using a white knight’s propensity to suck up to a woman and give her whatever to you advantage.

      i’m assuming you’re new to all this. and that’s cool. cause the alpha’s i know immediately saw the genius in it.

    • “So if I understand this right, black knighting beta white knights is cuckolding? ”

      No, but if a woman gives you free food she got from another guy, it’s cook-olding.

  9. Theodore Logan says:

    Nah man, we are on the same page, I just use a broader definition of cuckoldry than the standard to include procuring resources at another man’s expense. I got the “black knighting” term from Sunshine Mary’s link to here.

  10. CLG says:

    Field report: I kept an OK cupid prof open, despite being really busy with other shit. Girl messaged me out of the blue saying she was in town for the weekend and asked if I wanted to meet up last night. I did, she did, we did. After I said good night to her, doing the “I just had sex” dance driving home, blurred lines came on the radio. SONG IS NOW OFFICIALLY MY THEME SONG.

    Oh, and my 84 year old Sicilian grandfather likes the song. he said the other day that its got an “old school beat” and an “old school mentality”

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