i stop in my local strip club, have a beer and leave. it’s that simple. the amount of time i spend there depends on, well…..if anything happens.

tonight (friday night) something happened.

i was sitting at my table (i ALWAYS have a table at any place i frequent, it’s called owning your territory) sipping a beer and replying to comments on the site when a girl that said hello to me the previous night approached me and asked if we spoke before. once she realized it was me, we started talking.

she’s 19, black, face-6, body-8, personality…7. she has an AMAZING ass and tiny waist. after about 5 minutes of chatting she was bouncing on my lap and grinding in me. soon i had a drop of clear stuff the size of a grape going on. i used all the same material- “do you ave any idea what i want to do to you? i’m not really sure, but it’ll end up in pregnancy.” “you know what they say, once you go white, you gon’ be aigggght.” “let me tell you something little girl, i get in there i’mma leave you thanking God you were born a woman.” she laughed at each line and mentioned how she’d never heard those before.

before long, my hands were roving and she continued to grind in my lap. her thighs, her breasts, her….place. lol. she took my hand and moved it across her chest and legs. i told her i was going to the range this weekend and she was going with me. “then i’mma take you back to my place so you can play with my pistol.” she giggled and said she’s been wanting to shoot for a while. i joked she should hold up a mini-mart with her brother. she laughed and slapped my shoulder.

“you like white boys?”

she nodded excitedly and i asked why. she mentioned the eyes, and the being more sensitive and fun. I tell it’s because she prefers tiny penis’. she laughed. this was when i dropped the “once you go white” line. then i whispered to her, “you gonna let me get that?” she smiled and told me i was “80%” there. i responded with.”in womanese that means 99%.” she giggled. this was too easy. i told her i had to leave and she asked me to stay. i told her if she got me another beer i’d stay. she jumped up and ran to the bar.

i sipped my beer and she continued to grind into my mule. i finally had to leave and she she kissed my neck. i had already gotten her number, so i told her she’d be hearing from me soon. then i left to have a beer at my local.

sunday afternoon she was knocking on my door.

game everyone.

stay up.

[edit- i decided to take this post off the rails with some good ‘ole doucheness. in todays faggotry, i bought a new scented candle. “siberian pine”. if anyone wants to rub a cock on my face, the line ‘o dicks starts to the left.]

my house smells like a taxi. and it's delightful.

my house smells like a taxi. and it’s delightful.

24 Comments on “RUH-ROH!!!!!”

  1. deti says:

    She strip at the club?

  2. aneroidocean says:

    she strip at your place? 🙂

  3. Vicomte says:

    ‘It smells like the fuckin’ Gulag in here!’

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      I’ve come to expect better from you dude.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Vicomte says:

        Nice try, comrade.

        Your readers will inform you that the above was not only passably clever, but actually quite humorous when you imagine it said in a Russian accent by a guest to your home, which is the spirit in which it was intended.

        Granted, this takes some small knowledge of the history of forced labor in Soviet-Era Russia, but I don’t play to the cheap seats.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        because explaining your jokes makes them funnier. lol.

        c’mon, don’t you know the rules?

      • Vicomte says:



        • dannyfrom504 says:

          look douche nugget. you’re using intellectual humor on a “special ed” manosphere site. know your audience.

          the comedy here is lowball, potty mouthed dreck. zing accordingly.

          On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 11:32 PM, dannyfrom504

      • Vicomte says:

        Contrast game FTW.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        went to the ER today, took valium about 2 gours ago. i’munable to spar. but i shall reply when i’m not soaring one the wings of euporia. yeeeeeah me being high and not having back pain after the accident.

  4. RojoC says:

    I like that American Eagle ammo for my AR too!

  5. tj says:

    Candles and ammo – the web site for truly manly men.


  6. deti says:

    That’s a beautiful candle.

    I think the end table would look better over there.

    This room needs repainted. I see mauve in this room. Yes, that’s it, mauve… or maybe taupe…

  7. Hang on there a tic: you touchy without getting booted? Dayum, son, that’s serious lockdown.

  8. Mark From 423 says:

    Memo to the folks at Yankee Candle: Gunpowder-scented candles for man caves.

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