On Sisters

LaidNYC ran an interesting post about “natural’s having sisters“. well, i’m sure most of you know i have 2 younger sisters. well, one sister is 4 years younger than me. i definitely think natural’s tend to have sisters, but not to the extent that simply having a sister helped; but my relationship with my sister taught me a lot about women. having a sister kept me from seeing the pedestal. my sister KNEW i was fucking girls, and she hated them. she would also give me shit when i’d have a crush and go beta. i got off the phone with a girl once and my sister was staring at me. “that’s the most pussy crap i’ve ever heard you say to a girl.” that made me get my shit together.

well, it’s a 2 way street. it’s almost a universal truth that a girl with an older brother is usually VERY down to earth. damn near every girl that i’ve dated that had a brother was cool as fuck. girls with brothers know what guys are REALLY like. they know we’re gross, crass, filthy, and disgusting. we fart, burp, make messes, and destroy shit. they usually aren’t pricessey or entitled, but do retain their femininity.

they interact with men effortlessly. everyone knows a decent amount about my mom. my mom was red-pill before red-pill existed. she encouraged my boyishness. she taught me about women. hell i was even speaking with Stingray about how mom’s feel about having a son that successful with women and if it’s a sense of pride. she gave the best explanation she could.

Stingray- “I have been mulling on this. It is such a difficult question. Yes, there is a sense of pride, but not out and out pride. It’s several emotions rolled into one and pride is one of them. Though, mothers don’t want to be proud in the sense that most would find acceptable. It’s not generally seen as ok to be proud of that aspect of a son’s life. It doesn’t mean a mother doesn’t feel it. What she is likely more proud of is your masculinity. Your manhood.

So, let me try this again. It’s not so much that she is proud that you are good with women, it is that she is proud of you being a Man. She is likely more resigned to the fact that because you are a Man, you are popular with the girls.

Confused yet?”

lol. gotta love Stingray.

God bless my mom, there’s a reason i don’t discuss my, uh….”dirt”. my cousin Cherie is a VERY Christian woman, and she just.found.out about my “popularity” she earmuffed and said, “i’m not hearing this. not my little cousin.” she HATES my blog, but she LOVES SunShineMary.

women with older brothers or cousins get all the great things that teach us about the opposite sex. the get the gritty, raw, unpolished versions of masculinity. then, they get the protective, providing side of us. my sisters KNOW i will kill if something threatens them. my mom had to work DESPERATELY to keep me from finding out about the baby sisters husband abusing her. i ran into him at the house of shock. he approached me and i told him to walk away or i was gonna pound him into the fucking ground.

whenever i meet a new woman, i always ask about her family. namely does she have siblings, and is she close with them. if she shit talks them, unless dad split or something; i’ll walk. i was out with a girl, she got a call and told them to “fucking quit bothering me, i’m out with someone.” i asked her who that was talking with and she answered her mom. i dropped her off right after lunch, never called her again.

all the women i work with that have sons, cool as shit. also, notice most of the red-pill women are wives or mothers of sons.

so, when you meet a new women who catches your eye, find out if she has a brother, and how she get’s along with him. she’ll tell you damn near everything you need to know about her personality in less than 10 minutes. use it to you advantage guys. and trust me, the female readers are grinning from ear to ear in agreement.

stay up.

33 Comments on “On Sisters”

  1. laidnyc says:

    interesting, I had never thought about it the other way. I’m sure having brothers or all sisters affects a girl. girls with sisters tend to be more princessy and status whorey now that I think about it, but thats just speculation.

  2. Sis says:

    Have two brothers, caught one of them and his friends having a peeing contest down a hill to see who could go the farthest. so competitive.

  3. Modern Drummer says:

    Amen, Danny,got four little sisters I am close to,except one who took women’s studies and became a rad feminist and….anyway, it’s true that sisters with a brother have an advantage over those who don’t. I have noticed a difference in girls who have had brothers, they’re usually more cool with masculine men.
    I’ve taken your advise and practiced game on my sisters and they love it. Sisters are cool.

  4. I really didn’t know that laid NYC had a website (I didn’t see it on his Twitter profile).

    Anyway, I haven’t been fortunate to be blessed with a sister around me, and old enough to give me a tip or 2 on courtship.

  5. Socialkenny says:

    Good point though towards the end of the post.

    Although chicks are worst to take dating advice from, they can be a good source of info on how women operate. Vice versa also for a girl who’s aiming to find out how men operate.

  6. RojoC says:

    Interestingly enough, I mentioned to “InsideofaWoman’smind” how lucky her sons are to have a red pill mom. I love my mother dearly, but some of these things….well, I’ve had to figure out about them and read about them on my own. It is what it is, and the only direction is forward.

  7. Seraph says:

    Had two sisters.

    The older one, who passed away years ago, made a good portion of my pre-teen and teen years a fucking hell at home. She was a hellion on crack at times. How bad? To this day, I cannot remember ANYTHING about her before the teen years when shit started hitting the fan. Nada. Zilch. Any memories I have of her are pretty much unflattering ones.

    NOT a source of positive influence when it came to women unfortunately. Doesn’t explain all my lack of ‘naturalness’ certainly, but obviously it did not goddamn help.

    My younger sister and I have a kind of special bond which is pretty much founded in a united alliance against the crazed bitch tyrant who haunted out house for years.

    Good times…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      my baby sis and i are SUPER close. from the day she got home from the hospital, i was taking care of her. when i moved to texas, it really fucked her up.

      On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 3:19 AM, dannyfrom504

  8. adiaforon says:

    Solid advice right there, and I plan to use it i the future with other women.

    So what’s the corollary to this? That is, what if the woman has only sisters? Also, if, with older women, the woman has a sibling with kids? From time to time, I’ve noticed online profiles that talk about how “my nieces and nephews are important to me.” That tells me that they’re indulging in their motherly instincts while they’re off living the SITC lifestyle.

  9. Ashley says:

    I can see how women with brother are better to relate to men in general. I am the oldest of 4 daughters. I have male cousins older than me but none I saw on a regular basis growing up. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time with a couple of my boyfriend and I’s mutual friends, and I almost feel as if they are brother, but I still don’t think that translates to the same experience as women who spend their growing up years around boys.

  10. […] latest post is a very good one. He’s talking about siblings and how you can tell how red-pillish a chick […]

  11. Vicomte says:

    I have a brother.

  12. Stingray says:

    My brother is awesome. We fought like crazy when we were kids, but he always had my back and I knew it.

  13. zyzzyx says:

    I’ve always felt that not having a sister really stunted my social growth as a boy. Girls were so mysterious to me they may have well been alien beings. Add to that a bit of Asperger’s, and parents who did their best to keep me out of the clutches of girls, and you have a perfect shit-storm of beta. I was able to get by on looks, smarts and earning power, but it wasn’t until I was in my forties that I started to get a clue about the female mind. What a waste of years.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      damn, that sucks dude. BUT honestly, you’re in your prime now. i’m 39. fortunately, i look like i’m late 20’s so i’m typically pulling 18-mid 20’s girls. you might be 40, but that shouldn’t really matter to women in the 20’s. i’d stick to girls 24 and up.

      be wary of divorced women with 2-3 kids.

  14. sunshinemary says:

    I have a sister and a brother, so I’m balanced.

    But oh dear, my poor children: five girls, no boys. But they do have their father and both grandfathers and three uncles, all of whom are pretty involved in their lives.

  15. OffTheCuff says:

    It depends. I have an older brother and younger sister by seven years. I’m not close to either of them, so, we were functionally useless in helping each other out in relating to the opposite sex. By the time I left home, I was 17 and she was 9. By the time my brother was gone, I was probably 8.

    My kids are much closer together. Maybe it will help.

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