ITLR- The Past is Just That

there’s a reason i love “fight club” so much. the premise of the protagonist creating an alter ego to escape the corperate cog he’s become is the true modern day struggle of our day. in a sense we are ghosts in the machine. and much like fight club, much of the content of this site comes from day to day life. i’ll hear someone make a statement, or i’ll listen in on a conversation, and i’ll have an idea for a post.

well, today i was at the greasy spoon because i got stuck in the OR and couldn’t get to the galley to buy my chicken breast salad. well, i overheard a guy talking to someone and the guy say this-

“man, i was a triathelete in high school. i did football, basketball, and track. no one in state could touch me.”

more than likely an exaggeration, but it got me thinking. “ok, you were an ace athlete years ago. AND.” look, take pride in your achievements, celebrate them. but move on. look, i banged a girl that models for playboy; so the fuck what. the most imporant aspect of that post was the method i used to get it done. NOT the lay.

your past acomplisments should NOT be what defines you. do not grow stagnant because you did such-and-such. evolve. celebrate and move on to the next big thing. there are many things i’ve done in the navy that might be truly note-worthy: delivered a baby, saved countless lives (literally), seen the world, lived in foreign countries, made many friends. well, guess what….

so the fuck what.

i’m entering a new phase of my life. what i did the last 20 years will just be filed as: “my time in the navy.” the next 20 will be: ” my time AFTER the navy.” i’ve always felt bad for those military retirees that HAVE to be around military shit long after they’ve been out. they’re completely institutionalized. they tell the same stories, “when i was in…..”

shut up. no one cares. it’s fucking history.

i had a retired E9 on my table once and he kept asking me questions about my time in. i finally had to cut him off, “sir, i’m exposing you to ionizing radiation. i need to focus on postitioning and my technique.” that shut him up. it’s not that i want to be a dick, but i don’t care to discuss my career with a fucking stranger who feels we have a bond because he was prior service.

so by all means, take pride in your past achievements, but be more focused on your next big accomplishment. if you don’t, it’s slow death.

stay up.

6 Comments on “ITLR- The Past is Just That”

  1. earl says:

    The past is a good teacher, the present is where you continue to learn, and the future has many mysteries and surprises along the way.

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  3. Ton says:

    I was a pretty good athlete in high school, state champion in wrestling back to back years. I’m even more athletically successful now. Man has to keep striving, keep improving. Doesn’t have to be in the same profession or hobby, but grow or die, in the inner man sense that is

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