The Best Endeavor

when i went home for Paw-Paw’s funeral, the best thing was seeing family i haven’t seen since i was 8. and as i’m sure you all have come to realize, my family is a very tight knit unit. well, as we sat at my mom’s house eating, drinking, and telling tales of yore; my cousins son approached me and asked, “uncle Danny, what kind of guns do you have?”

i felt a lump in my throat and my heart swelled.

as i explained each gun and it’s purpose he was wide eyed and i had his full attention. i asked him if he wanted to see the pistol, MAC-10, and the AR-15. he excitedly nodded. well his dad and the boy followed me to my car; i cleared each weapon, handed it to dad, and dad handed it to boy. then i explained how to chamber, safety, target, and properly hold each gun.

then he asked, “what’s that bag for?” lol. it was my bow. i told him what it was and he excitedly asked, “YOU HAVE A BOW!!!!!!” yup, kid’s definitely one of us. i unzipped the bow and handed it to him. i strapped on the trigger and showed him how to draw it. now, he’s to small to draw my bow but it was clear he had kid chub. lol. he asked my where i shoot it and i told him i’m in an archery club and i shoot about 2-3 times a month. his mouth was agape.

it was then i knew, i was gonna get his ass a youth bow and BB gun.

i walked inside, headed over to his mom and said, “i’m getting Josh a bow and BB gun.” mom told me i wasn’t. i looked at mom for a few seconds and said, “you don’t get it, this IS going to happen. now, mom is a pure louisiana woman. they raise masculine men. she looked at me and replied, “i don’t want him shooting cats and crap.” i laughed and told her i will be teaching him hunter ethos. she agreed.

it is my intention of teaching this boy EVERYTHING i know about the outdoors: making a shelter, making a fire, blazing a trail, running down and skinning rabbits, tracking, and of course….shooting. my cousin, God bless him, is more cerebral and not really the outdoorsy type. but the thing is, Josh, well….he reminds me of ME at that age. he’s a total nerd. but, he LOVES guy stuff, he just doesn’t have an outlet.

uncle Danny to the rescue.

i get a decent amount of email from readers that tell me how they never really had a good male role model, so i feel the obligation to pass on to this boy what i know. and of course, he WILL be a lady killer. he’s gonna be a good looking bastard when he gets older, so he’s gonna need some skill. he has brownish-red hair and very blue eyes. girls are gonna fall head over heals over them eyes.

it’s good to know i have a new project to take up when i retire. looking forward to it.

stay up.

19 Comments on “The Best Endeavor”

  1. Ton says:

    It’s amazing how kids light up over bows. I have more guns then most folks have undershorts, but it’s the bow that gets kids fired up

    Side note, uncle Ton is the cool uncle who brings the kids moonshine, bottle rockets, their 1st gun, 1st motorcycle ride… being an uncle kicks maximum ass

  2. Phoenix says:

    I recently bought my first gun too. .357 magnum. I wish I did it 10 years ago.

  3. RojoC says:

    No shit! When I am your age I too want to be a cool uncle. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to have children, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to pass down the skills and the parts of the masculine traditions that I am well versed in.

    Also, been doing a lot of trap shooting as of late. It’s friggin’ fun! PULL!!!

  4. Matt says:

    I’m thinking about taking up archery, any words of wisdom?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Start off with a used bow. And take it to an archery specific store and have it fitted and sighted. Then shoot regularly.

      Once you get proficient invest in a new bow. Research. Your bow is a part of you, choose wisely.

    • RadRave says:

      If your range rents bows at a reasonable rate you might want to do that for a while. That way you can figure out if you prefer shooting “natural”, with a sight, etc. before you buy anything.

  5. Danny, I wish I’d had an uncle like you. (Too late now. I’m old enough to be YOUR uncle, after 36 years as a DoD civilian with Defense Mapping Agency and its successor agencies, and four years of Civil Service retirement.)

    Saw your comment on The Spearhead and I just HAD to follow it. And you transcended it.

    There will never be any youngsters in my life to inspire, so I’ll have to live that vicariously through men … MEN!!! … like you. God bless you, and Happy Uncle’s Day, whenever that is.

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