Danny’s Oneitis…

we’ve all been there. even i have dwelled in Oneitis land. during my time in the fortress of solitude, i had music that soothed me though the pang of longing and dejection. no one is above it. least not, me. so here is a playlist of the songs that got me through my thinking B was the end all be all of my existence.

while i’m at it…..

this entire album was basically an ode to my object of oneitis. and YES i have posted a pic of her. don’t believe me, FINE, i’ll share at the end of this diatribe. even introduced her to mom. YEAH….it was THAT serious.

this album is really, really phenomenal. but i no longer associate it with her.

this be her. like i said guys….happens to all of us. take your lumps and move on. as deti says, “there will always be another woman.”

oh. Mitch came down friday and i took him to my local and to my ghetto skrip club. hilarity, debauchery, and epicness ensued. it was Dionysius unchained. lol. will post it monday.

stay up.

5 Comments on “Danny’s Oneitis…”

  1. Moose says:

    I nearly ran myself into a case of oneitis this past weekend. I met a cute european girl who was a breath of fresh air from the typical american girls that you naturally meet in america, obviously. She made me feel pretty good which is what did it for me, and I started getting excited like a little kid over her. Then I realized I was acting like nincompoop and have pulled myself back. Before jumping into that pit of beta behavior, though I still stuck my toe in.

  2. randall g says:

    This was my favourite when I had oneitis in high school, back in the mid 1970’s.

  3. Retrenched says:

    The ultimate oneitis song.

    Oneitis is a killer. Not only do you lose time, energy and emotional investment in a girl who doesn’t want it, you also lose out on chances to get with women who might actually be genuinely interested in you.

  4. Randy Williams says:

    Danny–Am a big fan and have been reading you now for about six months. I was in Philippines when you posted this blog and am just now opening it in America. I am also a huge music fan but your links to the song no longer give the titles. I am a huge advocate of using music (of various genres) to lift me out of the slough of despond or motivate me. Would be interested if you would share this playlist either on here or to my personal email: Stonecoldinnc@aol.com.

    Greeensboro, NC
    Avid and appreciative reader

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