Mitch and Danny Tear Up Jax

got a call from Mitch thursday and he mentioned coming down to jax. Mitch has a key to the house, he KNOW’S he’s welcome here. but i told him we’d hit up my local and the strip club. and….well… was NOT a disappointment. i can’t wait to read his post about the night.

he arrived and we hit up my local. i introduced him to EVERYONE: “this is so and so, this is so and so, this is so and so”…..rinse repeat. we had a beer and he flirted with the waitresses. i told him the real fun was at the strip club.

we got to the strip club and got our beers. i brought him to my table and showed him the layout and what i look for. then the greatest thing happened; BOTH of the girls i mess with were working and approached me. i introduced Mitch as my uncle. within less than 5 minutes, both had showed us their pussies and i had managed to pop out a tit on one. they stayed with us for a good 15 minutes or so. both girls know i’m banging the other girl, and they were both sitting there entertaining Mitch.

eventually one girl went on to tend to customers and one was sitting there messing with Mitch. eventually, she took the stage and Mitch approached her. he actually choked her while she was dancing- don’t trip, she’s into that kind of stuff. i was laughing my ass off. after she left the stage, i told her she was coming over so Mitch could hit it. at one point, on of the girls i mess with was looking over at me and mitch and was CLEARLY jealous. and she was busy working another guy. CLASSIC.

soon we left and went back to the local.

back at the local, i explained the lay of the land and reintroduced him to everyone. i told our bartender we had been at the strip club and he made the “eesh” face. mitch told him we had a great time and held out his first two fingers. my bartender jumped back and shouted, “fuck you!!” lol. we each had a beer and headed back to the canton to contuinue drinking and makin….hanging out. lulz.

all and all it was a great night. lots of fun. it was good to finally show someone my stomping grounds and see my girls. the fact that both of them were right there at the same time getting hit on by Mitch was hilarious. one was defintiely DTF us both- what a good egg. i was just gonna let Mitch have his fun with her. i mean hell, it’s not like she’s my woman; she was even down with a 3 way for me, her and her 19 yo cousin (with braces, WINSAUCE). lol. oh the life i lead, i couldn’t make this shit up.

looking forward to this friday. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

this video seemed apropos. lol.

11 Comments on “Mitch and Danny Tear Up Jax”

  1. asf says:

    Brother, I’m coming down (not because of this).

  2. Ruido Blanco says:

    Hey Danny,

    I have been reading your blog for a while so i figured i should tell you i think its great. Keep it up.

    I just remembered last friday i arrived from the gym, on a testosterone high i guess, and headed to a strip club in my city without thinking it much. Now, that was definitely out of my confort zone so i entered the place a little bit reluctant.

    Anyway, a couple of girls approached me and tried to make conversation but i found it difficult to get through the fact that it was probably in their interest to make me feel at good there, so don´t you find it difficult to mentally transition from this defensive estate to being more open mentally about the whole thing?

    I just found the situation annoying and fake, to put it in a few words.


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well yeah. they are there to make money. like i said, become a regular, get to know the DJ, then bartender. once you remove customer status, you can number close. this won’t happen in one visit unless you have VERY good game. and getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do. keep at it.

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  4. Phoenix says:

    So I go up to the stage where the brunette is dancing. Every guy who has ever gone up to a stripper stage knows the drill. She’ll stick her ass in your face for a dollar bill. She tried this and I leaned over the stage and said, “Lean back into me.” She did.


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