Start a Blog, Cashier Game, and the New Girl

yesterday i mentioned how i went uber faggy talking about my new candle with Krista, the married cashier. i’m always said i disagree with the tunnel vision of game simply being a tool to get laid. to me, game is about being the type of guy other want to be around. male and female. PrivateMan wisely refers to game as “charisma”. however, “game is simply a ubiquitious term. no one really wants to be charismatic, as much as being known as “having game”. THAT does more to imply that a man is good with women. a woman hears, “he’s got some gerious game”, and they HAVE to know about this mysterious bad-boy. he is a high status alpha male.

when i started this site, i really didn’t know what it was going to be about. eventually i MADE myself approach to offer some insight as to what i (and you) might have thought worked and what didn’t in less than a year, i went from being DECENT with women to being SURGICAL. i don’t look at getting a girls number as anything major now.

i’d honestly recommend starting a blog (make it private if you like), and MAKE yourself approach so you can write about it. if you post on you site, i’ll link it on the blogroll. you will find you get better, and better, and more comfortable talking with girl.

back to the cashier, as i drove home i thought to myself, “i shoulda got a picture with her.” she asked me about my watch and commented how she bought her husband a $200 watch and how she wished he’d wear it. i responded with, “well, since Blain went through all the trouble of getting me a new watch i might as well wear it. he’s such a boogah-bear.” she laughed and mentioned what a lucky guy he is. yes….she knows about the blog. she said she’s actually read some of it and liked what she saw. here she is.

cool as hell, and sweet is pie. and a huge rack. like....seriously.

cool as hell, and sweet is pie. and a huge rack. like….seriously.

there’s no easier way to learn outcome independence than to flirt with a girl that…..well, you have no intention of closing. the cashier is married, i’d NEVER cross the line with her. so self-deprecation game works well. i’ll compliment her occasionally, but most of the time i’m aloof and witty. and it’s OBVIOUS she likes it. the minute i show up in her line and she sees me, she lights up, “HEY!!!!! how yah been Danny?”. when you have nothing to lose, you just be laid back and practice your game. and yes….it takes PRACTICE. eventually, you’ll learn what works for you. every guys style is different. you need to figure out OUR game.

in other danny news, i now have a new girl. she’s petite, but elegant and absolutely beautiful. here’s a picture of her.

LC9 with lasermax sight

LC9 with lasermax sight

my new concealed carry gun. the ruger LC9. it runs 9mm, holds 7+1. i LOVE rulers. and this baby is EASILY concealed. i think i get my license in a month. cost $375, $450 with the lasermax.

the ruger LC9 and my ruger P95.

the ruger LC9 and my ruger P95.

comparison of the sizes.

comparison of the sizes.

above shows the LC9 and P95. the P95 holds 15+1, and it’s a bit chunkier. but i’ve put over 1000 rounds through it and never had a misfire. i think it cost $315 (on sale). it comes with a front rail so i mounted a lasermax site on it. as you can see, the LC9 is MUCH thinner than the P95.

she so purdee. again, i will let the readers choose her name. i will make my choice thursday.

stay up.

OOOOH!!!!! i’ll be doing something new. every sunday i will take the best comment and award the commenter with the “Dannyfrom504 Brophy”. it will ONLY be awarded to the guys. if you are awarded a “Brophy”, you MUST give an acceptance speech. hopefully this will encourage more discussion on the site.

35 Comments on “Start a Blog, Cashier Game, and the New Girl”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    “i’m always said i disagree with the tunnel vision of game simply being a tool to get laid.”

    Yes! This is where I think I’ve made the bigger strides without even really “focusing” on that area. This is in the area of general socialization/networking. It has landed me girls without me even having that great of what would otherwise be considered as “game.”

    Game to me really is gaming the whole world! If you think of it from a video game MMO-type perspective (and I personally am pretty turned off by MMOs, but they make a great example), there are a LOT of puzzles and hidden doors in life, you have to explore it, you have to talk to people, you have to try things that others don’t in order to really “level up” (I think I just vomited). I really, really want to enrich my life by gaming the entire world. Women, business/finance, travel, adventure, etc…

    Ride With Blaze made a great blog post about this topic (networking/social proof) and I reblogged it and added a few comments about my own experience here:

    I’ve found some awesome resources through your blogroll Danny, I peruse it every couple of months to see if there’s something new I haven’t checked out yet.

  2. Moose says:

    I cannot agree enough with outcome independence thing. That was always my biggest problem in the past, with girls yes but also just in general being shy and an introvert. I used to think so hard of what to say that I couldn’t think of anything to say. All your focus is on focusing, instead you go gotta nike and ‘just do it’. I’m not a ‘game’ practicioner in that I don’t try to pick up women using pleplanned schemes, but I have still learned the core concept of being outcome independent. Just talking, then walking.

    I need to get some handguns and have had my eye on the SR9c since last year and have looked at the LCPs for a compact, but I don’t know if I want to have to deal with .380 and 9mm if I could just do both in 9 with the LC9.

  3. Modern Drummer says:

    Smile,be feminine, and let your hair grow longer and you too can be attractive!
    A nice rack doesn’t hurt

  4. ARoss says:

    Why the Ruger?

  5. Vicomte says:

    Name it after Sunshine Mary.

    ‘Cause it’s a badass name for a gun with a laser sight.

  6. […] Start a Blog, Cashier Game, and the New Girl […]

  7. MMA says:

    I would name it “Red Pill.”

    If you ever have to use the LC9 to defend yourself or another, that’s as much pure distilled truth as you are ever going to have.

  8. Joe Sixpack says:

    Danny your game tips have helped my marriage a lot, 25 years this year. I’m getting laid more — (by my wife no less – wink wink), my wife has taken off 10 lbs and joined a gym. SHe’s looking better than she has in years. She was always cute, but had a few xtra lbs to lose.

    Here’s the deal gents, game works on every woman, married or single. My wife already thought I was a god. But hell who doesn’t get stale after 25 years. After reading Danny and Athol Kay, she has ramped up the goodies because she sees me drawing more attraction from other women. And since I game her at home, she can tell I know what I’m doing. Now she thinks gotta work a little harder to keep me to herself only. I just practice my game on her periodically and it keeps her on her toes.

    Keep up the good posting Danny.

  9. earl says:

    I look at game as bringing a little sunshine into her otherwise cloudy life.

    Plus it is great to practice…sometimes you won’t get the reaction you expect (like offending when you were making a harmless joke) so you have to learn to think on your feet.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah. that’s the big take-away. if you screw it up, it’s not really a big deal. it’s just some cashier chick. lol.

      On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:23 AM, dannyfrom504

  10. M3 says:

    “he’s got some gerious game””

    Is that a reference to game employed by really old farts like you and me? 😛


    Quick question about outcome independence.. i asked you long ago when you were setting me on the Golden Path to game (flirt) with everything. I told you:

    “Danny, my problem is that i have ZERO problem flirting with ugly women, married women, all types of women whom are either off the table or unattractive, precisely because there is no worry about fumbling the ball at the 4 yard line.. you’re not going for a touchdown with these birds” — im paraphrasing.. but something to that effect.

    It definitely helps set you into a routine of what to say and how to say it, but there’s an underlying pressure (like a full throbbing prostate) when dealing with single women, and it’s game on, bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and bases loaded. The first few times, you do actually care about fumbling the ball, no matter how much you’re tried it on off limit women.

    Flirting with the girls you don’t care about is like batting practice.. but if you want to get good in playoff situations, you need to start facing off against real pitchers during the regular season.

    But batting practice is the right place to start when you first decide you want to play baseball eh 🙂

    ps. your new girl is sexy. i’m thinking of getting my firearms license because my girl is interested in target shooting. couples who shoot together, stick together!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      practice makes perfect. i’ve been shot down by dimes before….who hasn’t. that’s life. you win some, you lose some.

      “fire-arm license”? whats that? lol.

      On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:30 AM, dannyfrom504

      • M3 says:

        “fire-arm license”? whats that? lol.

        up here we need to prove we know how to take care of our weapons and shoot them properly and store them when not in use. for that you need a license, just like we have one for vehicles.

        we don’t have a second amendment, or a right to allow slow Johnny with an IQ of 23 and his two lazy eyes to buy a handgun with ammo to keep under his pillow. LOL

        welcome to Kanada eh 😛

    • ARoss says:

      M3 I’m saving up to get mine too, Danny here’s what we up here have to go through to transport firearms:

  11. deti says:

    Caption the cashier’s pic:

    “Why sure, Danny, you can take my pic and put it on your blog and talk about my tits. I got no problem with that.”


  12. Ton says:

    Holy…. I’ve owned a P95 & P97 & bought a LC9 with the crimson trace last month. Are you stalking me?

    Hard to beat Rugger for the reasons mentioned and thier AR is the most accurate AR in my inventory

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