Asshole, Short Game Nukage

i was in line with my girl Janiea to get a burger. we were waiting for our order to come up and there were 2 girls standing to my right. they were from the kitty hawk. suddenly one says, “oh look there’s ******, he’s pretty cute.” then her pal chimed in, “yeah, but….i dunno, i just couldn’t date a guy shorter than me. innocent enough. flew right past me.

then she turns to me quickly and says, “OMG i’m so sorry, i really hope i didn’t offend you. i mean, i wasn’t trying to offend you.”

i was dumbfounded. i told her, “uuuuum, no. not offended, i mean, you’re simply stating an opinion.” she smiled, “RIGHT. precisely. thanks for being so understanding.”

i stared right at her tits then stared back into her eyes, “personally, i couldn’t date a girl that can’t fill a c-cup.” my girl janiea slapped my shoulder and i went back to staring directly in front of me. girls pal was stifling laughter.

i’ve NEVER had short guy syndrome. i’m short, it is what it is. i know more than one guy that’s short but has great game and does well with women. and i can ALWAYS tell when i’m dealing with a short guy with a napolean complex. any woman that won’t date a guy due to height has MAJOR issues herself. i have a black gift for figuring out someone’s neurosis root. hell, i made a self proclaimed “dominatrix” cry by telling her she looked like joey ramone. lol. she was bragging how she’d own me and i told her i could never get an erection with joey ramone parading about in a thong carrying a whip.

remember, it’s the internal, NOT the external that defines you. cockiness, balls and attitude will ALWAYS trump height, looks, and money.

POP QUIZ: there’s a new chick working at my local burger place. i teased her about her nail polish. it was purple, i was ribbing her about being in gator country wearing LSU nail polish. she laughed about not following sports and i told her of course she doesn’t, she doesn’t have a “pee-pee”. she laughed and handed me my ticket, “you’re number 74.” i walked off.

she called my number and i jumped up. “THAT’S ME!!! THAT’S ME!!!!! I WON!!!!!!” i excitedly rushed over to her, handed her my ticket and said, “ZOMG, i’ve NEVER won anything before, this is SOOOOOO exciting!!!” she laughed and handed me my burger. i said, “thanks *******.” and walked away.

can anyone in the class tell me what i did, and WHY i did it?

stay up.

and if you haven’t done so recently, please check out my sister site. B has the best girl game ever.

31 Comments on “Asshole, Short Game Nukage”

  1. laidnyc says:

    excellent post Danny.

    its not that height/looks/money/age don’t matter, its that you have to control what you can control.

    you can control your charisma and game.

    things that are out of your control you shouldn’t spend a second thinking about.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      exactly Brother. exactly. i’ve nuked MANY a navy princess. once had my girlfriend drag me off as i laid into one chick. it was BRUTAL. lol.

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 5:29 PM, dannyfrom504

  2. I am the new in the classroom … I’d say you acted like that just so that she remembers you next time with good memories and has a positive image of you as soon as you enter the burger place.

  3. sosweet2362 says:

    Memorable goofball game…you made her giggle and she’ll never forget you =)

  4. Hessian says:

    Hilarious comeback Danny.

  5. Ashley says:

    This height thing comes from society saying that men need to be these big and bad protectors of women and being tall is to them, an indicator of masculinity and the ability to protect. It’s crap.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yeah. I dropped a 6″ guy that pushed my gf. Size is shit, it’s all about the fight in the male.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Vicomte says:

        Sometimes small variations in punctuation completely change the meaning of your sentence.


    • Days of Broken Arrows says:

      No, the “height thing” is biologically determined, not determined by society. Women are programmed by nature to want men to be bigger because it helps them produce bigger, stronger offspring (see the old movie “Lucas” for an excellent breakdown of this).

      That said, there are a lot of things in nature that are “biologically determined,” but we’re taught to transcend our baser instincts and rise above them.

  6. aneroidocean says:

    You took her out of her dull world and into the imaginative one you created, long enough to make her laugh/smile and associate good feelings with you. Maybe even some gina tingles.

    I’ve always told guys, women don’t get turned on in their crotches, they get turned on in their MINDS.

  7. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    I don’t mind that woman have height “deal breakers,” as they like to say. What I mind is that they demand you accept them for everything from obesity, single parenthood, to being wildly promiscuous. Because if you don’t, then you’re “fat-shaming,” “slut-shaming” or a “misogynist.”

    For women, standards are called standards. For men standards are called bigotry. Talk about a double standard.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Good to see you here Brother. Never thought about it that way, but you’re 100% right.

      The great thing about game is male “deal breakers” equate to simply finding a better specimen. Sorry fatty, but I’m not down.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Ashley says:

      Like males are the only ones who suffer from double standards?

      If you observed you’ll probably notice a lot of the women whit ridiculous standards for men are often the same ones that don’t give a shit if people want to slut shame, fat shame, be a misogynist. Hell, they probably do it themselves.

    • Basically. It’s freedom from negative feelings. In other words, “Don’t make me feel bad because of x.”

  8. Lord Highbrow says:

    “i made a self proclaimed “dominatrix” cry by telling her she looked like joey ramone.”

    Hahaha, oh man, poor Joey. I grew up listening to The Ramones, not really on rotation much these days, though. Mostly fast hardcore, rock n roll, metal and Melvins (aka the Greatest Band of All Time) nowadays.

  9. Ahahaha, that Joey Ramone joke is classic. And you made her cry? Bloody hell, she’s not cut out to be a dominatrix then.

  10. BuenaVista says:

    I was the smallest, latest-maturing boy in my grade all the way through 10th grade, and I let the ribbing get inside my head and was nearly terminal with shyness. Then I grew 10″ in 18 months, and eventually played both football and baseball in college. Never shook the ‘small-guy’ attitude though, and a woman could walk into my room, in college, and start giving me a back rub and I still didn’t get it (because in my head I was still 5’3″ and undeveloped).

    Well. The toughest, most macho men I’ve ever encountered are Iowa wrestlers, and if anyone thinks Dan Gable or Tom Brands is a pussy, they’d best keep it to themselves. Iowa football players don’t fuck with Iowa wrestlers, when they’re out peacocking on a Saturday night, because the ‘little’ 145-pound guys will drop them like chainsawed trees.

    I lost a lot of time not shaking the false jail of smallness I constructed, and concur that while height may be a particular female’s preference, it’s a preference without meaning if the man isn’t just as big (in his head) as he wants to be. I lost way too much time internalizing the humiliations of the ninth grade locker room, and I wasn’t a good lover until someone, in adulthood, finally pounded it into my head that I was no longer the shrimp with the undeveloped package. Don’t be me. My date last night said, “I want you to punish me.” Now I know what that means, and it didn’t mean, “I’m so glad you’re 6’1″.”

    And I concur that women are extremely unfair, in their double standards. So ignore it. I get a real kick out of 5’3″ women who “only” date men over 5’9″, as though only women get to define appeal as a 34″ inseam. Make your own rules and drive on.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i got fucked with a lot as a kid. got into a lot of fights. but i was always the type that did what i wanted, not what others wanted me to do.

      the great thing is, now it’s caught up. women think i’m 26-27. i’m 39 and still pull 19-24 yo’s like it’s nothing.

      On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 8:43 AM, dannyfrom504

      • Days of Broken Arrows says:

        Just for the record, almost every woman I ever dated was taller than me. My ex-wife was two inches taller.

        If you were to believe what women say and what the HBD crowd writes about on here, then I would have never had a date, ever because (drum roll here) “Women don’t like short guys” (end drum roll). Yet somehow I went to all the proms, homecomings, toggled several women in college, etc. So what people (i.e. women) say and what reality is are often unrelated.

        To put it another way, one of my old friends is a black guy and he’d date white women who’d say they wouldn’t date black guys. When he asked them why they were dating him, they’d say things like “Well, I don’t consider you in terms of race, etc.” That can be applied to anything. The moral? Sometimes the famed rationalization hamster can work in men’s favor.

        PS: Don’t make the same mistakes I did. If a much taller woman says to you “I dated a guy your size once,” it means “door’s open — game on!” It’s not the insult I mistakenly took it to be several times.

      • Stingray says:

        Days of Broken Arrows,

        Short men who can handle themselves and any situation don’t even look short any more. It’s kinda weird. But show me a tall supplicating man and he will look very small, indeed. Women want height in terms of strength. They just associate that with what the ruler says until he shows otherwise. Just like anything else, watch what we do and don’t listen to what we say (except for this, cause it’s true 😉 ).

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