Teasing and Forging a Sailor

a few days ago i posted about how alphas LOVE to tease women. it truly does bring a smile to their face.

back in xray school i had just come from spending 3 years at sea. one of my classmates was a VERY naive blonde girl named amanda (she knows about the site too). she was VERY green, was an only child, and had never really been around guys that much. well, we had some SERIOUS alphas in my class.

well one monday i was a tad hung over since the saints had beat the fail-can’ts to start the 2006 season. amanda had been asking everyone what they did that weekend. she was a very bubbly extroverted girl. we all took her in as our little sister.

“so what did you do this weekend danny?” i looked at her and said-

“so i got my tounge up this chicks ass right, i mean….i’m a good inch deep. totally tasting mushrooms. suddenly, she gives me the fish eye and says, ‘this might be a bed time to tell you i have bad IBS.’ next thing you know i have a face full of something that looked like butterscotch pudding.”

she gagged a little and ran out the room. the room erupted in laughter. i climbed atop a table and held my arms up in complete pride and bliss. the other 3 girls just looked disgusted. amanda came back in and said, “i totally puked in my mouth a little. yer such a jerk danny.” i told her-

“are you kidding me, that usually costs $200 extra.” again, the guys started pissing themselves.

well, 3 weeks later NOTHING phased her. she’d ask me about my weekend and i’d say, “so i had my tongue up this chicks ass…..” she’d reply excitedly-

“ME TOO!!!!!!”

i’m proud to say we sent her out into the fleet an actual sailor. she went to iraq and her army guys tried to get to her and she’d tell them, “you guys are fucking LAME compared to my boy danny from san diego. you guys are total pussies compared to his depraved ass.” and she busted balls on them like a champ.

i’m proud of that fact. lol.

stay up.

oh, the burger chick. all i did was make sure i did something silly to make her laugh that way she remember me next time i come in. THEN when she does, i’ll flirt and escalate as applicable.

3 Comments on “Teasing and Forging a Sailor”

  1. earl says:

    “you guys are fucking LAME compared to my boy danny from san diego. you guys are total pussies compared to his depraved ass.”

    Heh…you popped her gag reflex cherry.

    But that’s what leaders do…pop various cherries on women.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, I even called her to tell her about the post since she knows about the blog.

      She giggled as I told her subject matter. I was SOOOO down to bang her sister. Too bad she’s engaged now.

      “Still wanna fuck ******** .” Her- “well, talk to her and her fiancé.” I had some of most vile conversations with said girl on the phone. Dude, little sis is naughty, naughty girl.

      Sent from my iPhone

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