ITLR: Why Lebron is a Beta

thank God the NBA finals are over. i hate basketball. i actually played in high school for 2 years. when he played in high school Lebron James chose the number 23. we get all get it, MJ was one of the the greatest basketball players ever. maybe he didn’t have the same gambling skills or luck in choosing a wife (whom he met when she was waitressing at a Bennigans). but the man could play ball and made a grip while doing so. he’s a basketball icon, i don’t think anyone will deny that. so….why didn’t Lebron take the 23 with him to miami: it’s retired, NO ONE can use it again.

anyone that plays ball knows there’s always ONE kid that HAS to have the number 23. they are going to emulate MJ and aspire to his level of expertise.

on planet Danny, that shit’s weak sauce. if i’m ever going to do something (let’s say for the sake of the post) with expertise- like basketball: i want kids wearing MY number. i want to be known for ME, not for my emulation of someone else’s achievements. or, for the sake of relevancy, if i’m going to host a blog, i don’t want to be known for shadowing ANY other manosphere site. i wanna be known for MY site. i want people wanting to look up to me- although the true legacy of this site should be you can do as well with woman, and can be a better over all man in general.

all so you can be your own MJ and make them want to wear YOUR number.

stay up.

4 Comments on “ITLR: Why Lebron is a Beta”

  1. Of course Lebron is beta. He had a freakin’ TV interview called “The Decision” about where he was going to play next. Alphas don’t need that validation about themselves making the “right” choice on national television.

    • CLG says:

      Maybe because he thought he could get some more vagina out of it? #omegas
      Maybe because he thought it was the right thing to do? #betas
      Maybe because…who the fuck cares? Imma go get that cuban girl over there to fuck me until I tell her she can stop. #alphas

  2. Badger says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me brother…the guy is among the greatest players of his generation, he’s won two straight NBA titles going through some of the best teams in the league, and went on national television to tell the state of Ohio to suck it, and he’s “beta” because he aspires to the legend of the greatest basketball player ever?

    The “I need to blaze my own trail” mindset is a self-limiting belief – excessive iconoclasm is a form of narcissistic sour-grapes bluster. The example of others is there to stoke our inspiration. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be alpha.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      never said he wasn’t a good player. the point of the post (which i’m sure didn’t get past you) was to strive to the one others look up to. this will be an “agree to disagree” issue. lol.

      good to see you round these parts again Brother.

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