My Review of the Ruger LC9

Mitch came through friday night for more debauchery. he had beed here less than an hour and he was checking out the new pistola. well, i was showing him the “loaded” feature where there’s a piece that indicated there’s a round in the chamber. i chambered a round and showed Mitch the indicator. i dropped the magazine, racked the chamber, a bullet flew out and i racked it again.

well, in order to clear the gun, you have to clear it by pulling the trigger and resetting the gun. i pulled the trigger….


a round bounced off my floor and into the wall. i jumped, Mitch laughed and i started laughing. as we inspected the floor we traced the hole in the floor, found where the bullet went through my TV (still works too….SONY few), then went into the wall. we went into the bathroom in my bed room and saw chunks of tile tile and located where the bullet went through my shower and eventually hit my bathroom mirror. it DID NOT break the mirror fortunately.

i found the bullet in my throne room. we were pissing ourselves laughing.

every time Mitch has come over something over the top has occurred. this time i ended up shooting my floor, tv, and shower stall.

final conclusion: the LC9 is a very powerful 9mm platform that fires well and has considerable penetration power for such a compact handgun. get one, and get one now. lol.

oh, yeah, so Mitch came in and we went to my strip club, Mitch got to meet a few other girls and i moved in on a new girl. she works at another club that’s considered “classier” but is still a joke to be honest. as if she’s sooooo much better than to be working at the Angel. one of my girls that met Mitch last week jumped right into his lap. i was talking with new girl and the 19 yo i mess with saw me talking with another girl and came in close, but didn’t approach. when new girl left, i told the 19 yo to come over. i ended up telling her i wanted to visit with my “uncle” lol.

shit was text book. once again it was a fantastic night at the strip club. then we went to my local, had a beer and went home. it’s never a dull night when Mitch shows up. i can’t wait to hear his write up of the evening. lol.

stay up.


see, i shot my tv.

see, i shot my tv.

wall behind tv

wall behind tv

great, now i have to re-tile.

great, now i have to re-tile.

and we found the bullet. the casing was under the sofa. lol

and we found the bullet. the casing was under the sofa. lol

28 Comments on “My Review of the Ruger LC9”

  1. Brother I haven’t laughed that hard in like forever. Sorry you shot up your house but at least Brody was licking my leg at the time and was out of the line of fire LOL.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Serpentine, Mitch! Serpentine!

  3. Jzb says:

    Other solid similar options:

    SW shield in 9mm
    Walter PPS
    Sig p938 – although I’m not a fan of manual safety levers on carry guns (you need to train a ton to make sure you are going to disengage the safety when it matters).

    I’m not too crazy about double action only triggers, I prefer the shield out of the options available for a single stack 9mm focusing on concealability.

    When I first started to carry I went through a variety of guns/carry methods/holsters.

    I’ve settled on a glock 19 via appendix carry using a raven concealment vanguard 2 (available for SW MPc/full size as well).

    I’ve found that this gun/carry combo allows me to conceal a lot more easily, and I don’t have to sacrifice much in terms of the gun ( barrel, grip, and capacity). Small guns are a trade off – more concealability with less accuracy/capacity/etc.

    With that said Internet advice is just that. I reccomend that those who want to carry go out and finger bang guns and gear, take them to a handgun 1 class, train with them in the way you’d carry, and really see if the gun/gear will work for you.

  4. haha, were you drunk?

  5. MissMarie says:

    Dear lord in heaven…

  6. Athor Pel says:

    Only way that bullet was still in there after you dropped the mag and then racking the slide twice was the extractor slid over the rim of the case.

    That’s a piece of shit gun right there.

    Or the sequence of events wasn’t exactly as you related them and you only thought you ejected the mag before you racked the slide the first time.

    Oh, and you didn’t eyeball the breech before you pulled the trigger. So it’s half your fault.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Totally my fault. I admit that.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Arlo says:

      100% his fault (which the the dude’s not denying). Never dry fire till you’ve seen the empty chamber *and* the empty mag well. I’ve made the same mistake once, but got lucky and didn’t *actually* put a .30 carbine round through the wall into the sweet old lady next door’s kitchen. Just *could* have. That’ll shake you up. The tile in the downstairs bathroom, you can laugh about that. But imagine explaining to a 89 year old lady how you shot her chihuahua. Or even just her microwave.

      He had the gun pointed in a safe direction, is the thing, unlike dumbass me. Gotta break two or more rules to win the jackpot.

      You don’t want to “win” that jackpot.

  7. ar10308 says:

    Sorry bro, I see no humor in this.
    It isn’t called an “Accidental Discharge”. It is called a Negligent Discharge, because you are fully responsible for anything that happens with a gun when you are handling it and you were negligent.

  8. tj says:

    Fortunately, no candles were hurt in this incident

  9. RojoC says:

    Never had an ND.

    But this serves as warning that it can happen to anyone regardless of how long they’ve been shooting. It’s always a good reminder and fortunately no one got hurt. I’ve seen some nasty shit as the result of NDs like people shooting holes in their hands or feet.

    And last but not least,

  10. ARoss says:

    If a girl asked I’d be like “when I bust it’s like superman’s laser vision, it goes through everything.” lol

  11. Phoenix says:

    I had an egostatic roomate in college who held 5 guns at our apartment. I ended up leaving the place halfway through a semester.
    Later I found out he discharged a round and luckily missed a father, mother and kid as it went through a wall.

    Sorry I like my Magnum .357 better than that thing advertsied.

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